Boss battles

Bosses are very powerful enemies that often guard or possess a power-up which Samus Aran must kill to obtain the item. This page is a list of bosses in the entire Metroid series.


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Kraid and Ridley can be killed in either order, but must both be defeated to access Mother Brain's lair without Sequence Breaking.

  • Kraid - One of two bosses necessary to defeat in order to access region of final boss
  • Ridley - One of two bosses necessary to defeat in order to access region of final boss
  • Mother Brain - Final boss

Metroid: Zero MissionEdit

Removed: Crocomire

Metroid PrimeEdit

In the Wii versions of Prime, each boss rewards Samus with an Orange Credit. Any bosses that do not do this are marked with an asterisk.

Removed: Kraid, IceBoss

Metroid Prime PinballEdit

Metroid Prime Hunters: First HuntEdit

Metroid Prime HuntersEdit

Metroid Prime 2: EchoesEdit

Except for the Dark Missile Trooper and Caretaker Class Drone, the Wii versions of Echoes reward Purple Credits for each boss killed.

Removed: Mad AI

Metroid Prime 3: CorruptionEdit


Scan images from the Boss Creatures section of the Logbook.

All bosses except for the second Berserker Lord and the Mining cannon reward Gold Credits.

Metroid Prime: Federation ForceEdit

Metroid II: Return of SamusEdit

Metroid: Samus ReturnsEdit

Super MetroidEdit

Super Metroid incorporates sub-bosses, known as Minibosses. A Miniboss is a minor boss. For example, Crocomire is the miniboss of Norfair, as, while he is fought as a boss, he does not unlock one of the statues above Tourian. Minibosses are marked with an asterisk (*):

Metroid: Other MEdit

Metroid FusionEdit

Again, asterisks (*) indicate minibosses.

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