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There are three American commercials for Metroid. The first commercial features a young boy playing the game, performing several acrobatic moves and being teleported into the screen at the end. A commercial for the game Rad Racer then plays. Throughout the commercial, a man is speaking, "The challenge is Metroid, the power is Nintendo! Defend the planet Zebes against the evil Mother Brain! It's survival, or destruction! To battle, or to die! Metroid, only for Nintendo!" [1]

The second commercial does not specifically advertise Metroid, but has a reference to it. In a Toys R Us commercial, a man and his son go to several stores looking for NES games, including a fictional Tourian store called Kraid's Toy Shop, until they enter Toys R Us. Metroid is one of the games on display at the end of the commercial. [2] The third commercial is another, much shorter Toys R Us advertisement, with Metroid being on display at the end along with Punch-out!!, The Legend of Zelda and Duck Hunt. [3]

On May 4, 2012, a new trailer was released on Nintendo's YouTube channel advertising Metroid on the Virtual Console. The first three notes of Title (Metroid) play, with the video footage fading in and out with every note showing Samus in Corridor No. 4; Samus in the Zebesian Command Center; and the Title Screen. Brinstar (Metroid) starts playing as clips play of Samus running through Brinstar; battling Ridley and Kraid; descending into Tourian; fighting through the Multiviola Nest; navigating Kraid's Lair; obtaining the Bomb; navigating Norfair; using the Ice Beam on Rippers; activating the Stone Statues; using the Screw Attack on Gerutas; and fighting a Metroid larva, before cutting back to the Title Screen. [4]


M1 Spanish commercial

Samus can be seen firing at the screen in this Spanish NES commercial. Her appearance is based on artwork for Metroid. [5]

Metroid II: Return of Samus[]


The Japanese commercial for Metroid II is a mix of comic book art, live action and a toy action figure of Samus. The commercial begins showing Samus's Star Ship landing, with a cloud of gas. The Game Boy logo is above the ship as Samus walks into the caverns of SR388. As she stands at the entrance, her Power Suit turns into the Varia Suit. A first-person view of Samus' visor is shown as she sees a Gawron swooping down at her. She aims at an Octroll that rises out of a pool of liquid, Screw Attacks up to a ledge, falls down a shaft and shoots a Gullugg and Skreek. At the end of the commercial, we see Samus being attacked by an Omega Metroid. The focus zooms into Samus' Arm Cannon as the Missile hatch opens and explodes. The logo can be seen in front of the explosion. The last scene is of Samus' helmet, with footage of an Omega Metroid battle ingame reflected off the helmet. Throughout the trailer, a man speaks in Japanese: "Introducing Metroid II, the action game that's causing waves in America! As metroids increase in power, find all the items. With countless enemies and bosses to destroy along the way, it's the ultimate in game excitement! Now on Gameboy: Metroid II!" The end of the commercial features the infamous phrase "Metroid... Omoroido!" [6]


There were four Metroid II-themed commercials.

"Be afraid"[]

The first depicts a human male face forming out of SR388 terrain, narrating the commercial as footage ingame is played. The narrator was voiced by David Warner.

He says: "Be afraid. Be very afraid. One life-sucking Metroid survived the first Metroid adventure, and it's multiplying rapidly! You must help Samus save the universe again! In Metroid II. So we're giving you more power, and mightier weapons, to search a bigger world! Destroy, or be destroyed! The future is in your hands!" The dialogue is slightly inconsistent with the game as the Metroids on SR388 were there before the events of Metroid, rather than one Metroid surviving the first game and rapidly multiplying. When this is heard, many enemies in game (such as Moheeks, Skreeks and Hornoads) multiply and cause the terrain of SR388 to deteriorate. [7]


The second commercial was for Kool-Aid, advertising the game in a contest. [8] The third commercial was an advertisement for the Super Game Boy, with footage of Metroid II on the player screen. The fourth is also advertises the Super Game Boy, featuring the Wu-Tang Clan spray-painting the Super Game Boy in a Super Nintendo Entertainment System, then painting a Metroid II: Return of Samus cartridge into it. They proceed to paint the fight between the Queen Metroid and Samus Aran on-screen, as well as the Super Game Boy boxart with Samus and her Star Ship. [9]

On Mar 27, 2012, a new trailer was released on Nintendo's YouTube channel advertising Metroid II: Return of Samus on the Virtual Console. The Title Screen is shown as the Title theme plays. It then fades into the Surface theme as gameplay footage is shown of Samus fighting a Hornoad; navigating the depths of Phase 2; fighting a Ramulken in the Grand Cavern; using the Morph Ball in a secret passage in the Chozo ruins; fighting an Alpha Metroid in Phase 2; dodging an Rock Icicle and Skorp in Phase 5; battling an Autoad and Autrack in Chozo ruins; using the Space Jump in a tunnel full of spikes; battling a Gamma Metroid in Phase 4; crossing a bridge in the Power Up Cavern; dodging Skreeks and a Drivel in Phase 7; fighting the Phase 5 Gamma Metroid; navigating a spike-lined shaft in the Phase 4 ruins; destroying Wallfires in the Phase 3 ruins; using the Spider Ball in the Grand Cavern; using the Screw Attack on Yumees in Phase 8; and battling a Zeta Metroid, Arachnus, Omega Metroid, and Pincher Flies. It shows the Title Screen one last time before the commercial ends. [10]

Super Metroid[]


There were also two Play it Loud commercials with footage from the Crocomire and Mother Brain battles. [11][12]

Ad reel[]


For more information regarding this commercial, see Killer. [13]

On May 15, 2013, a new trailer was released on Nintendo's YouTube channel advertising Super Metroid on the Virtual Console. Theme of Samus plays in the background. The video cuts back and forth between the Title Screen and Demo Screen. Gameplay footage is shown of Samus fighting Ridley in the Ceres Space Colony; using the X-Ray Scope; Wall Jumping in Hell with the Etecoons; fighting Crocomire and Draygon; using the Grappling Beam; navigating a room full of Samus Eaters; being carried by a Chozo Statue; performing a Crystal Flash in Corridor No. 1; fighting Kraid and Phantoon; using the Speed Booster with the Dachora; breaking the glass tube in Maridia; and flying away from the exploding Ceres. As the ending drumbeats of the Theme of Samus play, it shows the Title Screen once again. [14]


This commercial is split into 2 parts. The first part begins by showing the game's box against a space background, with the announcer saying "Super Metroid" in German. The commercial then cuts to Samus battling Ridley in the Ceres space colony. Worth mentioning is that in the video, Samus has the Charge Beam, which in game cannot be obtained until the player reaches Zebes. The commercial then changes to footage of Samus in Norfair. In this video, Samus has the Screw Attack. Next is a segment where Samus is battling Metroids in Maridia, which only appear in Tourian in the final game. Then the commercial goes to a clip of Samus battling the Spore Spawn, but with much more equipment than she would normally have at that point in the game. The final clip shows Samus firing the Wave Beam at Mini Kraid. At the beginning of the second part, the commercial shows a moon sky background with piano music playing and cursive text showing on the screen, before the music cuts to heavy metal and game footage with non-cursive text appearing onscreen. Before the commercial ends, the moon background and cursive text is shown again, one final time. The text during the commercial translates to: "A woman seeks her place in an unforgiving world. A universe of terrible Metroids, with one goal, her life. NINTENDO PRESENTS: ONLY FOR SUPER NINTENDO. 24 MEGS, 6 GIGANTIC WORLDS. That is no world for a lady." [15]

Metroid Fusion[]


Construction of the suits used for the Japanese commercial.


The Japanese commercial is the sister to the American commercial. This one depicts live action versions of the opening scene where Samus is having her surgery at Galactic Federation Headquarters. Her eyes can be seen through her visor, and bits of gooey yellow compounds, X Parasites, crawl on her suit. A Metroid, presumably the Baby is seen before cables fall and Samus awakes in her Fusion Suit. Game footage then follows. [16]

The commercial was directed by Yasuo Inoue.


Main article: Parasite (commercial)

Metroid Prime[]


Two commercials were released for Prime in Japan. Both commercials were the first Japanese advertisements for the game that did not contain any live-action footage. Gameplay shown in the two commercials differ. Notably, all Visors are shown, with screenshots of their HUD view absorbed into Samus' own visor in the Thermal Visor acquisition cutscene. [17] [18]


For more information regarding this commercial, see Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime Nintendo Gamecube Preview DVD trailer.

Metroid: Zero Mission[]


This commercial begins with live action footage of Japanese actress Chisato Morishita portraying Zero Suit Samus, navigating through a tunnel. As she crawls, several beams of light fly past her, these are presumably Space Pirate weapon fire. Samus regains her Power Suit as footage of the Kraid, Mua and Ridley boss battles ingame are shown as well as the actual ingame Zero Suit sequence. The last scene shows Samus in her Power Suit walking away from an explosion. A 30 second version can be found here: [19] and 15 second here: [20]


The commercial is one of several in a series of "Who Are You?" advertisements, depicting players acquiring the skills of their favorite video game characters. The commercial is depicted in a gymnasium setting. A girl (presumably Samus) is seen performing numerous back flips before Spin Jumping through the air (the motion of which is identical to the spin jump of Zero Suit Samus in the game) before landing on the gym mat. Game footage then follows. [21]

On January 13, 2016, a new trailer was released on Nintendo's YouTube channel advertising Metroid: Zero Mission on the Virtual Console. Brinstar Depths plays throughout the trailer. As the song builds up, the commercial shows footage of the Title Screen; Mother Brain opening her eye; the Starship entering the atmosphere of Zebes; Kraid awakening; Ridley in the Space Pirate Mother Ship; the Starship landing in Crateria; Metroid larvae feeding on a Zebesian; Samus emerging from the Starship; and finally Samus opening her eyes in Corridor No. 1. Once the song's melody begins, it shows Samus navigating Brinstar; battling Kraid and the Charge Beam Beast; using the Turbo Bomb; using a zip line while shooting missiles at Reos; using a Morph Ball launcher; using the Ice Beam to freeze Rippers and use them as platforms; using the Speed Booster in Norfair; battling the Imago; destroying Zebetite; battling the Acid Worm and the ensnared Kiru Giru; using the Screw Attack on a Zebbo; using the Space Jump in Crateria's Chozo Ruins; escaping Tourian during a countdown; and encountering Ridley in his room. The commercial ends with showing the Title Screen once again. [22]

On June 18, 2024, Metroid: Zero Mission was announced in a Nintendo Direct to be added to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack: [23] A full new trailer was uploaded to the Nintendo YouTube channel later that same day.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes[]


Two non-live action commercials were released for Echoes in Japan. The first consists of gameplay footage, with battle music playing, in between clips of text in Japanese. The only English sentence is "She is back.", referring to Samus. [24]

The second one has the Dark Echoes theme, mixed in with fast-paced clips of gameplay that seem to be synced to the music. [25]


Three commercials were released for Echoes in North America. The first consists of minor clips of gameplay footage, as well as some sound effects (most noticeably Space Pirate grunting), and the message "If you weren't afraid of the dark before, you will be." The commercial ends with a different message, "Protect the light." [26]

The second commercial, Two Separate Worlds: One Shadow, One Light, was in live-action, part of Nintendo's Who Are You? campaign. More information can be found on its article.

The third commercial is noticeably more aggressive, featuring electric guitar music played alongside fast-paced gameplay footage, with game site reviews inserted in between. [27]

WWE commercial[]

In a world divided by shadow and light, where darkness can be your worst enemy, the difference between life and death is a few inches of metal. Enter the Metroid Prime 2 WWE Sweepstakes! You could win a trip to two WWE live events, where you'll battle WWE superstars in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes! Log onto for contest rules and details. Rated T for Teen.

This commercial features American pro wrestler Rob Van Dam shadow boxing down a hallway with overhead lights, which come off, and then back on, before he reaches a sliding door. It opens to reveal a door modeled after one on Aether, which he proceeds into before the screen goes white. Over gameplay clips, the narrator promotes the Metroid Prime 2 WWE Sweepstakes, where the winner would get to attend two live WWE events and play Echoes against the wrestlers. The last part of the narration is reused from Two Separate Worlds. An archive of the website is available here, although its images no longer exist.

This commercial can be viewed here.


The Canadian commercial is framed in the style of an anti-drug public service announcement, and has been heavily panned for its perceived insensitivity and lack of connection to the game. Filmed at Burnaby North Secondary School in British Columbia, it features a female high school student mourning the loss of her friend "Mike". She had lost him to Echoes, presumably because he became addicted. The end of the commercial features a narrator saying that "millions of people would lose loved ones" to the game. [28]


The German commercial is the same as the American "Who Are You?" commercial. The only difference is (of course) that the speech is spoken in German instead of English. [29]

Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt[]


The only commercial for the game shows a man in a cafeteria, noticing some lettuce and touching the glass. An explosion occurs on the lettuce as he leaves. Gameplay footage then follows. A voice speaks during the commercial: "If it gets in your way, touch it, blast it." The commercial ends with the caption "touching is good." This is referring to the controls of the demo, which involve tapping a creature on the touch screen to shoot it. [30]

Metroid Prime Pinball[]


In the Japanese commercials, there is simply speech overtop of gameplay footage, and at the end, Japanese men playing the game. [31][32]

Metroid Prime Hunters[]


Two Japanese commercials were released for the game, and both of them are somewhat identical.

The first features an American Trace player and a Japanese Samus player fighting on Alinos Perch. After Trace snipes Samus, she falls down from the top of the cliff, and some footage of multiplayer matches are shown before the commercial ends.[33]

In the second commercial, the two players from the first commercial along with two new ones are seen fighting on Combat Hall. The two players from the first commercial use Trace and Samus once again, and the two new players use Spire and Weavel, the former of whom is killed by another snipe.[34]


For more information regarding this commercial, see Dig.


Three commercials for the game were made in Korea.

The first is similar to the Japanese commercial, featuring two Asian players competing once again on Alinos Perch, using Samus and Trace once again. The catch is that this time, Trace is positioned on the cliff, while Samus is at the bottom, supposedly unsuspecting. As Trace is about to snipe, Samus notices, dodges and fires a shot at Trace. More gameplay footage is shown before the end.[35]

The second is essentially a remake of the Japanese commercial. The two Asian players from the first commercial "reprise" their roles as Trace and Samus, while two new players use Sylux and Weavel. From the top of the room, Weavel is sniped and killed by Trace.[36]

The third commercial actually shows some story mode footage, such as Samus fighting Spire, the Arctic Spawn, a Cretaphid and rolling through a tunnel.[37] The "now on sale" variant of this commercial also exists. [38]


Spanish MPH commercial (lol phail)

The men, their costumes and the Luminoth and Ing.

The Spanish commercial is rather short, and features the singers of the popular duo Estopa in a desert-like area with several planets in the background. One of the men is wearing Samus' helmet, and the other is wearing the shoulders of the Varia Suit and the Arm Cannon. Some brief gameplay footage is shown after the men disappear. Interestingly, a black Luminoth and an Ing can be seen in the background.[39]

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption[]


There were four commercials released in Japan for Corruption. In the first, three players, one a young male, one a more mature male and the third a young female are seen playing the game. Gandrayda and Space Pirates play as the players shoot, navigate, and battle. The gameplay footage's quality is quite high. [40] The second commercial is a shorter version of the first, featuring only the Japanese woman, and more gameplay than player. [41] The third is another shorter commercial, featuring the older male playing the game. [42] The final depicts the young male. [43]


Main article: Airport / Internet

According to Matt Manchester, there was a commercial for the game where a male player attempted to do a Spring Ball jump in real life. In-game, the man was in an unspecified room that Manchester designed. [2]


Samus plays her own game

The woman who resembles Samus.

In the first commercial, a young British man is seen demonstrating the new Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls in the game. Most of the gameplay footage is from the battle with the Space Pirates in Cargo Dock B. [44] In the second commercial, a young woman with Samus's Hairstyle (portrayed by Amélie Honoré) is in the man's place, and most of her footage depicts battles with the Pirates and Rundas in the Temple of Bryyo. [45]


Similar to the second UK commercial, now featuring the woman resembling Samus in full length, and with Spanish voiceover. [46]


Similar to the above European commercials, but, of course, with Italian voiceover. [47]


Similar to the above European commercials, but with a young Belgian man and Belgian voiceover. [48]


Similar to the above European commercials, but with a young Dutch man playing the game, and Dutch voiceover. [49]


Similar to the above European commercials, but, of course, with French voiceover. This commercial once again features the woman resembling Samus. [50] [51]


Identical to the English commercial, featuring the man. [52] (low-res footage)

New Play Control! Metroid Prime[]


NPC MP1 Jap commercial Samus

Two commercials for the game was released. Both share the same premise; footage of the game with a Wii Remote and Nunchuk in front, being used to control. At the start of both commercials, a third person Samus is seen, being controlled by the Wii Remote/Nunchuk. [53]

Metroid: Other M[]


Three commercials were released for the game in Japan, none of them being live-action.

The first commercial features the music from the scene of Adam's demise in Sector Zero. While it had scenes that were previously shown, it also featured new footage of Samus activating her suit at the end of the Sector Zero cutscene, the flashback of Ian Malkovich's death and Samus walking through Galactic Federation Headquarters at the end of the game. Throughout the commercial, Samus speaks: "How long has it been since then...? I've always been stubborn and closed myself off to people since I lost my parents when I was young. I was too young. I was such a child..." More speech from ingame is also heard in flashback scenes. [54]

The second commercial shows footage from Metroid before the camera zooms into the running Samus sprite. It explodes and reforms as Samus in her Other M appearance, as she takes on a Cyborg Zebesian. The music playing in the commercial is "Final Mission Resolve". The commercial shows the player utilizing the Wii Remote held sideways in Other M scenes, to compare it with the original NES Controller scheme in Metroid. At the end of the commercial, the game's Japanese boxart is shown, while Samus from Metroid runs across the screen. The phrase from the Metroid II commercial, "Metroid... Omoroido!" is heard. [55]

The third and final commercial shows Ridley and MB for the first time since their appearances in the E3 2009 trailer. New footage is shown, and more dialogue is heard. The music playing is from the cutscene before the Ridley battle. MB's voice is heard for the first time. The commercial also brought on much speculation as to a traitor in the 07th Platoon, as the first mention of the Deleter is made in her dialogue. [56]


Main article: Past is Prologue

A live-action commercial was released for the game in the United States. It features a narration from Samus's voice actress Jessica Erin Martin, while she is portrayed by Czech actress Lenka Volfová. During the commercial, Samus walks through scenes from her past before activating her Power Suit.


The commercial for the UK is a mix of game footage and clips of a male player, who appears to be in his late 30s. The commercial showed the Groganch.


Main article: She's cutting throats

Metroid Prime: Federation Force[]

"Multiple mutations will cause a Metroid to grow into an even larger and more powerful adversary."

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Metroid: Samus Returns[]

"Multiple mutations will cause a Metroid to grow into an even larger and more powerful adversary."

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Metroid Dread[]


Japan had three commercials released, the first two having live action segments regarding two Japanese players, and the third focusing purely on gameplay.

The first commercial is interspliced between gameplay/scenes from the game (and more specifically the white E.M.M.I. chase segment) and two Japanese players trying to get through the segment, with the commercial ending with Samus getting killed, to their dissatisfaction. [57]

Like above, the second commercial is interspliced between gameplay/scenes from the game and the same two players trying to get through the segment, although this time, it focuses more on the yellow E.M.M.I. chase. The trailer ends with the players being stunned when they see Samus narrowly escape the E.M.M.I. by shutting the door on it, having it comically ram up against it and freeze in place. [58]

Unlike the above two commercials, the third commercial in Japan focuses purely on gameplay/scenes from the game, with a song playing. It was featured in the Japanese version of the September 23, 2021 Nintendo Direct. The name of the song and artist is unknown, and a note during the Direct states that the song is not in Dread itself.[3] It is also the only one of the three commercials to be released outside Japan (being released in Poland).[4]

The beginning of the third commercial (called Premiere October 8 (Polish: premiera 8 października) outside Japan) has Samus navigating through the ZDR area in her ship, with ADAM telling her via screen that the risks clearly outweigh the reward, as well as showing Samus descending an elevator. It then shows disembarking an elevator at what is presumably Cataris, as well as clips of her using the grapple beam for various tasks, including reaching a new level as well as pulling a block underwater. It also shows encounters with the green E.M.M.I., including a cutscene presumably relating to Samus's first use of the Phantom Cloak against it, as well as Samus getting the Omega Cannon and firing salvos at the Green E.M.M.I. before destroying it for good. She then is shown doing a melee counter on a Autclast, as well as on an Armadigger, and using a Flash Shift against a Chozo Warrior. It then features Samus using a Storm Missile with a zoom in. It also shows Samus firing a missile at the yellow E.M.M.I. as well as her receiving the Varia Suit. It then shows Samus using a melee counter on a creature, Samus fighting a Red Chozo Warrior, Samus fighting an unidentified tentacled boss creature in Cataris before it falls down and takes Samus down with it, Samus jumping through Corpius's tail shortly after delivering the coup de grace, and Kraid roaring at Samus before showing the title. [59] The Polish version of the commercial instead ends similarly to other ads, in particular Be careful, Samus ....


Main article: Find Your Power



Main article: Breathe

Breathe (Russian: Дыши) is a commercial that aired in Russia. It begins with a subway station where a bearded man boards an empty train and, after looking around, takes out his Switch OLED to play Metroid Dread. The game screen shows clips from the announce trailer and the E.M.M.I. chase sequence with the man gradually getting more tense. Red warning lights blare, forcing him to put the game away and rush out of the train before the doors close on him. It then cuts to what is assumed to be his house where he is resuming his game, with it showing the E.M.M.I. about to kill Samus before showing clips of the Chozo General, Kraid, and one of the Chozo Warriors. It then ends in a similar manner to Be careful, Samus .... [60]



Who Are You

The "Who are you?" ad.

Two Metroid-related Japanese commercials have been released in Japan. They are not necessarily Metroid game commercials, but merely contain Metroid elements. The first is for Super Smash Bros. and features four Japanese children walking through grassy plains, and seeing Mario, Link, Kirby and Pikachu battle on stage. Samus appears in scenes of the introduction and the character select screen. [61]

There was also yet another "Who are you?" commercial, from the same series as the American Zero Mission and Echoes commercials. At the end, some school students in the crowd of players outside the video game store are wearing Samus' helmet (in its Prime appearance). [62]


Three more Metroid-related American commercials have been released. Both are related to Super Smash Bros. In the first commercial live mascots dressed as Mario, Pikachu, Donkey Kong and Yoshi battle each other. The only instance of a Metroid element is of Samus on the game boxart at the end. [63]

The second is for Super Smash Bros. Melee. Footage of Samus fighting Mario on Planet Zebes: Brinstar and then the scene in the intro of the fight on Ceres in Super Metroid are played in this commercial, which depicts a man observing two samurai fighters in a glass tank inside a building, with a voice saying, "That's not a fight. This is a fight." [64]

The third is for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and is titled "More Fighters, More Battles, More Fun". It zooms into the game's panoramic artwork and features some of the fighters duking it out with each other. Samus is seen running with Pikachu and Marth, before they jump out of the way of a Shadow Ball from Mewtwo. Next, Ridley and Pit are seen fighting over Pit's bow. Finally, Zero Suit Samus is shown about to strike Shulk, with Villager and Sonic about to hit each other above them, before the four of them leap out of the way of Bowser's fire breath.


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