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The subject of this article was created by Metroid fans.
It is not considered an official Nintendo-licensed part of the Metroid franchise. All story elements are non-canon.

The following is a list of fan elements in Blood of the Chozo. This includes characters, locations, weapons, items and other subjects mentioned in the four page summary of the story in pages 50-53 of Nintendo Power issue 84 (May 1996), and other elements mentioned in surviving material compiled by Cerberus (later known as FireNexus), chiefly regarding "The Rebellion" plot, which he shared with in 2001, and the Metroid Database in 2008.

Known authors[edit | edit source]

  • CaptAustin
  • Cerberus
  • DanFigaro
  • Dark Panda (Michael Yosafat)
  • DarkShade4
  • EMF 99 (joined the Rebellion plotline, but left before they could make any significant impact on the plot)
  • Grand Magi
  • HugeSprite (joined the Rebellion plotline, but left before they could make any significant impact on the plot)
  • JippyKid
  • JGiannanto
  • Joshman773
  • Lorn01
  • Mariner980
  • MirandaCoo (RawleyCoop's daughter)
  • Pen T Um (joined the Rebellion plotline, but left before they could make any significant impact on the plot)
  • RawleyCoop (MirandaCoo's father; mostly contributed to the Ravenloft interactive story but provided words of encouragement to the Rebellion story)
  • RobineA

Characters[edit | edit source]

Burolis Magnis[edit | edit source]

Burolis Magnis is a living female Chozo on Nextima, with white feathers. She is erroneously referred to as Boromie and Boromir in two instances in surviving text. Burolis is equipped with Chozo war armor, a war hammer and an arm-mounted com-pack named Ellis. She is forced to defend her race from citizens who blame the Chozo for the recent attacks (when the True Chozo are genetically engineered and not authentic Chozo), and is rescued by Sybern. Burolis tells him of an ancient city that may hold the secrets of the True Chozo, and they make haste to the site, where they encounter a Chozo-Metroid mutant creature known as Manta. Taking pity on the being, they release it and take it with them.

All three are captured by the True Chozo as they are attempting to leave, but Manta manages to overpower their restraints and captors, and the trio leave on Sybern's ship, Cho. Upon hearing of the Rebellion, they eagerly join, and are recruited by Houston Barrimonde to defend the city of Dalus from the True Chozo. As it seems like they are about to be killed, Burolis uses her knowledge of Chozo battle tactics to conceal Cho behind a patch of coral, which the True Chozo cannot penetrate with their weapons, but Cho can. Burolis then helps the other rebels rescue Luke from a twisted Horned Lizard experiment aboard their flagship.

Following the battle in Dalus, Sybern and Burolis are sent to Cerberus to thwart another True Chozo invasion. They are also asked by Miranda Cooper to rescue her uncle from one of the cities on the planet, and she loans them a ship called the Mongoose. However, they are both overwhelmed by the True Chozo and contact with them is lost for a long time. They later re-emerge and reunite with Houston and Luke. While explaining what happened, they are accosted by a group of Chozo mutants.

Houston Barrimonde[edit | edit source]

Armstrong Houston, who appears as Houston Barrimode in Blood of the Chozo

Houston Barrimonde is actually Armstrong Houston from the Super Metroid comics, according to the Cerberus document; despite the different name, his backstory and physical appearance match that of Armstrong Houston. He is middle-aged and appears prominently throughout the stories, and is a much more serious Bounty Hunter and tactical leader than the comical version portrayed in the Super Metroid comics. Luke Allimandus, a friend who travels in the same bounty hunter circles, describes Houston as stout, self-confident and self-absorbed, but also of a good moral character. In telling Sarius of Samus's adoptive connection to the Chozo, Luke reveals that Houston took him to visit surviving Chozo, as Houston had become an honorary member following the events of the Super Metroid comics.

Houston assists Luke in rescuing Sarius, who he mistakes for Samus herself, convinced it is her until he tests her blood. On their trip to Nextima, they are accosted by a Marshal with a vendetta against Houston; Houston surrenders to the Marshal so that Sarius and Luke can continue on to Nextima. It turns out that the Marshal is not a Marshal at all, but a mutated human associated with the True Chozo, and a doppelganger of Houston. The Marshal demands information from Houston about Samus, who the True Chozo considers to be a threat even as she remains hospitalized. Three days later, he is brought before Kraid. He is rescued by Luke, whose knowledge of chemical reactions allows him to avoid having to kill Houston as the True Chozo dictated. Houston discovers that someone had managed to splice Chozo and Human DNA, creating an aggressive yet inept being that can be controlled, Chomen. Later, a hybrid of Chozo, Human and Metroid was created, dubbed Chozoids, even more dangerous yet still easily controllable.

Houston and Luke return to Charybdis to recruit soldiers for a rebellion against the True Chozo, and takes on Sybern, Burolis Magnis, Manta, Hugesprite, Jaime Wolfe and Oralus Clayborne. In the midst of this, Houston discovers that the True Chozo plan to take over the underwater city of Dalus, inhabited by intelligent aquatic creatures known as Deceburs. While installing a base on the surface of Charybdis would not go unnoticed, doing it underwater would give the True Chozo a head start on taking over the planet. Houston participates in the battle to beat back the invaders, and boards the flagship to save Luke and Sarius, who has been brainwashed into believing she is a malicious Samus. He, Manta, Sybern and Burolis end up in the right wing of the ship, which is detached and begins rapidly descending into the Ring of Mor, an underwater volcano. Houston and the rebels cause explosions in the volcanoes to trick Captain Carcinogen into believing they were killed. Following the skirmish, Houston sends numerous members of the Rebellion to planets in the Messina system to thwart more True Chozo attacks.

Houston and Manta are later called to Naiad to assist Robine Asmar in successfully defending a city from the True Chozo, and then return to Charybdis. There, Manta's primal instincts overtake him and he becomes rabid, until Houston incapacitates him with a gamma ray. Houston then goes up to the surface of Rogell, Charybdis to find a cure for Manta, and discovers that his clone has caused a rampage on the planet, tarnishing the Rebellion's reputation. Returning to his ship, Houston discovers a sedated Manta, mutated by the gamma ray, and Captain Carcinogen aboard the ship. Carcinogen, who followed the pair, explains what the True Chozo are. Houston is then called to Naiad to free Xetrox from Dr. Vincent, but finds that Miranda Cooper had already rescued him. However, he encounters Dr. Vincent and obtains an energy vial from him, which he uses to energize Manta.

Luke Allimandus[edit | edit source]

Luke Allimandus is a 19 year old human engineer created by JippyKid. Luke is the son of universally famous engineer Corajus Allimandus, and nephew of his brother Mellastile. He originates from the Solarius system. He is described as having a “broad frame and chiseled looks”, and he wears a blue shock guard helmet with an adjustable thin red visor. Under his helmet, Luke has a stony face with one artificial eye. Luke takes the Trog known as Sarius under his wing after they meet at the Registration Center on Charybdis. At one point, he goes out shopping for upgrades for a ship he is fixing, leaving Sarius alone. Luke becomes a target of bounty hunters due to his association with Sarius after she steals a blood sample, and locates Sarius aboard the Infection, via a tracker in an engineering suit he gave her to wear.

With the help of Houston Barrimonde, he rescues her and they travel to Nextima to assist with evacuations. On Nextima, he is separated from Sarius but escapes with a hundred other passengers, and returns to save Houston and Sarius. He is overtaken by the True Chozo, including Captain Carcinogen, and forced to battle Houston to the death to survive. However, using knowledge of chemical reactions, Luke manages to escape with Houston alive, albeit burned. They are almost killed aboard the ShadowFax by a regenerated “Chozoid”, but manage to trap it in the ship’s nuclear reactor.

During the Dalus invasion, Carcinogen contacts Luke to inform him that he has captured Sarius and is controlling her aboard the True Chozo fleet flagship. Desperate to save her, Luke surrenders and boards Carcinogen’s ship against Houston's wishes. Carcinogen orders Sarius, who is under his mind control, to kill Luke, but she only manages to wounds him. Luke proceeds to use Carcinogen as a human shield against Sarius, forcing him to relinquish his control over her before she can finish him off. After scaring the captain off, Sarius drags a wounded Luke to safety, but is separated from him in an ambush. Luke is taken to a lab aboard the flagship, to have his DNA spliced with a Horned Lizard. Sarius rescues him and destroys the lab, and the pair escapes with the other rebels. They proceed to win the battle. However, Captain Carcinogen and Kraid escape as well.

Luke is dedicated enough to the point that he assists with repairs to the RebelKnife despite his injuries. Following the battle on Dalus, Luke and Sarius stow away aboard a ship to Scylla, and locate survivors of the brutal attack on the planet in an underground community. Luke, being from Scylla, is instantly accepted as a new leader in the resistance against the True Chozo, as is Sarius, who he passes off as Samus Aran herself. This makes Luke a part of the Rebellion, despite his original intention to remain on Charybdis for 12 weeks. They come across Dark Panda, a formidable warrior whom they fight alongside in a successful offensive on the True Chozo Scyllan central station. Its destruction weakens the grip that the True Chozo hold on the planet. Deciding that the Scyllan army can take care of itself, Luke reports back to Houston and focuses his attention elsewhere. He participates in a battle against the Third Chozo on Naiad, in which Horus is killed. Luke hen travels with Dark, Quartz and Sarius to Inteira to stop Dr. Vincent from destroying the sun. Following the war, the Rebels go their separate ways, but remain in contact through spherical communication devices.

Sarius Dallas[edit | edit source]

Sarius Dallas was created by JippyKid. She is introduced as a Trog who cannot recall where she came from. She was raised in poverty in Porardum, a suburb of Charybdis City, and is skilled in stealth, theft and martial arts. She is described as having a "tattered but somehow beautiful face of a young girl, a scar running down her cheek, with greasy blonde hair," and wears a “heavy rabbled hood”. Sarius is taken under Luke Allimandus' wing after they meet at the Charybdis Registration Center, and stays with him for a time. Being a Trog, she is treated more coldly by the receptionist there than Luke, who makes the receptionist jealous by rejecting her advances.

While Luke is buying uranium for his ship, Sarius is convinced by a cloaked stranger to steal blood from a red Metroid; she accepts, seeking to become more than a Trog. Sarius is successful in stealing the vial, but is escorted from the building by her employer Kraid into a Horned Lizard flagship while being chased by Bounty Hunters, who turn their attention to Luke after discovering their association. The Lizards manipulated Sarius into giving them the blood she stole, as they planned to use it to resurrect the Metroids. She is then rescued by Luke and Houston Barrimonde, who mistakes her for Samus Aran. She gives him a sample of her blood to prove that she is not Samus; it is discovered that 4% of her blood is of Chozo origin. Later, she is taken prisoner by the True Chozo on Nextima, and brought to Kraid and Captain Carcinogen, who reveal that she is a clone of Samus. They plan to kill the real Samus and use a brainwashed Sarius to take her place.

After being brainwashed, Sarius is ordered to kill Luke, and given a replica of Samus’s Power Suit to do so. She only wounds him before Luke restrains Carcinogen and leaves him in Sarius’ line of fire. This forces the captain to free Sarius from his control over her. Sarius asks Luke to kill Carcinogen, who refuses as he, a man of his word, made a deal to spare the captain if he freed Sarius. Carcinogen then informs them that while Sarius is currently free, he can retake her mind at any time. Sarius returns Luke’s favor by protecting him from incoming True Chozo forces, and then saving him from being spliced with Horned Lizard DNA aboard the True Chozo flagship. The pair escapes the flagship and ultimately fend off the True Chozo invasion of Dalus. Following the battle, Luke and Sarius stow away aboard a ship to Scylla, and locate survivors of the brutal attack on the planet in an underground community. Luke, being from Scylla, is instantly accepted as a new leader in the resistance against the True Chozo, as is Sarius, who he passes off as Samus Aran herself. They come across Dark Panda, a formidable warrior whom they fight alongside in a successful offensive against the Central Chozo Station on Scylla. Its destruction weakens the grip that the True Chozo hold on the planet. Sarius accompanies Luke, Quartz and Dark Panda to Inteira to stop Dr. Vincent from destroying the sun. Following the war, the Rebels go their separate ways, but remain in contact through spherical communication devices.

Sybern[edit | edit source]

Sybern is a lone Bounty Hunter created by JGiannanto, who is a human crossbred with Chozo DNA similarly to, but not as heavily as, Samus Aran. Like Samus, Sybern has gained some enhanced abilities from his Chozo DNA, namely heightened instincts. Sybern is attacked by the True Chozo while on a stroll, and fights them off before seeking their ship. He then uses it to reach the Bounty Hunter's guild, and somehow comes across a derelict Chozo ship, which is self aware and identifies itself as Cho. Sybern acquires a panzer suit and several weapons, and brings Cho to the Windia Mountains to refuel. He is attacked by a fleet of three warships that injure him in the leg, but he manages to escape. Sybern sets a flight path to Nextima and destroys the attacking warships to rescue a friendly Chozo named Burolis. Informed by her of an ancient city, Mascala, that may hold secrets and the truth about the True Chozo, he travels with her to that city, where they encounter a creature named Manta. They take pity on Manta and free the being, but are captured by the True Chozo as they are leaving. After escaping to Rogell with the help of Manta, the trio joins the Rebellion against the True Chozo and assist fellow rebels in defending the underwater city of Dalus from the True Chozo. Sybern and Burolis later work with Sarius to rescue Luke from being fused with a Horned Lizard in their twisted experiments.

Following the battle, Sybern and Burolis are sent to Cerberus to thwart another True Chozo invasion. They are also asked by Miranda Cooper to rescue her uncle from one of the cities on the planet, and she loans them a ship called the Mongoose. However, they are both overwhelmed by the True Chozo and contact with them is lost for a long time. They later re-emerge and reunite with Houston and Luke. While explaining what happened, they are accosted by a group of Chozo mutants.

Other characters[edit | edit source]

  • Achilles and Ulysses are two reploids mentioned on page 52 in a passage written by Dark Panda. Both reploids piloted a ship carrying a mile-high Chozo Statue, which they landed on Oztaki, to the delight of native resident Dr. Vincent. Reploids are mechanoids made up of "metal panels and tubing" with a symbol that appears to read "Dr. W" on their chest.
  • In Greek mythology, Achilles was a demigod, with every aspect of him considered invincible except for his heel. Ulysses is derived from the Latin name for the Greek hero Odysseus, famous for the ten eventful years he took to return to his home of Nostoi after his successful capture of the city of Troy.
  • Page 52 states that "References to other video games could be found everywhere, as in this scene from DarkPanda." "Dr. W" likely refers to Dr. Wily of the Mega Man series, who signed his robots similarly.
  • The Metroid series has its own "Dr. W" since the writing of this story, Doctor Wells.
  • The first official crossover between Metroid and the Mega Man series previously occurred in Captain N: The Game Master, in which Mother Brain and Dr. Wily are allied villains. Later, Samus and Mega Man appear together as playable characters in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, alongside stages and other content from their respective franchises.
  • Armageddon Clock is a hated villain with suicidal tendencies, created by Grand Magi, who started late into the story and was considered "tardy" by Cerberus.
  • Brixx and Clan Zong are friends of Hazard and Dark Star, and possibly members of the Planetary Justice Society as well. While exploring a potential hideout, Hazard and Dark Star encounter Brixx and Clan, who were not assigned to the mission. When asked what the mission is, Dark and Hazard respond that they must go back in time to shoot off a man's left arm, preventing him from becoming a robotic dictator, and Hazard must be the one to do it. They are all ushered into a room by a small man with curly white hair, and sent through a time machine. Clan Zong and Dark Star flank the target from the west side, while Brixx and Hazard flank the east side. The latter two encounter their target, Cikes, and are overpowered by him. Clan Zong repairs Hazard's broken comms unit, which he had lost in the struggle, and turns it into a location device that tracks Hazard's coordinates. Once the party has been reunited, and Hazard has shot the arm off his real target, they return to the present day through a metal cube given to them by the small man. Clan Zong is a dust bunny, and as such, speaks in broken sentences, i.e. "Dark Star has problem," and "We fix problem! Help friends!"
  • Captain Carcinogen is a ruthless cybernetic True Chozo commander, who leads the invasion of Dalus and encountered Luke Allimandus before his battle with Houston Barrimonde. Houston manages to hack a drive installed in his nervous system and downloads data indicating that the Third Chozo plan to use Charybdis as their base of cloning operations by invading it through the underwater city of Dalus. From the flagship of the True Chozo fleet, Carcinogen contacts Luke and informs him that he has Sarius under his control. She is ordered to attack Luke, but Luke overpowers Carcinogen and places him in the line of Sarius’ fire, forcing him to free Sarius from his control. Sarius is tempted to kill the captain, but Luke asks her not to, since they made a deal. Carcinogen informs them that while Sarius is free for now, he can brainwash her again at any time and thus destroy the Rebellion from the inside. He escapes with Kraid shortly before the Ring of Mor erupts. later takes Manta hostage aboard Houston's ship, and when Houston returns, he explains the origins of the True Chozo to the both of them, before leaving. Houston wonders if the revelation, given willingly by Carcinogen, suggests that the captain has a soul deep down. Carcinogen is described as being tall and broad, and wears a sleek outfit with a glove on one hand, while the other is mechanical, and features an attachment resembling a tack. His face is scarred, and one eye is covered by a patch. He speaks with an English accent.
  • Captain Jack was created by CaptAustin. He is a Merchant Guild member and manufacturer of holo-cards mentioned on page 51 of the recap. His advertisement advises against buying from Earth, suggesting instead to buy in-house.
  • Cedric and Grolier are two engineers. When Dark Panda, Delta and Mr. Quartz join the Rebellion on Scylla, the rebel leader dispatches Cedric and Grolier to accompany Quartz in modifying and retrieving Bamboo, their cloaked ship in Scylla A, while Dark and Delta are investigating the True Chozo base in the mountains. After capturing HWCASE, Cedric stands guard at his cell, keeping a close eye on the prisoner while Grolier continues repairs on the ship. At another point, they are working on a mysterious train when Dark Panda visits them, returning from the Proto City.
  • Cikes is an antagonist and decoy pretending to be the future dictator that Brixx, Hazard, Dark Star and Clan Zong travel into the past to assault. While in pursuit of him, Hazard and Brixx are attacked, and Cikes stands above them, pulling off his holo mask. Brixx attempts to kill him, but Cikes disarms and incapacitates them before Hazard can contact Dark Star. He takes them through a space portal before Dark Star can rescue them, and is not seen after.
  • Corajus and Mellastile Allimandus are galaxy-famous engineers. Corajus is the father of Luke Allimandus, one of the main protagonists in Blood of the Chozo; Mellastile is Luke’s uncle. Luke follows in their footsteps as an engineer, hoping to sell his services on Charybdis. In his sales pitch, he describes his father and uncle as being capable of fixing anything in the known universe at an exceptional price. Mellastite factors into the story later, joining the Rebellion on Scylla and leading a group of rebels in a raid on the Central Chozo Station.
  • Dan Fiargo, also known by his preferred name Privateer, is a mercenary created by DanFigaro. Fiargo is exceptional at his job, but refuses to take on work for free. He does not have an established backstory, and joined the Rebellion right away. Following the battle on Dalus, Fiargo is sent to Scylla, which is controlled by the True Chozo, to obtain valuable information. After Houston Barrimonde's encounter with Captain Carcinogen, he sends Fiargo back to Scylla to investigate the Chozo Central Station. A library inside the station is believed to contain clues to the location of planet Imidia. After navigating dozens of dangerous traps, Fiargo locates the information and sends it to the Rebellion headquarters. Another ship, the RS Balin, appears and Dan starts to upload data from it as well. However, a flotilla of True Chozo ships appear and destroy the Balin before the upload can be finished. Fiargo escapes, hoping that enough information was recovered to be useful.
  • Dark Panda was created by Michael Yosafat, aka DarkPanda. Dark is described throughout the Nintendo Power recap, as Yosafat was one of the most involved writers in the story. He is a Marshal based in Scylla B on Charybdis. At one point, Dark strikes a deal with Mr. Quartz to help him rescue his family, in exchange for passage to Scylla. Dark subsequently crosses paths with Delta, a reformed Zebesian. He meets Luke Allimandus and Sarius, who is passed off as Samus Aran, the leaders of the resistance on Scylla, which he joins along with Delta and Quartz. After a successful offensive against a True Chozo central station base, Dark heads for Naiad after receiving a tip of a city there that could assist in the war efforts. He discovers that the city was built by a peaceful sect of the Chozo, the Proto Chozo. The Overdog, having seen the bleak future ahead of the universe, chose the Proto Chozo to build a base for the Rebellion, which they could use for the final battle with the Third Chozo. A single Proto Chozo remained – Horus, who assists the Rebellion in an ensuing battle. Dark then travels with Luke, Quartz and Sarius to Inteira to stop Dr. Vincent from destroying the sun. Following the war, the Rebels go their separate ways, but remain in contact through spherical communication devices.
  • Dark Star is a member of the Planetary Justice Society, in posts written by SHIVA X. He and Hazard are abruptly awoken by an emergency message sent from Overdog, who alert them to a catastrophic attack on Nextima by the True Chozo. They are promised 50IC (imperial credits) for every inhabitant of the station they can evacuate. Asked by Hazard if he has a ship to take them there, Dark Star says he does but they will have to have it fixed at the Engineer's Guild. Hazard is skeptical that they can find an engineer who will repair it for a low cost, but agrees to try. Later, the two of them run into their friends Brixx and Clan Zong, and take part in a mission to go back in time and amputate the left arm of a future dictator. Dark Star witnesses Cikes abduct Hazard and Brixx, and tries but fails to save them before they disappear through a space portal. Clan Zong repairs Hazard's broken comms unit and uses it to track his location to an abandoned apartment complex. Dark and Clan rescue their friends, and Hazard shoots the target's arm off, before the party returns to the present day using a metal cube.
  • Delta is a Zebesian character that was held within a ruined Marshal’s Guild on Scylla. He traveled there following Samus Aran’s Raid on Planet Zebes (two years prior to the events of Blood of the Chozo), in which she destroyed Mother Brain a second and final time. The Marshals imprisoned him simply because of the crimes of other members of his species, despite Delta not committing any himself. He breaks out of his cell after a True Chozo attack and spends the subsequent weeks struggling to survive. He encounters and aligns himself with Dark Panda and Mr. Quartz, bringing them to the underground rebel base commanded by Luke Allimandus. Delta explains that the hominid who shot Dark was HWCASE, who is trying to capture Delta due to a bounty on his head. Being held within the Marshal base meant that no Bounty Hunters could cash in on the bounty, but being freed from the base made him a target for capture once again. Delta’s voice is described as having an insect-like buzz to it, with his insect jaw not being adapted to speaking English. Delta has the ability to see in the dark.
  • Diortem, or Dio for short, is a genetically-enhanced Metroid that is intelligent and capable of speech. It escapes from a True Chozo base in the mountains of Scylla and attacks Dark Panda, believing him to be a True Chozo spy, before being shot off Dark by Delta. When Dark regains consciousness, he is informed that Diortem was taken back to the rebel base, and that he gained his intelligence and ability to speak when the Metroid cloning project was abruptly stopped before completion. After being pried off of Dark by Delta, Diortem apologizes profusely for his mistake and joins forces with them, later participating in an attack on the Scyllan True Chozo base. No Metroid organism in the canon Metroid series has ever demonstrated the ability to speak.
  • Dr. Vincent is a mad scientist and one of the most popular antagonists in the story. He originates from the moon Oztaki. He has two brothers, Dr. Wiley and Dr. Lugae, the latter of whom invented a Warp Device. Dr. Wiley, Vincent’s brother, is most likely a reference to the Mega Man antagonist of the same name. Vincent seeks to become the most famous scientist in history, and strikes a deal with the True Chozo to this end, guaranteeing them dominance over the Messina System. This allows Dr. Vincent to further his sinister plans. Since trillions of species would be lured to Messina to assist its inhabitants in defending themselves, Vincent decides to take a genetic sample from each, and builds machines on each planet in Messina to acquire the samples he needs. He then combines all DNA into a massive Chozo Statue that he names the Hemogoblin, and attempts to use it to destroy the Messina system so that his work cannot be replicated. Escaping to another dimension using his brother’s Warp Device, Vincent orders the Hemogoblin to fly into the heart of Messina’s sun, causing a supernova. However, it is attacked by rebel fighters as it is in transit, and it sacrifices itself to start the chain reaction that will lead to the supernova. However, it is utterly destroyed by the Impressario before it can accomplish this.
  • Emalf is an engineer created by Grand Magi, who, like Xetrox, is part of the Rebellion but focuses his efforts on taking down Dr. Vincent, a maniacal scientist seeking to create a mutation worse than that of the third Chozo (described below).
  • Ergo Mordigan Olsak, known to friends as Emo, is the hired muscle of a merchant on Charybdis. He is 20 years old. After Oralus swindles the merchant for weaponry, Ergo attacks him on a shuttle to the Mor Ocean, and they fall out of the shuttle into deserted fields. Oralus shoots him in the knee but does not kill him, not desiring to be charged with murder. Apologizing, Ergo offers to arrange for transport to Mor if Oralus allows him to come along, but he refuses, believing Ergo will slow him down. Eventually, he agrees to a partnership when Ergo tells him of a ship that can take them to Mor. Ergo is revealed to be a criminal wanted by the Iglacian government and every Bounty Hunter and Marshal in town. He and Oralus are held captive by the mayor's advisor, Hydos, and a Bounty Hunter named Will Fenternon, until they are rescued by Will's servant Glenda, who Ergo knows.
  • The Gas Jockey is an attendant of the Windia Mountains refuel stop. Sybern requests gallons of gas from the jockey, flipping them a coin as payment. As the massive warships appear, the Gas Jockey reacts in confusion and horror, asking Sybern what's going on.
  • General Wrath is a military general who was in possession of several packages of Chozo blood, which were stolen. One of them ends up in the hands of Dark Star and Hazard. He encountered trouble from Cikes and Shadow Kill on Nextima and in the city of Takola.
  • Glenda is a servant to Will Fenternon, whom she refers to as "master" and "sir". Based on this, it is possible that she is either his assistant or slave. Whilst Will is torturing Oralus and Ergo, Glenda enters the room and asks if he needs anything. Will requests a pitcher of water and her; she blushes and leaves to fetch the water. Before leaving, she asks who Ergo is and is told he is just a prisoner. Returning, she embraces and kisses Will, before disarming him and clubbing him over the head with his own gun. She then removes the magnetic strip from around Ergo and revives him; it is revealed that they know each other. She prepares to take him to the Chozo Slayer, only freeing Oralus when Ergo prompts her to. The trio then make haste to the ship.
  • Grendal is a wealthy Chozo Merchant living in Iglacia. He owes $100,000 to Senator Lang but refuses to pay, forcing Lang to send Oralus Clayborne to collect the money. After Oralus evades his Nexus pod security system, a terrified Grendal begs Oralus not to kill him, and agrees to give him the money when Oralus promises to let him keep his head. After receiving the money, Oralus chokes Grendal to death, who screams that he had promised not to kill him. Oralus responds that he made no such promise, he only said he would let Grendal keep his head. As he leaves, Oralus declares "One less Chozo in the world." Lang is initially angered that Oralus killed Grendal, until he points out that the senator did not instruct him against murdering the Merchant.
  • Hazard is a suit-wearing member of the Planetary Justice Society, in posts written by SHIVA X. He and Dark Star are abruptly awoken by an emergency message sent from Overdog, who alert them to a catastrophic attack on Nextima by the True Chozo. They are promised 50IC for every inhabitant of the station they can evacuate. Both hunters decide to respond to the distress call, but know they will have to have Dark Star's ship repaired first. Hazard also points out that they have to investigate a package they received from General Wrath, and opens it. Inside, he discovers a small canister of "silvery-green liquid", which Dark Star realizes is Chozo blood. Later, he and Dark Star run into their friends Brixx and Clan Zong, and take part in a mission to go back in time and shoot off the left arm of a future dictator. For unknown reasons, only Hazard is allowed to shoot him. Hazard spots the target and almost shoots him, before he disappears into an alley. Shortly after, he reveals himself to be Cikes, a decoy, who overpowers him and Brixx and takes them through a space portal. They are rescued by Dark Star and Clan Zong, the latter of whom tracks Hazard by reprogramming his communications unit. Given a second chance, Hazard shoots the real target in the arm. The party then returns to the present day. While Hazard knows the man he shot will survive, he feels some guilt for what he did to him.
  • Horus is the sole-surviving Proto Chozo, who Dark Panda encounters in the ancient Proto City on Naiad. He is killed in an ensuing struggle with a flotilla of Third Chozo. Horus is presumably named after the Egyptian deity.
  • Hugesprite is an "unnamed warrior" who is recruited by Houston Barrimonde into the Rebellion. Hugesprite is summoned by Houston to Dalus to defend the city from the True Chozo, but arrives later than most of the other fighters.
  • HWCASE is a bounty hunter who at one point was in pursuit of Delta. He shoots Dark Panda after he lands on Scylla. He is described as a “mad humanoid”. The rebels manage to perform a citizen’s arrest on HWCASE and restrain him. Mr. Quartz resolves to repair his ship so that they can bring HWCASE to the Marshal’s branch of the Scyllan rebel base, where he will be extradited to Charybdis for trial. HWCASE is described as a master escape artist who has been arrested and incarcerated numerous times, always managing to escape. Incarcerated in a cell, HWCASE has been stripped of all weapons, tools and armor, and left in a simple prisoner’s uniform with no objects in his cell.
  • Hydos is an advisor to the mayor of Iglacia. He and his employee, Will Fenternon, take Oralus Clayborne and Ergo Mordigan Olsak prisoner when they intrude on the sewers under the mayor's home. Hydos interrogates Oralus as to why he is there, torturing him with an electrical strip binding him. When Oralus refuses to cooperate, Hydos instructs Will to shock him every fifteen minutes until he returns.
  • Imega is a bounty hunter that corners a cloaked Sarius as she is stealing a Metroid for its blood. She manages to incapacitate Imega by activating a gas pocket underneath him. However, his intervention means that Sarius only has time to take a sample of the Metroid's plasma, and not the specimen itself.
  • The Impressario is a character created by DarkPanda, who appears midway through the fictional Dark Panda's story. The Impressario is the ghostly conductor of the Phantom Train and acts as an ominous presence throughout Blood of the Chozo. He is later revealed to be an incarnation of Death itself. Little about the Impressario is known personally, except that he wears a gold pocket watch that he constantly checks. After assisting in destroying the Hemogoblin, the Impressario attempts to take Sarius with him, but agrees not to when he is convinced that Luke loves and needs her. The Impressario sheds a single tear and then vanishes along with his train.
  • Jaime Wolfe is a character created by Joshman773, whose stories are told from a first-person perspective, unlike most other characters. Wolfe had a dreary upbringing, with his mother dying in his childhood. He was trained by his older sister Natasha as a warrior, but Jaime grew up to become an engineer, and thus the only Wolfe to not be a Bounty Hunter. His father was proud of this, but disappointed in Jaime’s laziness. During the story, he encounters Paul Ulric, an acquaintance of his late father Jerome Wolfe, while exploring a village. Ulric urges him to search for Natasha, who had been presumed dead. Jaime travels to Nextima with Paul, who uses his connections to help them join the Rebellion, with the hope of routing the True Chozo and finding Jaime's sister. Jaime is summoned by Houston Barrimonde to defend Dalus from the True Chozo, but fights separately from the other fighters. Following the battle in Dalus, Jaime and Paul travel with Robine Asmar and Oily to Naiad to thwart another True Chozo invasion. Shortly after arriving, Jaime and Paul discover a wormhole to another planet, where they learn how to find Natasha and assist the Rebellion at the same time. Upon arrival there, they discover a derelict ship containing a group of Chozo dying from a mysterious disease called Descaloda. Learning of a race called the Piggies that are immune to the virus, the party set out to find the Piggies so they can be cured. On their homeworld, Jaime finds his sister in tree form (Cerberus the writer explained that Joshman included "pretty profound stuff about planes of existence”, which he could not accurately explain). He then begins training to improve his abilities as a physical and mental fighter, and receives a Power Suit that once belonged to Samus Aran. A few days later, Jaime discovers that the Descaloda cure is located in an ancient city near the Piggy village. During training, he is attacked by a Norfairian calling himself "Ridley", although the story is not clear as to whether this is the actual Ridley. Close to death, he is rescued by one of the Bounty Hunters chasing after him. He is not arrested, only because the hunter has been exposed to the Descaloda virus, forcing him to work with Jaime to find the cure.
  • Jerome Wolfe is the father of Natasha and Jaime Wolfe. At one point, he leaves for the stars, but gives Jaime a datacrystal. Jerome does not say what is on it, but instructs his son to guard it until he locates the other half. Jerome dies during his travels; by the time Jaime learns of his death, he has become a successful starship engineer. Natasha leaves to pursue a career as a bounty hunter after this. During the story, Jaime encounters a friend of Jerome's, Paul Ulric, who initially mistakes him for his father.


  • Kraid is the gargantuan Space Pirate general that Samus defeated twice on Zebes during her Zero Mission and her subsequent second raid of the planet. After his defeat, he somehow returned from the explosion of Zebes and became king of the Horned Lizards. Kraid hires Sarius to capture a red Larva Metroid, but she is only able to take a sample of its plasma due to interference from other bounty hunters. Ignoring her demands for payment, Kraid sedates Sarius and takes her prisoner aboard the Horned Lizard Brinstar flagship Infection. He later captures Houston Barrimonde, Samus’s former partner. Despite Kraid not appearing in the Super Metroid comics, he and Houston are written as knowing each other. He explains that during the Metroid wars (referring to Super Metroid), blood samples were obtained from Samus and Houston. Kraid reveals his plan to kill Samus and Houston and replace them with the clone of Houston that the real Houston had encountered previously, and a brainwashed Sarius. When Luke is captured and about to be experimented on, Kraid calls him to taunt him before his mutation. Sarius comes to the rescue and tells Kraid that she is coming for him, calling him a “slime sucker”. He escapes the mothership with Captain Carcinogen before the Ring of Mor volcanoes erupt.
  • Krynn Tars is a hunter who hates and desires to kill all Chozo, particularly after the death of his best friend John. He is prompted to a meeting with Miranda Cooper, a Killer Shark and Merchant, to buy a work station and engine parts from her. In exchange, he agrees to repair a ship for her in the future. Before the meeting, Krynn encountered a wounded girl and brought her into his hotel room to allow her to convalesce. When he returns, she introduces herself as Lydia and rebuffs his attempts to take care of her, although they quickly grow close. While repairing his ship, Krynn witnesses a flotilla of True Chozo ships flying overhead and follows them, destroying some of them, and accidentally destroying a city police ship. With both factions firing on his ship, it crashes into a wooden area. He and Lydia return to Miranda's repair shop to hold up his end of their deal, taking a week to upgrade Miranda's ship engines. With that done, he proceeds to repair his ship, which he dubs the Nexus, with minor assistance from a less experienced Lydia. The Nexus is equipped with voice activation, energy shielding, nanotechnology, life support, lasers and other Chozo weapons. After Lydia leaves to seek her own life, Krynn sets a course for the battle site where he found her, to protect her. At the battle site, he finds Lydia's hair clip, but no blood or her body. Suddenly, he is shot by a bounty hunter, and restrained with energy cuffs, but the bounty hunter is killed by a True Chozo. Krynn proceeds to maul the Chozo and choke it to death, but collapses shortly after.
  • Lord Shadow Kill is an enemy of Dark Star. They both possess a space portal exactly alike, which is reddish orange. While attempting to amputate Cikes' left arm, Cikes takes Hazard and Brixx prisoner and disappears with them through a portal. Dark Star concludes that Cikes must working for Shadow Kill and acquired it from him.
  • Lydia is a wounded girl in Krynn Tars' care, who he came across on the battle ground where he lost his best friend John. He keeps her in his hotel while he is meeting with Miranda Cooper, from whom he acquires antibiotics and a medical kit for the girl. Upon return to the room, Krynn finds the bed where the girl was sleeping empty, only to discover that she was laying on the floor. When she awakes, they introduce themselves to each other, but she faints again. She awakens some time later and finds him repairing a ship, when a homing device is activated by the True Chozo, who fly over the cloaked city. The pair crash into a wooden area after Krynn accidentally destroys a city police ship, and takes refuge in Miranda's shop. Lydia helps Krynn fix up and upgrade his ship, but leaves after becoming offended by a joke he felt was innocuous. Krynn, having grown lonely without Lydia, goes after her to keep her from being killed. He finds her hair clip at the battle site where he originally found her, but does not find Lydia. What becomes of her is unknown.
  • Maccaly is an engineer created by RawleyCoop, who, in one passage included on page 51, encounters the Dust Bunny species while at the Engineer guild to have a ship repaired.
  • Macnus is a resident of Dor, a village on Charybdis that comes under attack by the True Chozo. He refuses to evacuate the village with Houston and Sybern, and demonstrates that his village is not as defenseless as they appear. After the True Chozo are defeated, Macnus agrees to assist the Rebellion after evacuating all civilians, and sends some of his men to help them repair their RebelKnife ship.
  • The Mad Hatter is an insane "Borg Captain" encountered by Luke and Sarius on Scylla. They confront him before finding the underground city. He later pursues Luke and Houston to Naiad, who escape from him with the help of Rainville. After some time, the Hatter prepares to launch a catastrophic attack against the Proto City on Naiad, by detonating his decapitated head in the heart of the city. He is presumably named after the character of the same name in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
  • Manta is a "freak mutant", who is one of the True Chozo’s Chozo-Mutant hybrid creatures. The True Chozo imprisoned Manta in their ancient city, seeing him as too intelligent and unpredictable. He is encountered and freed by Burolis and Sybern, who take pity on him. All three are captured by the True Chozo, but Manta manages to overpower their restraints and rescue his saviors. All three join the Rebellion without hesitation upon hearing of it. Manta’s enhanced senses and battle prowess prove instrumental in the battle of Dalus, managing to defeat an armada of hundreds of True Chozo warships despite the rebels’ small numbers. He stays behind with Cho and RebelKnife in the Ring of Mor while the other rebels infiltrate the True Chozo flagship in search of Sarius and Luke, but becomes trapped. Houston Barrimonde, the rebel leader (who was “starting to like ole Manta”) comes to his rescue. He stays behind with Houston after the battle to oversee the larger Rebellion. Houston and Manta are later called to Naiad to assist Robine Asmar in successfully defending a city from the True Chozo, and then return to Charybdis. On Charybdis, Manta's primal instincts overtake him and he becomes rabid, until Houston incapacitates him with a gamma ray. Manta, being part-Metroid, has to siphon life energy to survive, but chose to starve himself so he could appear more human. Houston goes up to the surface of Charybdis to find a cure for Manta. During his absence, Manta is taken hostage aboard the ship by Captain Carcinogen. Houston encounters Dr. Vincent on Naiad later, and retrieves an energy vial, which he uses to return Manta to his normal state.
  • Mara is a Merchant created by Blastek13, and a former Emperor's Hand. When she is introduced into the story, she is attempting to sell her goods to the guilds, and is on her way to the Bounty Hunter's Guild when she encounters five True Chozo Elite Troopers. She kills all but one, and is saved by bounty hunter Reba Fett. After this, Mara resumes traveling to each of the guilds to advertise her services. Mara operates a ship, Jade's Fire, which is equipped with repulsors, and which she uses to reach Scylla, for the purposes of selling her wares to the rebels. Mara and her ship, Jade's Fire are clear references to the character Mara Jade Skywalker in Star Wars Legends.
  • McCalum is a character created by Lorn01 and is mentioned on page 52. McCalum witnessed a large True Chozo ship controlled by a pulsating brain in a glass dome (an obvious reference to Mother Brain and her Control Capsule).
  • While not referred to by name, Mini-Kraid implicitly makes an appearance as a minor character. He initially appears as a cloaked figure before he reveals himself. He is described as a small lizard-like alien with a pale green complexion, spikes protruding out of his back and belly, and hard green scales around his head. He leads Sarius to meet Kraid, who is described as a larger and uglier version of himself, suggesting that this smaller alien is intended to be Mini-Kraid.
  • Miranda Cooper was created by MirandaCoo, and is a merchant Killer Shark creature that has made a name for herself in society. While not directly part of the Rebellion, she sponsors the cause with her generous wealth and with the occasional donation of a ship or two. Krynn Tars encounters her in a square tank of water 15 feet off the floor and 20 feet in diameter. Because Killer Sharks do not share the same capability of speech as humans, Miranda has to communicate via a laser-like beam installed inside her head, which transmits her synthesized voice to a computer. As such, Miranda's mouth does not move when she speaks. She brokers a deal with Krynn to sell him a computer-sized workstation and engine parts in exchange for repairing a battle ship for her in the future. She determines based on his history and known activities that he has only a 3% chance of cheating her out of the deal, and so she trusts him. Krynn agrees to the deal. At a later point, she rescues Xetrox from Dr. Vincent on Naiad and later still tasks Burolis and Sybern with rescuing her uncle from a city on Cerberus, loaning them a ship called the Mongoose.
  • Mr. Quartz is a character created by DarkPanda/Michael Yosafat, mentioned on page 52 in a passage describing his captivity in a True Chozo base on Charybdis. While not mentioned in the recap, Quartz is a short, lizard-like creature. He had moved with his family from their home planet of Venom to Charybdis. His name was inspired by a quartz clock next to Yosafat's computer. Working with the fictional Dark Panda, Quartz infiltrates a True Chozo base on Charybdis and rescues his family, and then leaves them in the care of the Marshals in Scylla B. He and Dark travel to Scylla A on Scylla, where Dark is shot by HWCASE, who had been hunting Delta due to a bounty on his head. Following a battle on Naiad with the True Chozo, Quartz travels to Inteira with Luke, Dark and Sarius to Inteira to stop Dr. Vincent from destroying the sun. After the war, the Rebels go their separate ways, but remain in contact through spherical communication devices.
  • Natasha Wolfe is the elder sister of Jaime Wolfe, who had left him to become a Bounty Hunter and was presumed dead. Paul Ulric, an acquaintance of their father, accompanies Jaime on a quest to find her. He eventually locates her as a tree on the Piggy homeworld (Cerberus stated that "Jaime", presumably meaning Joshman773, wrote "profound" prose about planes of existence, and could not explain it).
  • Nathan Jasken is a character mentioned in a "poignant" passage on page 53, written by Lorn01 near the story's end. Jasken, a member of the Serapis crew, embraced an unspecified character in what would be the last time they saw each other. A year after the True Chozo conflict, Jasken was killed by a "roving band” of Space Pirates.

Old Bird

  • Old Bird is a character from the Super Metroid comics, and the later released Metroid origin manga. He is taken prisoner by the Horned Lizards aboard their Brinstar flagship, and befriends Sarius while in captivity. He explains the difference between red and green Metroids. Luke frees both of them and they make haste to escape, but a True Chozo attacks Old Bird and latches a huge tongue to his head, mortally wounding him. As he is dying, Old Bird explains that the Chozo have no tongues and these True Chozo are aberrations of his race.
  • The tongue ability described here is very similar to the Head Bite ability of the titular creatures from the Alien films, which greatly influenced the Metroid games.
  • Oily is a Horned Lizard engineer, who becomes friends with the lonesome Bounty Hunter Robine Asmar. The duo join the Rebellion, seeking to overthrow the True Chozo. Following the battle in Dalus, Oily, Robine, Jaime Wolfe and Paul Ulric are sent to Naiad to thwart another True Chozo invasion.
  • Oralus Clayborne is a "handsome" human, 22 year old Bounty Hunter, and is described as having light brown hair and eyes, and a 6'5", muscular body. He is armed with a laser gun, which is destroyed by Nexus pods he encounters. Despite his good looks, and the admiration of scores of women, Oralus has a nasty personality and frequently gets violent with those he encounters, including a merchant who overcharges him and a barmaid who comes on to him strongly. Oralus is described as being a recluse who uses women when he desires to have fun. He is discreetly hired by Lang, a senator on Charybdis, to collect money owed to him by a Chozo Merchant named Grendal. Traveling to Iglacia, Oralus collects the money from Grendal and kills him, leaving before anyone detects his presence. After being paid by Lang, who admonished him for killing the Merchant (despite not stipulating that he was not to be harmed), he is given a new job to join the Rebellion and kill its leaders, including Houston Barrimonde. Hesitantly, Oralus accepts the job, and is recruited into the Rebellion. Houston tasks him with helping them defend Dalus from the True Chozo, but he does not participate in the battle because on his way to the Mor Ocean, Oralus is attacked by a large man, who he shoots in the knee. Remorseful, the man introduces himself as Ergo Mordigan Olsak and says that he is the hired muscle of another Merchant that Oralus held at gunpoint. In exchange for letting him come along, Ergo promises Oralus that he knows of a ship that can transport them to the Mor Ocean. Reluctantly, Oralus agrees and the two infiltrate the sewers beneath the Iglacian mayor's residence, in order to commander their Chozo Slayer ship.
  • Paul Ulric is the inhabitant of a "cozy little village", who knew the father of Natasha and Jaime Wolfe. Encountering Jaime, he informs the boy that his sister is still alive, and accompanies him in the ensuing search. The pair travel first to Nextima, and Paul uses his connections to find allies and a virtual garrison for Jaime, to rout the True Chozo and eventually, find Natasha. Following the battle in Dalus, Paul, Jaime, Robine Asmar and Oily are sent to Naiad to thwart another True Chozo invasion. Ulric is clad in the "tattered robe of a techie", and has a metal eye and three arms.
  • Peyton is an enemy of Shiva X, who captures him in ancient Chozo ruins on Charybdis, and then forces him to crash on the planet in a subsequent space battle. Peyton is in possession of a fragment of Mother Brain, which Shiva finds is missing in Peyton's ship once it crashes on Charybdis as well. He attempts to abduct a Chozo, but fails.
  • Rainville is an artificial intelligence named after Nintendo Power Source supervisor Geoff Rainville. In one passage on page 51, Rainville is demonstrated as being frustrated with a loud "Infinity Cannon". Rainville is situated in a large processing center in the center of an ancient Proto Chozo city on Naiad, and has the ability to exist in multiple places simultaneously. It assists Dark Panda, Luke Allimandus and Houston Barrimonde in escaping from the Mad Hatter.
  • Ravenloft is a bounty hunter. Luke mentions him and Reba Fett in his speech to the Rebellion and states that they have been fighting for Scylla's freedom, but are becoming hindered. Much of Ravenloft's story was written by RawleyCoop, but no material from it is known to have survived today.
  • Reba Fett is a bounty hunter. Luke mentions her and Ravenloft in his speech to the Rebellion and states that they have been fighting for Scylla's freedom, but are becoming hindered. Fett comes to the Merchant's Guild in order to hang up holoposters (holographic posters) promoting the Scyllan Navy. She saves Mara from being killed by a True Chozo Elite Trooper, assuming she is a bounty hunter like herself. After this encounter, she returns to Scylla. Fett wears a helmet. Fett's name is a clear reference to Boba Fett of the Star Wars franchise.
  • Robine Asmar was created by RobineA. His storyline begins with Asmar facing an uncertain future as a Bounty Hunter, simply going with the flow until he joins forces with Oily, an engineering lizard. The pair join the Rebellion, finally finding their purpose in doing their part to end the threat of the True Chozo. Following the battle in Dalus, Robine, Oily, Jaime Wolfe and Paul Ulric are sent to Naiad to thwart another True Chozo invasion. Soon after arriving, he is overwhelmed by a small army of Chozo that are attacking a defenseless city, and calls on Houston for assistance. With his help, Asmar is able to defeat the True Chozo.

Samus Aran

  • Samus Aran is the most renowned bounty hunter in the galaxy. Despite being the protagonist of the Metroid series, Samus is hardly seen or mentioned in the Blood of the Chozo story; her Gunship is shot down by True Chozo fighters and crashes on Tranquility Base airfield. She spends most of the story in recovery, but is mentioned by other characters, including Houston Barrimonde, who claimed to have “travelled with her on the extermination of the metroids”. This suggests that Blood of the Chozo takes place in the same canon as the Super Metroid comics in Nintendo Power, Houston’s only other appearance. One of the story’s main protagonists, Sarius Dallas, bears a striking resemblance to Samus and is revealed to be a True Chozo and Horned Lizard-created clone of the hunter. Captain Carcinogen briefly brainwashes Sarius into becoming a malevolent Samus, but she is freed from his control by Luke. Houston mistakes Sarius for Samus upon encountering her, and is insistent that it must be her despite reassurances to the contrary from others. When joining the resistance on Scylla, Luke passes Sarius off as Samus herself. Metroid Prime: Federation Force would later be the first canon Metroid story to feature Samus as a secondary character.
  • Senator Lang is a senator based on Charybdis. He hires Oralus Clayborne discreetly to collect a sum of money owed to him by Grendal, a Merchant. In public, Lang wears a hooded cloak and demands that Oralus not use his name. Lang is outraged when he learns that Oralus killed Grendal, but accepts that he never told the Bounty Hunter not to. After this, he assigns Oralus with infiltrating the Rebellion and killing Houston Barrimonde and any other leaders. This confuses Oralus, who points out that he thought Lang supported the Rebellion. Lang orders Oralus not to question him, and pays him 50,000 credits for the Grendal job. Despite his reservations, Oralus agrees to join the Rebellion for four times that amount.
  • Shiva X is an armored human Bounty Hunter created by the writer of the same name. When introduced, he is in the midst of a battle on Charybdis with scores of "Wyverns" from Norfair on Zebes, and escapes using his Speed Booster. The force of the Speed Booster causes him to fall through a weak floor into the ruined ancient temple of the first Chozo. Inside, he discovers the Morph Ball in the hands of an intact Chozo Statue, and morphs in the statue's hand. The statue comes alive (possibly a Torizo) and throws him at the wall; Shiva recovers and escapes the statue through a crack in the wall, then he destroys it. The statue leaves behind small glowing orbs, which he discovers to be Bombs. Taking an elevator behind the statue, he encounters a huge stomach, and discovers that the Wyverns he faced before were one Wyvern with hundreds of heads. Shiva finally destroys the creature. Continuing on, he obtains Missiles, before the room becomes magnetized and he is pinned to a wall by his suit. An enemy of his, Peyton, walks into the room with six Chozo warriors, promising that Shiva will soon join his family in hell. Later, Shiva and Peyton are locked in a space battle, and Peyton causes Shiva to crash his ship onto Charybdis. Shiva lands in a jungle and is knocked out by a shot in the back. He awakens in a primitive hut, unable to move. True Chozo bring him to their leader, who possesses the Mother Brain fragment and demands to know why Shiva attacked them when they had not attacked him before. Shiva explains that someone from his civilization has framed them for the Third Chozo's actions, and he seeks to stop them before the Chozo homeworld is destroyed in 55 hours. The leader accepts this explanation and informs him that Peyton and a female were also recovered. Shiva is forced to prove his worth, and is placed into a ruined colosseum. A massive sea serpent appears from a marsh and attacks him. Using the Screw Attack, Shiva destroys the beast and brings its head to the leader. The Chozo chief accepts this and gives him the Mother Brain piece, as well as a battleship and an offer of their assistance. The chief also warns him about "creatures of the night" that come out and attack them; Shiva promises to put a stop to them. He quickly discovers that these creatures are Metroids, and uses his Ice Beam to stop them in their tracks. However, their great numbers prove overwhelming for him, and he throws a Power Bomb into a dormant nuclear core before escaping. This destroys the Metroids. With the ship cleared of its threat, Shiva blasts off to Cerberus.
  • Shniff and Shnort are two Trogs, and the leaders of a group of 28 battle hungry mercenaries from slums on Charybdis. They are recruited by Jaime Wolfe and Paul Ulric to assist in defending Dalus.
  • Slarv is a lizard-like creature from a planet nearby Scylla, who is part of the Scyllan resistance. He, and the rest of his species, is gifted with psychic telepathic powers and high intelligence. However, it takes many years to realize the full potential of their powers. Slarv is a former trainer of these powers, but is still considered a beginner compared to the greater tele-warriors of the past. In one story, co-written by Cerberus and DarkPanda, Slarv laments to a Slime that he may not be any good for the Rebellion, since he cannot work with a weapon loaned to him by Luke. He suggests that his telepathic powers will have no use against a Chozo mothership.
  • Will Fenternon is an employee of Hydos, the advisor to the mayor of Iglacia. He is a Bounty Hunter, and is fond of his assistant Glenda. When she asks if he needs something, he requests a pitcher of water, and her. As she is fetching the water, Will suggests that he will forget his orders to torture Oralus and Ergo every fifteen minutes, if it will mean spending time with her. When she returns, Glenda kisses him, distracting him long enough to knock him out with his gun and free the prisoners.
  • Xetrox is a Bounty Hunter created by Grand Magi, who started late into the story and was considered "tardy" by the writer Cerberus. While Xetrox is technically a part of the Rebellion, he and fellow Grand Magi character Emalf are more focused on eliminating Dr. Vincent, and pursue him to Naiad. Their efforts take them to Charybdis, where Vincent flees, and make an enemy in Armageddon Clock. Xetrox is later captured by Vincent, and requests Houston's assistance. By the time Houston was able to respond, Miranda Cooper had already rescued Xetrox. On Charybdis, Xetrox and Emalf battle a robotic clone of Vincent, while the real doctor escapes on a ship, to carry out his plans of universal domination.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The Messina System, officially established by Nintendo Power Source staffers in Blood of the Chozo's introduction, is considerably expanded in fan writings, given a number of new planets, moons, and space stations to explore.

Charybdis[edit | edit source]

As predicted by the Overdog, a way through the True Chozo's subspace distortion field was discovered on 12/27. With fan writers finally allowed to explore the planet, Charybdis was substantially fleshed out with multiple cities, stations, and landmarks.

  • The Citizen Registration Center is the first place where new citizens of Charybdis visit in the process of migrating to the planet. It is staffed by a "simpleton" receptionist, who fancies Luke Allimandus and becomes jealous of Sarius Dallas when Luke takes a shine to her.
  • Dalus is an city underwater in the Mor Ocean on Charybdis, inhabited by sentient aquatic creatures known as the Deceburs. Houston discovers that the True Chozo plan to invade Charybdis by infiltrating Dalus, which is uninhabitable except for the Deceburs. Dalus is enclosed in synthetics and Plexiglas. The Rebellion makes haste to warn the Deceburs, and defends the city from the subsequent True Chozo invasion. Despite vastly outnumbering the rebels in terms of ship numbers, the True Chozo were rather inept at aerial combat, and suffer heavy casualties, ultimately being forced to retreat.
  • Dor is a supposedly defenseless village on Charybdis, inhabited by a being named Macnus. It comes under attack by the True Chozo. The Rebellion leader, Houston and his comrade Sybern rush to the village’s aid, but find that it is not as defenseless as it first appeared. The citizens of Dor agree to assist the Rebellion, knowing they will not be able to withstand a second attack.
  • Felfior is a small deserted island on Charybdis, which smells heavily of fish. After escaping from Mascala, Sybern, Burolis and Manta fly here and take out the True Chozo guards. An armory is located here. The island is destroyed in an ensuing battle between the True Chozo and the three rebels.
  • Iglacia is a "magnificent" city on Charybdis, with its defining feature being domed houses inhabited by wealthy citizens. Oralus Clayborne comes here to collect a sum of money from a Merchant named Grendal, which he refused to pay to Oralus' client, Senator Lang. Iglacia has a low crime rate, but almost everyone is armed due to the war between the humans and the True Chozo. Iglacia's mayor keeps a Chozo Slayer ship below his residence.
  • Mascala is an ancient domed city on Charybdis, guarded by two True Chozo. Burolis and Sybern travel here after the former informs the latter that the city may hold the secrets of the True Chozo. After subduing the True Chozo guarding the entrance, the pair discover a breeding laboratory inside. They find that the True Chozo are cloning themselves and encounter Manta, one of the experiments. Taking pity on Manta, they release him and allow him to follow them out of the city.
  • The Mor Ocean is a warm ocean on Charybdis. The city of Dalus, inhabited by the Deceburs, is located under the surface of this ocean. The battle to defend Dalus takes place above the Mor Ocean. The Ring of Mor, or Circle of Mor is a volcano ring at the sea’s bottom, into which the True Chozo flagship’s right wing descends after being detached from the ship, with several of the rebels inside. After the wing crashes, perhaps because of the impact, the volcano begins to erupt. The rebels form a plan to cause a series of explosions in the volcanoes to fool Carcinogen into believing they are dead, so that they can rescue Luke and Sarius.
  • Rogell is the capital of Charybdis. After escaping from the Horned Lizard ship Infection, Houston tells Luke that when they return to Rogell, he will brief every guild about the threat posed to Samus Aran and the True Chozo’s cloning efforts. Sybern, Burolis and Manta also come here after escaping True Chozo capture. The capital becomes desolate and scattered with rubble following the war, even as the True Chozo withdraw from the city. Following the battle of Dalus, Houston comes to the capital's unguarded governmental head office to lash out at the fractured government of Charybdis for doing little to fight the True Chozo, but finds it empty. Houston is accosted by docile Chomen, who explain that the attack on Rogell is over and the city is under full True Chozo control, which they achieved by having Houston's clone assassinate an ambassador and senator, and pillage warehouses. This caused infighting among the planet's denizens, allowing the True Chozo to take control.
  • Scylla B is a city on planet Charybdis. This is where Dark Panda, a Marshall based in this city, obtains supplies for the Bamboo.
  • The Travel Shuttle Station is a travel station on Charybdis. It is capable of transporting people to the Mor Ocean within an hour. Oralus comes here to travel there as part of the Rebellion, but is diverted by an attack from Ergo Mordigan Olsak.
  • A Universal Web Terminal is a terminal with internet access present in an inn in Rogell, Charybdis. Luke awakes to find Houston using it to review and process membership applications for the Rebellion.
  • The Windia Mountains are a location on Charybdis. Sybern flies the Cho here to refuel the ship at a gas station, when he comes under attack by True Chozo.

Scylla[edit | edit source]

Scylla is a planet in the Messina System. It falls under the control of the True Chozo, who set up a base in the mountains. The survivors of the attack take refuge in an underground city, which becomes the Scylla Resistance base. Scylla is Luke Allimandus's former homeworld, and he is considered a celebrity among the locals.

The name Scylla is a reference to the monster in the Greek epic poem Odyssey, sharing its roots with fellow Messina planet Charybdis.

  • The Central Chozo Station is the True Chozo's main headquarters on Scylla. It is located 90 miles north of the rebel base, and its destruction would severely cripple the True Chozo. After becoming the leader of the Scyllan rebels, Luke identifies the station as their primary target.
  • Scylla A is a city on planet Scylla. This is where Dark Panda and Mr. Quartz go after saving the latter's family, using the hijacked True Chozo ship Bamboo.

Other locations[edit | edit source]

  • Cerberus is a mining planet, to which Sybern and Burolis are dispatched. The pair seek to defend the planet from a True Chozo attack, while completing a side objective from Miranda Cooper of rescuing her uncle from a city on Cerberus. However, the duo are overwhelmed by the True Chozo and contact with them is lost. The planet shares its name with one of the writers of Blood of the Chozo.
  • In Greek mythology, Cerberus is a monstrous, multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld, to prevent the dead from leaving. It was one of the twelve labours of Heracles, or Hercules.
  • Clinpus 12 is the homeworld of the Wolfe family.
  • Inteira is a planet mentioned by the Overdog, in a passage on page 53. The text suggests that it is the main planet of the Messina System and the actual location of Overdog and the True Chozo ruling council. A large mass of their warships were seen here near the end of the war. Dark, Luke, Sarius and Quartz come here to stop Dr. Vincent, and use an Infinity Cannon to save the sun from destruction. One city on Inteira is capable of space travel, which is used to destroy one of Vincent’s weapons of mass destruction.
  • Oztaki is a ruined moon in the Messina System, mentioned in a passage written by Yosafat on page 52. It is the home of Dr. Vincent, who was overjoyed to return. He was accompanied by Dark Panda and two reploids, Achilles and Ulysses, and a mile-high Chozo Statue they were carrying to a base.
  • The Solarius system is a solar system. Luke Allimandus originates from it.
  • Station Nextima is a space station in orbit around the planet Charybdis. This was the first location devastated by the True Chozo during their invasion. For his work aboard Nextima, the 11,200 IC Wing had bought himself a new Fusion reactor, a new Nitroglicerine Fusion Core, "Brand spanking new, top of the Line Laser Banks", and a cloaking device that could shield him from Minor Scans. This passage on page 51 was written by DarkShade4, who "thrived on technical details". During the story, the Overdog reports that Nextima is under attack by the True Chozo. Sarius informs Luke and Houston that it needs evacuation power, seeing this as an opportunity for them to make inroads within the Rebellion. Despite their ShadowFax ship being ill-equipped for combat, the team sets off to assist with the evacuations.
  • Venom is the home planet of Mr. Quartz and his family, as well as his unnamed species of lizard-like bioforms. The Quartz family left Venom to escape its tyrannical Emperor and resettled on Charybdis. Quartz states that all citizens of Venom have a highly developed sense of sight, which makes them excellent pilots. However, Venom's denizens did not always understand technology, and lived a simple life prior to the arrival of a dictatorial Emperor. The Emperor used the lizards to his advantage, seeking revenge against his own people. He taught them to fly and fight, and sent ship after ship on suicide missions. Venom shares its name with a planet from the Star Fox series.

Ships[edit | edit source]

  • Bamboo is a True Chozo ship that is commandeered by Mr. Quartz and Dark Panda when they rescue Quartz's family from True Chozo forces on Charybdis. Dark and Quartz are forced to abandon and conceal the ship upon landing in Scylla A, while they search for the rebel forces stationed there. Upon linking up with the Rebellion, Quartz returns to the ship with two engineers, Cedric and Grolier, and has them modify and recover the ship.
  • Cho, also known as space unit em-63, is the name of a derelict Chozo ship in a JGiannanto story, which Sybern encounters in deep space and claims for himself. It holds advanced technology, such as an Artificial Intelligence and is capable of generating Atma Missiles, presumably via microfactories. Cho is a creation of the Chozo and the Imidians and is one of the older models of their ships. Sybern uses it to reach Nextima, where he rescues a female Chozo named Burolis. Burolis and Sybern pilot Cho during the battle of Dalus. The AI suggests to the duo that they surrender given that they are vastly outnumbered. Burolis instead hides Cho behind a patch of coral at the bottom of the Mor Ocean. Since she knows that the Chozo only use plasma blasters, which cannot penetrate coral, this offers them cover. They are able to destroy all of the ships by shooting them with Wave Beams through the coral.
  • The Chozo Slayer is a class of ship created by the intergalactic government, for the purposes of killing all Chozo in the galaxy - including Chomen, Chozoids, True Chozo and natural Chozo. Ergo Olsak informs Oralus Clayborne that the 43rd Chozo Slayer ship is located in the mayor's house on the other side of Iglacia, and suggests that they commandeer it to reach the Mor Ocean.
  • The DeathBlade is a warship flown by Jaime Wolfe during the battle on Dalus. It is only mentioned twice in story material compiled by Cerberus. With the ship, Jaime managed to board the True Chozo flagship.
  • The GreatWing is a combat-ready starship that was flown by Corajus Allimandus. At one point, Corajus’ son Luke worries that his own ship, the ShadowFax, could fall into the True Chozo’s hands, and ponders switching to the GreatWing. Houston convinces him otherwise.
  • Infection is a Brinstar flagship operated by Kraid and the Horned Lizards. Luke is taken prisoner here on his quest to rescue Sarius. Captain Carcinogen is the Prison Board head.
  • The Mongoose is a ship loaned by Miranda Cooper to Sybern and Burolis, in exchange for rescuing her uncle from a city on Cerberus.
  • A Peace Keeper Model 669 is a Marshal-owned gunship. The ShadowFax carrying Houston, Sarius and Luke narrowly avoids crashing into one of these ships. Houston is mortified to discover that the pilot is a Marshal who has a vendetta against him for reasons unknown to him. According to Sarius, a 669 ship can be used to wipe out an entire planet. After a failed attempt to attack the ship, Houston surrenders to the Marshal to allow Luke and Sarius to continue on to Nextima.
  • The Phantom Train is a spacecraft conducted by Impressario, and the only steam-powered ship in the universe. The ship "can come and go at will", and its whistle is described as chilling to the bone. The Phantom Train carries the spirits of the dead with it and can travel through dimensions.
  • RebelKnife is the flagship used by Houston and Manta in their battles against the True Chozo. It was bought in rusty condition, but it is upgraded heavily by Burolis with three used plasma cannons and a new Ice Beam. She coins the name on the spot as the rebels are preparing for battle in Dalus. Houston and Manta lead the rebel forces onward in this ship during the battle. It is narrowly lost in the Ring of Mor when the rebels set off explosions to erupt the volcanoes, but Houston and Manta manage to energize it and take flight using residual power from a detached wing of the True Chozo’s mothership.
  • The RS Balin is a ship that Dan Fiargo encounters while exploring the Chozo Central Station. After uploading information about the location of Imidia to the Rebellion, Dan begins to upload data from the Balin, but it is destroyed by the True Chozo before the upload is finished.
  • Serapis is a vessel created by Lorn01. Nathan Jasken was the only known member. At the end of the story, the crew disbanded and went their separate ways. Jasken was killed a year later by Space Pirates.
  • The ShadowFax is a prototype ship built and owned by Luke Allimandus. He began constructing it when he was 13 years old. It can be commanded remotely and initially has no combat capabilities. It runs on uranium. He is forced to use it to escape the fighting on Charybdis with Sarius, while his usual ship is back on Scylla. The escape is complicated by the low level of remaining uranium, with the nearest Merchant selling it being three miles away. Luke, Sarius and Houston manage to repair the ShadowFax, and despite it being incapable of combat, use it to reach Nextima in order to assist with the evacuations. Later, the ShadowFax is equipped with four wing plasma cannons, two frontboard Wave Beams, two underbody plasma cannons, six spread ice cannons, and two window bullet cannons. After using the ship to escape the Infection, a True Chozo’s leg is severed by the closing hatch and left inside the ship. It regenerates itself and takes control of the ship, triggering its nuclear self-destruction protocol. Luke and Houston manage to neutralize the threat.

Species[edit | edit source]

  • The Deceburs are an intelligent race of aquatic beings, that inhabit the underwater city of Dalus on Charybdis. Luke describes them as a “reluctant”, shy, horned species resembling humans, with scaly bodies, six fingers and two thumbs, webbed hands and feet, green or purple skin with eyes on either side of their head. Additionally, the Deceburs are no taller than four feet and emit tentacles from their shoulders for echolocation. The Deceburs have no military force and are ruled by a king, who sits on a throne in the Dalus Central Capital Globe, which looms over the city. They have slurred speech, and drag out sentences, i.e. "Weee caaaaaary no militareee." (We carry no military)
  • Dust bunnies are a diminutive sentient species referred to in a passage by RawleyCoop on page 51. They fix spacecraft alongside the Engineer's guild. Maccaly, an engineer encountered this species while trying to have a ship repaired, and they insulted her, calling her a "silly human" for not noticing them on the floor when they spoke to her. Dust bunnies speak in broken sentences, i.e. "Nice guild boss say you have ship need fixing. We help. We fix. Where ship?" Clan Zong, a character in stories written by Shiva X, is a dust bunny.
  • In real-life, a dust bunny is a term for a collection of dust, dirt or lint that forms underneath furniture or household objects.
  • Elementals are a race of powerful beings. An Elemental Bounty Hunter tracks down Jaime Wolfe on the Piggy homeworld, and prepares to arrest him, but is forced to work with him once exposed to the Descaloda virus, to find the cure.
  • The Imidians are an intelligent race, and the indirect creators of the True Chozo. They are described as humanoid and have three eyes, as well as heightened intelligence. The Imidians sought to create the ultimate creature using the greatest traits of all other creatures, and ended up creating an intelligent and powerful bioform they named the Second Chozo. While the Second Chozo were intended for use in peaceful applications, the Chozo grew violent, forcing the Imidians to evacuate and destroy their planet. Despite their previous failure, the Imidians were undaunted, and after establishing residence on another planet they created 400 genetically enhanced Chozo, called the Third Chozo. However, these too grew violent, and surpassed the Imidians in intelligence and other traits, easily overtaking them. The Third Chozo allied themselves with the Horned Lizards to take what they felt was their rightful place as rulers of the universe. The Third Chozo created the True Chozo from hybrids of Chozo, Human and Metroid DNA, as their own personal army. From their home base on the planet Imidia, the Third Chozo waited for the True Chozo to take over the universe, believing their ability to duplicate made them unstoppable.
  • The Piggies are a sentient race located outside of the Messina System. They are immune to the Descaloda virus. After learning of their existence from a ship on a nearby planet where a rebel party is exposed to the virus, Jaime Wolfe, Paul Ulric and company set out to locate the Piggies and cure themselves. Based on their name, it can be assumed that they are similar to or in fact anthropomorphic pigs.
  • The Quarians are an alien race that lives at the edge of Krynn Tars' solar system. They invade Krynn's homeworld, forcing the inhabitants to prepare for war when they were preparing for a new age of prosperity not long ago.
  • Red Metraids are described in the story as being peaceful creatures, from which the True Chozo recreated the Metroids. It has a red membrane and is non-violent, as opposed to the more familiar Metroids with green membranes. Those are created by exposing red Metraids to Beta-Rays. The later released Metroid Fusion reveals that the authentic Chozo created the Metroids. The red Metraid's inclusion in Blood of the Chozo predates the Hunter and Tallon Metroids in the later-released Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.
  • Luke mentions several species in a rousing war speech to the Rebellion, including "Lizardbacks", "Dorians", "Dlotorises", "Slimes" and "Psions". Slimes have slurred speech like the Deceburs, i.e. "Buuuut, yoooou stillll have youuuuuur tele-powers".

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • Bilithimic is a lotion medication that is stored in a small bottle. Luke applies some of it to Houston's face to regenerate skin he lost as a result of burns he sustained from a flamethrower used by Luke, while under Horned Lizard control. It regenerates skin, but cannot erase physical scars.
  • A Cybernid is a robot in the shape of an arachnid, with lights and a radioactive laser beam installed in its eyes. It is capable of emitting a "horrible shrill scream" that paralyzes any intruder with fear. Oralus and Ergo encounter one as they are pursuing a Chozo Slayer ship, and are forced to destroy it. The Cybernid is about to kill them, but a voice orders the mechanoid to capture them instead. It spits out a net that entangles the two intruders and incapacitates them with an electrical shock.
  • Descaloda is a mysterious, deadly disease discovered by Jaime Wolfe and Paul Ulric on a remote planet. They discover a number of Chozo dying from the disease. A month after infection, the disease devours the patient's DNA, killing them. The rebel party quickly panics, knowing that if they leave the planet they will spread the disease through Messina. Upon learning of a race immune to the virus, called the Piggies, the rebels scramble to find them, and a cure. The cure is found in an ancient city close to the Piggy village. It shares its name with a deadly disease from the Orson Scott Card novel Xenocide.
  • The End of the Age of Knowledge is an event in the history of Krynn Tars' solar system. At this time, the races in that solar system experienced two momentous events: the invention of space travel, and an attack on Krynn's planet by an alien race known as the Quarians.
  • Holi-Plastic Acid is a highly concentrated and toxic substance, which is deathly lethal to organic materials. When he comes under attack by a Chozo-Metroid-Human hybrid, Luke pours a vial of the substance onto the creature, killing it instantly.
  • Horned Lizards are outlaws who wreak havoc on the Messina system, and mentioned in stories by JippyKid. They take Sarius prisoner on their Brinstar flagship after double crossing her when their leader, Kraid, hires her to steal a red Metroid. They are considered to be "dense", and incapable of understanding cloning or DNA splicing. The Horned Lizards allied themselves with the Third Chozo, who would later become known as the True Chozo. They fly Brinstar flagships.
  • Kniricksh`i power rods are a power source used in ships. At one point in the story, Luke Allimandus seeks to buy a new one from merchants when they are on sale. Houston later inserts the acquired rod into ShadowFax, asking Luke if it is the right size.
  • Nexus pods are a security system that consists of six blue, electrical orbs that encircle a building. Grendal the Merchant has them installed around his residence, and activates them when Oralus Clayborne comes to collect for his client. The pods can kill a person instantly with a combined shot of blue lightning from all six orbs, that takes seconds to charge. Oralus manages to destroy one pod, but the other pods destroy his gun. He uses a makeshift blow torch to cut out a piece of false grass from the lawn (installed so that the Nexus pods would not ruin real grass if activated) and uses that as a shield to destroy a second pod. Finally, Oralus throws himself through the remaining four pods right before they blast him, and self-destruct.
  • The Tarsists are a group of engineers, which are known to every race in the home solar system of Krynn Tars. The first Tarsists, as taught in Krynn's history class, were a Dragoneski and his circle of friends, who discovered the remains of an alien fighter ship and combined its technology with other technology. These abilities of theirs helped to turn the tide against the Quarians during the war, which was dubbed the Age of the Tarsists. According to Krynn, "one never makes war with a Tarsist, unless they can be sure to end it quickly."
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