This is a list of minor rooms in Sector 1 / Biosphere in Metroid: Other M. Larger rooms have their own pages and are linked here. Many of these names are unofficial; such names will be highlighted in quotation marks.

Transport to Main SectorEdit

Navigation Booth AEdit

Navigation Booth A is the first Navigation Booth in the Biosphere. When Samus uses the booth for the first time, the Map populates and creates a waypoint to the next Navigation Booth outside the grand tree room. The door to the next room is locked on the first visit; after Samus uses the booth and her map is updated, the camera pans to the unlocking door.

L-shaped corridorEdit

The "L-shaped corridor" leads from the Navigation Booth into the overgrown hallway. It has nothing of importance.

Overgrown hallwayEdit

The "overgrown hallway" is an industrial corridor that has been overtaken by vegetation in the area, namely vines, moss and soil. To the sides of the room are trees with various colors and solar lights on the ground. Samus will automatically vault over the vines. There are two Fly Pods in the room, spawning Reos, and two Grippers, which are both situated in front of a Fly Pod. At the end of the room is a pair of steps that Samus must jump up to reach the exit, which is blocked by a wall of vines. She can destroy it with a Missile. There is another small corridor through here before the next room.

Confrontation roomEdit

Main article: Confrontation room

Fly Pod hallwayEdit

The "Fly Pod hallway" is a short corridor following the confrontation room. There are two vines on the ground that Samus can vault over, and there is one Fly Pod that spawns endless Reos until it is destroyed.

Grand tree roomEdit

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Navigation Booth BEdit

Navigation Booth B is the second Navigation Booth in the Biosphere, and it is accessed from the top of the grand tree room. This gives Samus a chance to replenish any energy lost during the fight in the "confrontation room" or any enemies who have hit her along the way. When Samus uses the booth for the first time, the map updates with a waypoint to the next Navigation Booth.

Crooked corridorEdit

The crooked corridor[1] is a simple zig-zagging corridor with seven Wavers, which are asleep when Samus first enters the room. They will also be asleep on any subsequent visits to the corridor. Once she reaches the first corner, they all awaken and attack Samus. She is not required to kill them all to advance. Samus enters the room from a Navigation Booth connected to the grand tree room and it exits into the rainforest.


Main article: Rainforest

Double-sided corridorEdit

The "double-sided corridor" connects directly to the rainforest from the right side, and leads to the Breeding Room. It is the first corridor of an indoor facility, and has an observation window. The camera pans to a two-dimensional perspective when Samus enters the room. There is a fissure in the window, which Samus can roll through with her Morph Ball to get behind the wall. There are two Wavers and two Grippers here, as well as plants, including rafflesia-like plants resembling flowers in the background of green Brinstar. Back in the foreground, a tunnel in the ceiling contains a Missile Tank, and leads into the next room. A hatch on the right side of the foreground can be destroyed with a Super Missile later in the game to create a quicker shortcut between this corridor and the next room.


Note: For the G.F.S. Valhalla room, see Stairwell.

The "stairwell" is first entered from the ceiling, via a tunnel from the previous room. It connects back to that room with a door that is blocked by a sturdy hatch, which can only be removed with Super Missiles (authorized later in the game). Part of the floor in front of this door is illuminated with green light. The room itself is unremarkable, with its only notable feature being a wall-mounted schematic on the bottom floor. A door on the top floor leads to the stasis tank room, while the bottom door leads to a corridor connected to the Breeding Room. This door features a unique green design that is rarer on the BOTTLE SHIP. After the sturdy hatch is removed, Samus can run through the previous room and build up speed, then Shinespark in the stairwell up a long shaft to reach a hidden ledge with a small crate containing another Missile Tank.

Multi-door hallwayEdit

The "multi-door hallway" is a short corridor between the stairwell and the Breeding Room. There are three doors on the left wall, two of which are inaccessible on the first visit. The door at the very end leads directly into the Breeding Room. After the credits, the first door will unlock and Samus can ascend a shaft via Wall Jumping to reach a hidden area with an ornate tree and yet another Missile Tank.

When Dr. Madeline Bergman is explaining MB's revolt to Samus later in the game, a flashback depicts a researcher and two BOTTLE SHIP Security Guards passing through this room to detain MB, who is observing the murder scene in the Breeding Room. MB overpowers and kills the guards and researcher in this hallway as she goes rogue.

Breeding RoomEdit

Main article: Breeding Room

Monitoring roomEdit

The "monitoring room" is a semioval shaped room with numerous observation screens and terminals. Some of the screens show rooms elsewhere in the BOTTLE SHIP, such as the aforementioned ornate tree in the "multi-door hallway" (even before that part of the room becomes accessible). There is a single Geemer in a central stasis tank, filled with an unknown liquid. To leave the area, Samus must destroy the tank with a Missile, killing the Geemer and causing the liquid to spill onto the floor, although it evaporates quickly. Under the Geemer is a hidden Morph Ball tunnel network that leads back into the "double-sided corridor".

Long pathwayEdit

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Pressurized corridorEdit

The "pressurized corridor" is another industrial hallway with auxiliary lighting, and gaps in the wall. There are fifteen Geemers in the room, some of which enter via the mentioned gaps. A sensor above the exit door must be used to depressurize the room and allow Samus to proceed.

The premise of this room is similar to the Air Lock, the third explored room in Metroid Prime.

Observation RoomEdit

Main article: Observation Room

Geemer-infested corridorEdit

The Geemer-infested corridor[2] is a corridor accessed from the Observation Room, from the top level and after ascending a shaft with the Kick Climb. It is a hallway with blue wall lights and six Geemers, four of which are crawling along the ceiling. There is a small chamber on the left as well, with the other two Geemers in it. There are two grates over this chamber, with the third having been knocked off - presumably by the Geemers - and left on the floor.

Biosphere Missile Tank 3

The Missile Tank.

Samus is not required to kill any of the Geemers to advance, although doing so allows her to collect a Missile Tank. There is a sensor mounted above the door to the Observation Room and shooting it releases gas into the room that kills off the Geemers in the small chamber, allowing Samus to obtain the Missile Tank. She can simply kill the Geemers with her weapons fire, as well.

Waver-infested corridorEdit

The Waver-infested corridor[2] is entered from the previous corridor. It is teeming with twelve Wavers and curves around to the right. This leads to a downward slope that has suffered damage, and is lined with two thorned roots. Unless Samus runs up the slope with her Speed Booster (which is not authorized on her first passage), she is unable to return the way she came once she goes down the slope.

The Waver corridor is also referred to as a "long hallway", "hall" and "long hall" (not to be confused with the room in the Main Sector) on page 58 of the Prima Games guide.

Navigation Booth CEdit

Navigation Booth C is the third Navigation Booth in the Biosphere, and it is accessed from the Waver-infested corridor. The camera positions the room at a diagonal angle. It is found in a state of auxiliary power, with the exit door being locked even after Samus uses the booth, which creates a waypoint to the next booth. On the left wall is a damaged piece of wall that can be broken open with a Missile or Bomb. It leads to the observation deck. A terminal found in the Subterranean Control Room unlocks the door here.

Observation deckEdit

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The "lobby" is an almost rectangular and empty room. There are broken coffee tables to the right of the room with the glass strewn about the floor, which has a tiled pattern, as well as a blinking light on the wall. The room leads into a restroom to the left, and


The restroom[3] is identical to a similar room in the Main Sector and is accessed through the "lobby". It features an inaccessible men's room, and an accessible ladies' room. Samus can open one of the stall doors in the ladies' room to find an Accel Charge, which up to that point would be the first of this kind of power-up that she acquires.

In terms of appearance, this restroom is rather plain-looking, although the red color of floor and stall doors stands out. The other two doors appear to be locked, although no one is using them. A small red light or knob can be seen on the locks to indicate that the stall is "occupied". The game automatically places the camera over Samus's shoulder when she explores this restroom, and she stands with her Arm Cannon raised.

Bull corridorEdit

The "Bull corridor" immediately follows the lobby, and as the name implies, contains five Bulls. The close quarters nature of the room means that Samus can easily be affected by the explosion of one or more of the Bulls and take damage, so carefully dispatching them is advisable.

Ghalmanian shaftEdit

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Illuminated corridorEdit

The "illuminated corridor" is lined with fluorescent green lights on each wall. To the left of the hallway is a sturdy Blast Shield that can only be removed with a Super Missile, which is not authorized on the first visit. A Missile Tank is found behind the Blast Shield. There is also a hole on the adjacent wall, leading into a tunnel with a small crate containing a second Missile Tank.

Scrap BlockEdit

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Long dirt tunnelEdit

Main article: Long dirt tunnel

Subterranean Control RoomEdit

Navigation Booth DEdit

Jungle environmentEdit

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Underground cavernEdit

The underground cavern[4] is an unremarkable corridor carved out of a dirt tunnel, although small green or blue ferns can be seen growing. At different points of the cavern are stretched roots for Samus to jump or vault over.

Unlike other areas of the BOTTLE SHIP, such as the jungle environment that Samus enters this room from (through a hole in the ceiling that light emanates from), this room does not appear to be simulated. Lining the corridor are walls of Kihunter webbing that have trapped Reos. Samus can destroy the webs in Search View with her Missiles, which releases the enemies for her to kill. On the exit door is another web that is shaped like a cocoon; shooting it reveals a Griptian. The door out remains locked until Samus dispatches it, at which point she can access the Biological Experiment Floor. After the credits, this room is empty, but a trip through here is necessary if playing for 100% completion.

Biological Experiment FloorEdit

Biosphere intersectionEdit

Navigation Booth EEdit

Navigation Booth E is the fifth Navigation Booth in the Biosphere, and it is accessed from the Biosphere intersection. Later, Samus sees the Deleter running into the Navigation Booth, but he is gone by the time she gets there.

Jungle hallwayEdit

The "jungle hallway" is a lush and very overgrown room connecting between the grand tree room and the Biological Experiment Floor, which is otherwise a one-way trip. The vegetation includes inactive Gripper-like venus flytraps, vines and branches. The room is divided by a cliff, which can be ascended using a Grapple Point on each side. A hidden tunnel in the cliff can be entered with the Morph Ball to find a small crate with a Missile Tank. When atop the cliff, Samus can Space Jump to an alcove above the door to the H-shaped corridor, to reach another small crate with an Energy Part.

Crumbling hallwayEdit

The "crumbling hallway" connects between the grand tree room and the jungle hallway. Apart from vines growing out of the left wall and two segments of damaged floor, the room has little of importance. There are enemies here if it is visited before the Ridley battle, after he is defeated, the room becomes empty.

Box corridorEdit

The "box corridor" connects from the Navigation Booth. It is part of an indoor facility but has suffered damage and overgrowth with multiple webs on the walls. The corridor is shaped like an upside down L. The first part, before the corner, contains an elongated vine that stretches across the floor, which Samus can vault or jump over. The other half has suffered more damage with two large boxes in the way. Samus can jump over the first, and jump or roll under the second, which is protruding from the wall. It connects from the H-shaped corridor to the access bridge and the water-filled tank.

Bioweapon Research Center access bridgeEdit

Transport to Bioweapon Research CenterEdit

"Transport to Bioweapon Research Center" is the elevator leading to the Bioweapon Research Center from the Biosphere. There is nothing especially unique about this room.

Water-filled tankEdit

Main article: Water-filled tank

Water-filled roomEdit

Swamp ZoneEdit

Main article: Swamp Zone

Navigation Booth FEdit

Navigation Booth F is the sixth Navigation Booth in the Biosphere, and it is accessed from the Swamp Zone. On the first visit, the map directs Samus to the Exam Center's entrance, but it is not populated with the rooms leading to the Exam Center until the next Booth.

Stacked crate corridorEdit

The "stacked crate corridor" is entered from a Navigation Booth connected to the Swamp Zone. It is initially another L-shaped corridor, but the floor ends around the corner with a drop to a lower area. Large crates are stacked on the floor, forming a "staircase" that can allow Samus to climb back up. There are four Zeros in the room which can molt into Kihunters if not killed in time; two cocoons are found at the entrance upon the first visit and will spawn Kihunters regardless. Across from the edge of the higher part of the room is a hidden platform with a Missile Tank. This can be reached using the Space Jump/Screw Attack once Samus self-authorizes use of them.

Warehouse liftEdit

The "warehouse lift" is an elevator room immediately following the stacked crate corridor. On the lower floor are large boxes and shipping crates. The elevator itself is stuck at the top floor. There is an initially inactive Morph Ball launcher on the floor and a series of Grab Ledges on adjacent walls, which is how Samus climbs up on her first visit. The setup of this shaft is similar to the Ghalmanian shaft. When Samus reaches the highest ledge on the left wall, she can fire at a sensor on the opposite wall in Search View to activate the launcher below. Using it sends Samus through the elevator to the better lit top floor, which has more boxes and crates. It leads into the Kihunter corridor.

Kihunter corridorEdit

The "Kihunter corridor" is a straightforward corridor with webs on the walls. There are six Kihunters in the room, two of which molt from cocoons. It leads into the Swamp Zone's observation area.

Plant-filled corridorEdit

The "plant-filled corridor" is visually similar to the double-sided corridor, but the hallway behind the glass in the background is more difficult to access. Behind the glass near the end of the hallway is a sensor. Samus will need the Wave Beam (authorized later in the game) to be able to shoot it through the wall. When activated, a part of the glass will open for Samus to enter and gain a Missile Tank. This corridor leads directly into the next room.

Experiment Floor AccessEdit

"Experiment Floor Access" is a corridor formed in an arc. While primarily manmade in construction, it appears to have experienced slight overgrowth of the nearby habitats. Long purple leaves and tree branches, moss and venus flytrap-like plants grow on the walls here. The branches appear to form an arch. There are two Whipvines that guard the room, which are each stationed above mysterious fissures in the floor. It leads directly into Experiment Floor 3.

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition refers to this room as a "small arching passageway" on page 70.[5]

Experiment Floor 3Edit

Main article: Experiment Floor 3

Navigation Booth GEdit

Navigation Booth G is the seventh Navigation Booth in the Biosphere, and it is accessed from Experiment Floor 3 after unlocking the door. When used, the map is populated with the final rooms before the Exam Center.

Specimen catwalkEdit

Main article: Specimen catwalk

Biosphere Test AreaEdit

Main article: Biosphere Test Area

The following rooms are part of the Exam Center and cannot be revisited, as the Center explodes shortly after Samus leaves it.

Exam Center lobbyEdit

The "Exam Center lobby" is the first room of the Exam Center. There is a path leading directly toward an elevator, which is bordered by three pairs of large columns to each side. The door locks when Samus enters, preventing her from returning to the Biosphere. Once she enters the elevator, it takes her up to another L-shaped corridor.

Desolate L-shaped corridorEdit

The "desolate L-shaped corridor" contains a noticeable fog surrounding the floor. There are two deactivated FG-1000 units on the floor. It leads directly into a Navigation Booth.

Navigation Booth HEdit

Navigation Booth H is the eighth Navigation Booth in the Biosphere, and the first of two in the Exam Center.

T-shaped corridorEdit

The T-shaped corridor[6][7] has numerous thin, rectangular lights mounted on the ceilings, walls and floor, with different colors. The floor lights are dark blue, the ceiling lights are cyan, and the wall lights are white. At least two sections of wall lights are broken, and emitting sparks. To the left of the corridor is a dead-end, with two doors lined with a border that has a black and yellow striped pattern, akin to barricade tape. These doors cannot be opened by Samus and presumably lead to unexplored sections of the Exam Center. A disabled FG-1000 bot is found on the floor here.

Another door to proceed further into the Exam Center is on the right side of the corridor, but locked. The wall beside this door, also lined with the black and yellow borders, has a weak section at its base. Samus can rip a hole in this with a Missile or Bomb to reveal a hidden tunnel keading into a hallway with another disabled FG-1000 bot. This tunnel leads to a security room.

Security roomEdit

Not to be confused with the Security Rooms in Metroid Fusion.

The "security room" is connected directly to the T-shaped corridor. In here is a terminal that, when used, unlocks the door in the previous corridor, with said door being visible on a screen above the terminal. On either side of the terminal are two pairs of what are likely computer banks. Below the screen are three additional screens: one on the left with a purple monitor, a group of four blue screens in the center, and a light green screen to the right with three horizontal lines.

Terminal hallwayEdit

The "terminal hallway" is accessed through the previously locked door in the T-shaped corridor. The explorable part of the room is a zigzagging walkway suspended above a lower floor with desks and terminals. Visible from the top are three large screens depicting areas (possibly live feed footage of them) elsewhere in the BOTTLE SHIP, such as what may be the volcano corridor in the Pyrosphere. It leads into a stairwell corridor. Two deactivated FG-1000 units are found here.

Stairwell corridorEdit

The "stairwell corridor" has a slight T-shape, and consists of a horizontal corridor lined with a railing, splitting off toward a staircase. Two deactivated FG-1000 units are found before the stairs. When Samus climbs the stairs, the camera suddenly zooms in on the door to the next room, and Samus lets out an audible gasp. The game then shifts to an over-the-left-shoulder perspective where Samus walks slowly, with her hand on her lowered Arm Cannon until she walks into the following room; the main observation deck.

Main observation deckEdit

Main article: Main observation deck

Navigation Booth IEdit

Navigation Booth H is the ninth and final Navigation Booth in the Biosphere, and the second of two in the Exam Center. It is first used after Samus regroups with the 07th Platoon in the main observation deck, and can be used again before Samus leaves the center to aid the soldiers. The game places Samus in an over-the-shoulder perspective when she moves through this Navigation Booth, with Samus patrolling slowly and her Arm Cannon lowered. On her return trip, she has the cannon raised.

Locker roomEdit

The "locker room" connects via Navigation Booth back to the main observation deck. It is a small room with two sets of inaccessible lockers on either wall and nothing else of importance.

Flickering lights corridorEdit

The "flickering lights corridor" is a small room with two doors. The first, to the conference room is locked until after Maurice Favreau recovers data from the computer in the main observation deck, while the second leads on. The room has an alcove to the side in the center, and its prominent feature is the mentioned flickering ceiling lights, which turn on and off in a pattern. Part of the right wall can be seen sparking as well.


The "cafeteria" contains two benches, a round conference table, loudspeakers and a pair of vending machines, one of which is damaged. It is likely that the ringleaders used this room when taking a break from their projects.

Dark corridorEdit

The "dark corridor" is a short hallway with dim, broken lighting and a sparking ceiling. It has nothing else of importance and simply leads into the next room.

Containment roomEdit

The "containment room" appears to have been used by the ringleaders for study, as it contains tables and stasis tanks. Some of the tanks have been broken, while others remain intact albeit empty, and have a greenish liquid in them. When approached, some of the tanks' liquid may even bubble up. K.G. Misawa and James Pierce are found here examining a table. They can be examined, but not spoken to.

Cracked corridor AEdit

"Cracked corridor A" immediately follows the containment room, and its sole notable feature is a large crack in the left wall. It has nothing else of importance and leads into a decontamination room.

Decontamination room AEdit

"Decontamination room A" is a small square-shaped room following the previous corridor. A loud hiss is heard when Samus enters; however, unlike most decontamination rooms the door is not locked. Samus can continue forward through the door and the hissing will stop.

Testing chamber 1Edit

Main article: Testing chambers

Conference roomEdit

The "conference room" is accessible from the flickering lights corridor after Maurice recovers data from the Exam Center's main computer. It is an outstretched corridor with two long tables lining it, and multiple chairs. Papers can be seen near the exit scattered about the floor. Anthony Higgs and K.G. are found here investigating, and again can be Examined, but not spoken with.

Cracked corridor BEdit

"Cracked corridor B" immediately follows the conference room, and like the previous cracked corridor its sole notable feature is a large crack, this time in the right wall. It leads into another decontamination room.

Decontamination room BEdit

"Decontamination room B" is identical in purpose and appearance to the previous such room.

Testing chamber 2Edit

Main article: Testing chambers


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