List of rooms in Metroid: Other M

This is a list of rooms in the Bioweapon Research Center in Metroid: Other M. Larger rooms have their own pages and are linked here. Many of these names are unofficial; such names will be highlighted in quotation marks.

Transport to Biosphere[]

"Transport to Biosphere" is the first room of the Bioweapon Research Center. The room is rectangular in shape, with a path on the floor curving between the doors into the elevator and the next room, which is a Navigation Booth. In the middle of the wall between the doors is a shaft of yellow-tinted lights, with smaller lights embedded into the wall with triangle-shaped borders.

As Samus is returning to this room, a cutscene shows Ridley's clone heavily wounded in the "killing ground", as a massive creature appears and kills him.

Navigation Booth A[]

Navigation Booth A is the first Navigation Booth in the Center. Using the booth unlocks the door and allows Samus to continue. Her map does not populate with new rooms, unlike other booths, since Adam is not in contact with Samus at the time.

Laboratory access[]

"Laboratory access" is a curving corridor that connects from the booth to the main laboratory. It is an initially straight corridor that twists to the left. Along the way are two sections, perhaps security gates, with barriers on the floor that Samus can jump or vault over. On the first visit it is empty, but when Samus revisits the center after Sector Zero, several FG-1000 and two FG II-Graham units are present. Four of the FG-1000 units form two electrical barriers, which Samus can jump over, or remove by destroying the robots with her Plasma Beam.

BRC main laboratory[]

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Bioweapon Research Centre main room HD.jpg

The "BRC main laboratory" is the central room of the Bioweapon Research Center. It appears in Metroid: Other M. On the first visit, the door leading further into the center is blocked by a Desbrachian gate, which is gone on the next visit. No Desbrachians are encountered here in gameplay.Samus cautiously enters this room, and notices the Desbrachian gate. Her attention is quickly diverted when the computers in the room suddenly come online, and she moves towards them. From here, a prerendered cutscene begins where she attempts to access the Bioweapon Research Center Database, but the password she uses does not work. The last three keys she enters are "E-Y-K".


• none

Connecting rooms

Laboratory access (automatic door)
Storage room (automatic door)
Spare room (automatic door)
BRC transport (automatic door)

Storage room[]

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Storage room.png

The "storage room" is a room in the Bioweapon Research Center. It appears in Metroid: Other M in a pre-rendered cutscene, and is not playable. When Samus enters the main laboratory, the survivor she met in the Materials Storehouse earlier emerges from the storage room. As Samus spots her, the woman gasps and quickly runs back into the room, fearing she is an assassin. After Samus convinces her she is not working for the Galactic Federation, the woman opens the door, introduces herself as Madeline Bergman and invites her in.


• none

Connecting rooms

BRC main laboratory (locked door)

Spare room[]

The "spare room" is a large, square room accessible via a staircase at the front of the main laboratory. It can be visited after James Pierce's body is found on the second visit to the laboratory, or after the credits. The room's back wall has a red hue from a pair of power sources. A Missile Tank is located in the top right corner. After collecting it, the door locks and Samus is ambushed by a group of fifteen Super Zebesians. Once she defeats them (most easily with the Screw Attack), the door unlocks and she can leave.

BRC transport[]

The "BRC transport" is a small room with an elevator that brings Samus to the lower part of the Bioweapon Research Center. It is found behind a door at the back of the main laboratory, which is guarded by a Desbrachian shell on the first visit. By the time she returns, the shell is gone. The transport elevator takes her to lab reception.

Lab reception[]

The "lab reception" is the room that the BRC transport leads to. From the elevator, the room turns to the right (shown vertically in-game), under an arch to a larger room. Ahead is a raised section of floor with a short staircase in front of it on the right. There is also a longer staircase behind the left wall, which has transparent window panes, leading to a higher door. On the right wall is a large screen displaying information. It makes a chiming sound, the same heard in the "Main Sector lift hub". The floor and ceiling have a tiled pattern.

It leads into the killing ground from the front exit, and into "operations base access" via a door on the left, reachable by staircase. That room cannot be accessed during the first visit as the door is locked. As Samus approaches the killing ground door on the first visit, the camera zooms in on her. On return visits, the room is inhabited by three FG II-Graham units.

Killing ground[]

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Killing ground.png

The "killing ground" is a room in the Bioweapon Research Center. It appears in Metroid: Other M. Samus eventually reaches this room and when she does, she cautiously moves forward before the screen fades to white, and a cutscene begins. As she proceeds into the room, she notices the destruction and follows the blood trail before coming across Ridley's dried, brittle husk in the corner.


• none

Connecting rooms

Lab reception (automatic door)
Breeding cage (automatic door and blast doors)
Rinka corridor 1 (automatic door)
Short passage (automatic door)

Rinka corridor 1[]

"Rinka corridor 1" is a long hallway accessed through the door on the right side of the killing ground. After a short flight of stairs, Samus comes to a long hall with a locked door at the end. Along the walls are dormant Ring Beam Units. To unlock the door, Samus must shoot a sensor above it. Doing so activates not only the door, but the Ring Beam Units, which begin to spawn endless Rinkas. They continue to spawn on return visits.

Notably, this room contains the only sensor found in the Center, and the last one encountered in the game. It is not necessarily the last one activated, however, as some cannot be used until the Wave Beam has been authorized.

Rinka corridor 2[]

"Rinka corridor 2" immediately follows the first. It is a passage that curves to the left. Rinkas spawn endlessly in this room as well, but they can be ignored.

Rinka corridor 3[]

"Rinka corridor 3" is the third corridor with Ring Beam Units spawning Rinkas. It is short and straight. A Multi-Lock Blast Shield is found covering the exit door, and while Samus can destroy it easily, the cramped nature of the room means that Samus may get hit by Rinkas.

Rinka corridor 4[]

"Rinka corridor 4" is the fourth and final corridor with endlessly spawning Rinkas. It is similar to the previous corridor, but longer. The door is blocked by another Multi-Lock Blast Shield. As before, Samus must destroy it without being hit by the Rinkas to continue.

Arcing hall[]

The "arcing hall" is an empty corridor with a sharp arc to the left. It leads into the second Navigation Booth.

Navigation Booth B[]

Navigation Booth B is the second and final Navigation Booth in the Center. Using the booth unlocks the door and allows Samus to continue to Room MW.


The "staircase" is the final room before Room MW. As the name implies, the primary feature of the room is a large staircase to the door, which is positioned on the back wall and angled right. Part of the floor consists of a transparent material, through which cables can be seen. When the room is visited for the first time, eerie music plays, which continues into Room MW.

Room MW[]

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Room MW.png

Room MW is a room toward the rear of the Bioweapon Research Center on the BOTTLE SHIP. It appears in Metroid: Other M. When Samus is incapacitated by Adam at the entrance to Sector Zero, he informs her that he had located a survivor in Room MW and asks her to rescue them. Once she arrives in Room MW, the door locks behind Samus. Exploring, she finds the survivor - who turns out to be the real Madeline Bergman - hiding in the rightmost chamber on the back wall, keeping the door locked. She knocks on the door, causing her to wake up and panic. She stumbles back, screaming at Samus to stay away, thinking her to be a Galactic Federation assassin.


Power Bomb

Connecting rooms

Staircase (automatic door)
Breeding cage (automatic door and blast doors)

Breeding cage[]

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Breeding cage.png

The breeding cage is a room in the Bioweapon Research Center. It appears in Metroid: Other M. This room housed the BOTTLE SHIP's Queen Metroid, while her offspring were genetically modified to remove their vulnerability to cold and kept in Sector Zero. The room connects to Room MW and another large room via blast doors, which can be opened from a small terminal in a chamber within Room MW.


• none

Connecting rooms

Room MW (automatic door and blast doors)
Killing ground (automatic door and blast doors)

Short passage[]

The "short passage" is accessed through the leftmost door on the back wall of the killing ground. After destroying the Queen Metroid, Samus pursues the survivor she saw in Room MW through this hall.

Control room access[]

For the room on the G.F.S. Valhalla, see Control Room Access.

"Control room access" is a room shaped like a blocky L. It has a glossy, tiled floor that makes a unique sound when Samus runs across it. The same floor is found in the main laboratory. It leads directly into the control room, where Samus encounters the real Madeline Bergman.

Control room[]

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Control room in gameplay.png

The control room is an expansive room in the Bioweapon Research Center. It appears in Metroid: Other M and is where the final confrontation against MB, or "Melissa Bergman", takes place. After encountering a survivor of the BOTTLE SHIP in Room MW, Samus destroys a Queen Metroid that the survivor releases in an attempt to kill Samus, who she assumes is an assassin sent to silence her. The survivor's hiding chamber is breached by the Power Bomb Samus uses to destroy the Queen, and she quickly flees. Samus pursues her to this room and corners her against a door.


Missile Tank

Connecting rooms

Control room access (automatic door)
BRC operations base (automatic doors)

Operations base access[]

"Operations base access" is an L-shaped corridor accessed from the stairwell in the lab reception. It cannot be entered until after the credits. When entered, the hall turns to the right toward a short flight of stairs, which into the operations base.

BRC operations base[]

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BRC operations base - upper floor.png

The "BRC operations base" is a room in the Bioweapon Research Center. It appears in Metroid: Other M. Visiting this room is entirely optional, and it can only be accessed in the post-credits sequence. It is accessible from the control room; during Samus's initial visit to that room, Samus corners Madeline Bergman in front of the door to the lower floor, which is locked. The upper doors appear to be open, but are not reachable at the time.


Missile Tank x2

Connecting rooms

Operations base access (automatic door)
Control room (automatic doors)