This is a list of minor rooms in the Main Sector in Metroid: Other M. Larger rooms have their own pages and are linked here. Many of these names are unofficial; such names will be highlighted in quotation marks.


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Long passageway

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Cargo Hold

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Spaceport access

"Spaceport access" is a simple, straight corridor with white lights on the floor. It is accessible from the Cargo Hold via the left staircase, but the door to enter it (to the high ledge in the Spaceport) is locked. Samus can unlock it after using a terminal on the ledge, which she can reach by rolling through a tunnel in the "conference hall".

Catwalk access

The "catwalk access" is a loosely L-shaped corridor with a square-shaped exit, that connects the Cargo Hold to the catwalk. On the first visit, the room has dim lighting and is empty. In the previous room, Samus watches the 07th Platoon run ahead through this corridor, and waits until they have passed to follow. After the credits, the room remains empty until the countdown sequence, where two large obstructions and closed shutters have appeared. Samus can slide under the obstructions and shoot the shutters open with her Paralyzer. A Super Zebesian will appear in between the shutters, which Samus can ignore if she shoots the second shutter quickly enough. A third shutter will begin lowering, which Samus can slide under quickly.


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Skree corridor

The "Skree corridor" is home to a group of Skrees, but has no other unique features. It leads from the catwalk to the "conference hall". The door to the latter room is present on the back wall, with the corridor curving to the left near it. During the countdown sequence, this room is empty of enemies. A shutter will begin to close on Samus, forcing her to slide under it, and then again under a block of debris. She will then be boxed in by two shutters and have to shoot the one in front of her open in order to leave.

Conference hall

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The restroom[1] is a small room accessible through the "conference hall". In terms of appearance, the restroom is rather plain-looking, although the red color of floor and stall doors stands out. A small red light or knob can be seen on the locks to indicate that the stall is "occupied".

The game automatically places the camera over Samus's shoulder when she explores the restroom, and she raises her Arm Cannon, ready to fire if necessary. A group of Brugs can be seen scurrying under a stall door on the first visit. The first time Samus enters the "conference hall", three Reos rush in from the restroom door, which locks until they are killed. The door to the restroom is locked during the countdown sequence at the end of the game. A similar room appears in the Biosphere.

Ruined elevator shaft

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Collapsed vent room

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System Management room

Slender walkway

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Tall room

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Navigation Booth A

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This is the first Navigation Booth in the game. When Samus enters the room for the first time, it is still active despite the rest of the Main Sector having no power. When she uses it to save, the light that surrounds her while saving is orange instead of the usual green. On the first visit, and the subsequent second after restoring the electrical system, the door to the long hall is locked until the Booth is used. During the countdown sequence, the Booth is covered in flaming rubble, preventing its use. Even if it were not, it would not be usable by Samus at that time since she is in her Zero Suit.

Long hall

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BOTTLE SHIP Control Room

Main Sector lift hub

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Lower vent hall

The "lower vent hall" is reached through the door on the higher level of the Main Sector lift hub and leads to the tall elevator shaft. As the name implies, there are three large vents in the ceiling. The one closest to the elevator shaft door has an inactive Fly Pod in it. Samus can destroy it and Kick Climb (or later, Shinespark) up the vent to find a lone Missile Tank inside. Her last chance to obtain this tank will be when she is using the elevator shaft after leaving the Control Bridge. The other vents contain nothing.

Tall elevator shaft

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Sidehopper hall

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Main Elevator

Residential access

"Residential access" is a simple, short corridor that leads from the Desbrachian gate in the Main Sector lift hub to the BOTTLE SHIP Residential Area.

BOTTLE SHIP Residential Area

Navigation Booth B

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The Main Sector's second Navigation Booth is entered from the BOTTLE SHIP Residential Area. The door to the next room is locked until the Booth is used. It leads into the "Cyclaw corridor".

Cyclaw corridor

The "Cyclaw corridor" is a short hall lined with wall lights and longer lights on the floor and ceiling. The architecture is closer to the Residential Area than that of the rest of the Main Sector. There are four Cyclaws in this room. It leads into an elevator to the Cryosphere.

Transport to Cryosphere

"Transport to Cryosphere" is a small room with an alternate elevator to the Cryosphere, which specifically takes Samus to the area close to Nightmare's Room, Sector Zero and the areas with heavy gravity. It has no other features of importance.

Control Bridge lift access

"Control Bridge lift access" is an L-shaped hallway reached through the Desbrachian gate in the "Sidehopper hall". It has little features of importance besides handrails present on the walls. It leads to an elevator to the Control Bridge.

Control Bridge lift

The "Control Bridge lift" is a small room with an elevator that brings Samus to the Control Bridge area.

Main Sector lift

The "Main Sector lift" is an identical room and where the previous elevator stops. It seems to be larger than many elevator rooms on the BOTTLE SHIP.

Path of perils

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Navigation Booth C

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The final Navigation Booth in the Main Sector. As with the other two, the door locks until Samus uses the Booth itself. It is useful to save here anyway, in order to restore Samus's energy following the long battle with enemies in the path of perils, and the battle with Phantoon that follows shortly in the Command Bridge.

Control Bridge

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Short corridor

The "short corridor" is a small corridor that Samus jumps into after using a Grapple Point in the Control Bridge. The door it was entered from locks as soon as Samus enters it, giving her no choice but to continue onward.


For the G.F.S. Valhalla room, see Stairwell.

The "stairwell" immediately follows the short corridor and contains nothing more than a downward staircase leading to another hallway.

Upper vent hall

The "upper vent hall" is the final unique room in the Main Sector, and the game overall. It is physically identical to the lower vent hall, although the camera aims at a different angle and there is nothing in any of the ceiling vents. It exits back into the tall elevator shaft, which finally takes Samus to the Control Room where she can obtain what she came back for: Adam's helmet.


  1. ^ Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition, page 42: "The room to the immediate left is a restroom. There's nothing in there, so ignore it and move along."
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