List of rooms in Metroid: Zero Mission

Tourian entrance shaft[edit | edit source]

Tourian-Brinstar ZM elevator.png

The "Tourian entrance shaft" is the first room in Tourian. It appears in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission, with differences between each version. Zero Mission, the remake of Metroid, divides the room into two halves and makes it shorter. It also contains fewer Metroids than the original game, placing one of them into a new room. The first part of the shaft features the elevator platform, a single square platform on the left wall, and a Blue Door to the right, with a floor separating the rest of the shaft.


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Connecting rooms

Transport to Tourian (Elevator)
Save Station 1 (Blue Door)
Entrance shaft access (Blue Door)
Tourian lava passage (Blue Door)

Save Room 1[edit | edit source]

Save Room 1 is the first of three Save Stations in Tourian. There is a slight slope to the right of the station leading to the exit. It is accessed from the entrance shaft and leads into the Antechamber.

Antechamber[edit | edit source]

For the room in Metroid Prime, see Antechamber.

The "antechamber" is the next room. It is a simple, square room with a Zebesian carcass in the center. There are two Rinka spawn points in the ceiling and floor, but none appear here.

First shaft[edit | edit source]

The "first shaft" is the first of multiple shafts within Tourian. It is divided in the middle by a large ledge, with two platforms on the walls. A single Zebesian carcass is found at the bottom.

Entrance shaft access[edit | edit source]

"Entrance shaft access" is a straight hallway that leads back into the entrance shaft from the underside. The first Metroid is found here, and Samus is locked into the room until she destroys the creature. There are two Zebesian bodies found here, presumably killed by the Metroid. In addition to the Metroid, numerous Rinka generators are present here.

Tourian lava passage[edit | edit source]

Main article: Tourian lava passage

Tourian lava passage MZM.png

The "Tourian lava passage" is a room in the original Tourian. It appears in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission. In Zero Mission, the room is slightly shorter. The floor is now entirely engulfed in lava, with three platforms of varying size above it. Since the lava is now shallow, it is easier for Samus to jump out should she fall. The platforms are now closer together, and angled sideways. The entrance door is found on a two-step platform, with a Zebesian husk on each step. Another Zebesian is found on one of the platforms, and another is found on the ledge with the exit door. Unlike the original Metroid, the doors in this room lock until the Metroids are killed.


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Connecting rooms

Tourian entrance shaft (Blue Door)
Metroid pit (Blue Door)

Metroid pit[edit | edit source]

The "Metroid pit" is a new room in Zero Mission. It contains two higher walkways above a deep pit, at the bottom of which are three dead Zebesians. There is an additional Zebesian on each walkway, along with a sixth on an L-shaped ceiling platform. Two more platforms are found on the walls, allowing Samus to climb out of the pit and leave the room either way. If the High Jump Boots have not been obtained, Samus can get out of the pit by freezing and standing on a Rinka. Four Metroids are found here on Normal Mode, and eight on Hard Mode.

I-shaped room[edit | edit source]

The "I-shaped room" is a small room in the rough shape of the letter I. A small number of Rinkas spawn from two points in this room. The floor in the center is made of Fake Blocks, which can be shot or Screw Attacked to destroy them. This room connects to the second Save Station, and the ledged shaft.

Save Room 2[edit | edit source]

Save Room 2 is the second Save Station in Tourian. It is accessed from the top of the I-shaped room, and leads nowhere.

Tourian ledged shaft[edit | edit source]

Main article: Tourian ledged shaft

Tourian ledged shaft MZM.png

The "Tourian ledged shaft" is a room in Tourian. It appears in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission, with visual differences between each version. In Zero Mission, the room's platforms are now mostly metal, although a few retain their pipe-like sections. Rinka generators are clearly shown in the walls, whereas in Metroid, they appear out of nowhere. Three of the ledges are now littered with Zebesian brittle husks, with two more at the very bottom of the shaft. Four of the midair platforms at the bottom are still there, but colored grey. Unlike in Metroid, the doors are locked until all Metroids are killed.


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Connecting rooms

I-shaped room (Blue Door)
Triple-tiered room (Blue Door)

Triple-tiered room[edit | edit source]

Main article: Triple-tiered room

Three-tiered room.png

The triple-tiered room is a room in the first Tourian. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission. As the name implies, this room has three levels, or "tiers", separated by floors consisting of Bomb Blocks. Deploying a Bomb causes the entire floor to explode in a chain reaction.


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Connecting rooms

Tourian ledged shaft (Blue Door)
Save Room 3 (Blue Door)

Save Room 3[edit | edit source]

Save Room 3 is the third and final Save Station in the game. It is placed two rooms before the fight with Mother Brain and the escape sequence. It is also the last room in Tourian to remain intact.

Rinka hall[edit | edit source]

Main article: Rinka hall

Rinka hall MZM intact.png

The "Rinka hall" is a room in Tourian. It appears, with significant differences between versions, in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission. In Zero Mission, the room is now a straight, flat corridor. The lava and pipes are gone, and the room is constructed entirely out of steel or metal. There are no Metroids in this room, as the last of the specimens are now destroyed in the triple-tiered room. It is now home to thousands of infinitely spawning orange and green Rinkas, which can be destroyed to replenish energy and ammo.


• None

Connecting rooms

Save Room 3 (Blue Door)
Zebesian Command Center (Red Hatch, later destroyed door)

Zebesian Command Center[edit | edit source]


The Zebesian Command Center is the central base of Space Pirate operations during their occupation of Zebes. Later in the game after Mother Brain's defeat, Samus can return to the destroyed Command Center and discover it has since been flooded by Beta Acid which is corrosive enough to harm Samus even with her new Gravity Suit active.


• None

Connecting rooms

Rinka hall (Blue Door)
Tourian escape shaft (Blue Door)
Mother Brain's reliquary (drop)

Mother Brain's reliquary[edit | edit source]

"Mother Brain's reliquary" is a small room located under the resting place of Mother Brain. It can only be accessed after the battle with her, following Samus's acquisition of the Legendary Power Suit. Despite being directly under the rooms that suffered the most damage from the destruction of Tourian, this room is noticeably intact. It is accessible by firing a Super Missile at a block directly under where Mother Brain sat, and dropping through. A single platform is found here, allowing Samus to leave the chamber.

This chamber also appears in Super Metroid, albeit as part of the Command Center room itself.

Tourian escape shaft[edit | edit source]

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Tourian escape shaft base - Zero Mission, exploding.png

The "Tourian escape shaft" is the final room explored in Tourian during Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission. Zero Mission changes the platforms to square shapes and most of them are Pit Blocks, which crumble after a short delay, but respawn. Failing to jump off of a Pit Block platform in time on Hard Mode - where Samus only has one minute to escape Zebes - can mean a Game Over. There are platforms attached to the wall that do not crumble, made of Fake Blocks.


Missile Tank

Connecting rooms

Zebesian Command Center (Blue Door, later destroyed)
Transport to Tourian (Elevator)
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