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This is a list of transmissions received by Samus Aran during the events of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. While most of her transmissions come from Aurora Unit 242, she also receives them from Escort Seven, Rundas, Fleet Admiral Castor Dane, the Chozo biotech computer, Aurora Unit 217 and NZG41 at times.

Samus will receive a transmission when she reaches a certain point in the story, and they sometimes offer gameplay hints. The text will automatically appear on screen. Transmission paragraphs can be skipped by pressing the 1 button on the Wii Remote. For certain skippable transmissions, if the 1 button is not pressed for about a minute, the entire transmission will instantly end (the objectives section of her Logbook will usually be updated at this time).

Aurora Unit 242[edit | edit source]

Cargo Hub[edit | edit source]

Heard after Samus watches Ghor kill a Berserker Knight, and as she is leaving for Generator C.

Our scans of the meteor have detected massive quantities of Phazon. It could be some sort of bomb.

Cargo Dock C[edit | edit source]

Heard right as Samus is exiting Conduit C into Cargo Dock C.

The meteor will enter the planet's atmosphere soon. There is no time to lose, Samus.

Generator C[edit | edit source]

Heard when Samus uses the lever and the generator becomes stalled.  

Samus, our efforts to slow the meteor have failed. 

You must hurry.

Generator C Access[edit | edit source]

Heard when Samus is returning through here after bringing Generator C back online.

Samus, all efforts to stop the meteor have failed.

Now that the defense system is back online, it remains our last chance to stop the meteor.

You must get to the control tower and fire the defense cannon.

We are uploading the location of the control tower to you now.

After in-person briefing[edit | edit source]

Given to Samus in her Gunship in Norion's orbit, following Samus's recovery from her coma.

Samus, the fleet is now moving to the rendezvous location.

You will no longer be able to dock with us from this point forward.

Rest assured, we will keep communication lines open and supply you with information when necessary.

Good luck on Bryyo.

Cliffside Airdock[edit | edit source]

Samus, the Leviathan Seed is protected by an energy shield.

You will not be able to reach it with that barrier active.

We need more data to determine how the shield can be disabled.

You are near the wreckage of a downed Federation vessel.

If you can use the satellite uplink on the ship, you may be able to access information concerning the Seed.

Prepare to receive the ship's coordinates now.

G.F.S. Theseus[edit | edit source]

Samus, the satellite data has revealed two distinct energy signatures.

They must be supplying power to the Seed shield.

If these targets are eliminated, the shield will be removed.

We are uploading the location of each energy signature and nearby landing sites.

Corrupted Pool[edit | edit source]

Heard after Samus has her first Phazon Overload.

Samus, we just received very abnormal readings from your life-support systems. Are you OK?

As a precaution, we are downloading the diagnostic data from your suit to further analyze this situation.

We will contact you again if we have any more information.

Temple Generator[edit | edit source]

Heard if Samus tries to command her ship to bomb the Seed Shield Generator without Ship Missiles.

Clearly this is the source of the energy signature we detected.

This generator is supplying power to the Leviathan’s protective shield.

You will be unable to destroy the generator with your current weapons.

You must find a weapon capable of penetrating the generator's heavy armor.

Hidden Court[edit | edit source]

There are two transmissions in this room. The first is heard when Samus exits the Morph Ball tunnel in the right wall.

Samus, we have discovered a Federation landing site on Bryyo.

You may be able to use this facility to upgrade your ship.

We are sending the coordinates to you now.

The second is heard after she uses a Mogenar-class War Golem to open the exit for her.

Samus, we have uncovered more information regarding your condition.

It appears that once activated, the unique Phazon inside your body overreacts after several seconds.

We did not foresee this problem when we gave you the PED, and unknowingly, we put you in grave danger.

We are sorry.

Please be aware that it will not be possible to counter Dark Samus without the PED.

You must be careful in using it.

In the meantime, we will continue to investigate this unique Phazon.

Jungle Generator[edit | edit source]

There are two transmissions in this room. The first is heard if Samus attempts to command her ship to bomb the Seed Shield Generator before disabling the Tiamat cannons.

Samus, there are two anti-aircraft turrets protecting the generator.

Your ship will not be able to get a clear shot while those guns are active.

The second is heard after the cannons, and generator are destroyed.

The destruction of the generators has disabled the Leviathan's shield.

The Seed is now exposed.

You must fly there and find a way to destroy it.

Main Docking Bay[edit | edit source]

Heard when Samus lands on the Main Docking Bay and as she reaches the door to Main Docking Access.

Samus, your highest priority is to get SkyTown's Aurora Unit back online.

It will help you find a way to reach the Seed.

We will upload its coordinates to you now.

Proceed with caution. Ghor's whereabouts and disposition are still unknown.

Post-Bryyo[edit | edit source]

Bryyo is now saved from further Phazon corruption. Thank you, Samus.

Your next objective will be Elysia. Though Ghor is stationed there, the Leviathan's Phazon contamination is still spreading.

The impact point is hidden deep within the storm clouds of this planet. You will not be able to reach its location.

Instead, you may land near an automated research facility floating high above the surface, where GF Aurora Unit 217 is stationed.

Unit 217 has been infected by the corruption virus and is currently offline. I have uploaded a program to your suit that will purge any traces of corruption in the AU and restore its functionality.

Once Unit 217 has been restored, it will help us find a way to destroy the Leviathan.

We are concerned about Ghor ever since he lost contact with us. We hope he is safe...

Good luck, Samus.

This is one of only two instances where 242 refers to herself in the third-person, saying "I" instead of the usual "we".

Aurora Chamber (SkyTown)[edit | edit source]

Heard if Samus idles in front of the Kinetic Lock in the Aurora Chamber for a short time.

The Aurora Unit chamber has been sealed off and secured by a Kinetic Lock.

Continue exploring SkyTown.

There must be something in this facility that can help you open the chamber gate.

Ballista Storage hint[edit | edit source]

Received as a hint towards Ballista Storage if continuing to idle in SkyTown.

Our scans have detected a cache of Chozo technology.

Perhaps something there will help you gain access to Unit 217.

Here are the coordinates.

Bryyo Ice hint[edit | edit source]

Ancient Reptilican Ruins transmission.png

Heard some time after speaking to Aurora Unit 217 and being directed to the SkyTown Federation Landing Site.

Further analysis of the ancient Reptilican ruins on Bryyo has revealed a unique energy spike.

We suggest you investigate this phenomenon.

We will transmit the coordinates to you now.

Within Bryyo Ice[edit | edit source]

While Samus is exploring Bryyo Ice for the first time, she receives two garbled transmissions of unknown origin. The file name of this transmission is "AUScrambledIFT", confirming the scrambled transmission came from 242.

The scrambled transmission can be heard here:

Gel Refinery Site[edit | edit source]

Heard when Samus returns to this room after leaving Bryyo Ice. 242 saying that she has been trying to reach Samus seemingly confirms it was her who sent the inaudible transmissions.

Samus... Samus, are you there? We have been trying to reach you. Is everything all right?

There are some important new findings.

A reconnaissance probe has discovered the location of the missing flagship Valhalla.

As I am sure you are aware, this vessel was attacked by pirates five months ago.

We request that you investigate the Valhalla for any information about the pirates and their master plan.

We will upload the coordinates to you now.

Docking Bay 5[edit | edit source]

Heard when Samus collects Energy Cell 1 from here, if it is the first Energy Cell she collects.[citation needed]

The item you just recovered is an Energy Cell unit.

These cells are used to power Federation machinery.

Since much of this ship is currently without power, maybe these cells could be of use.

Post-Elysia[edit | edit source]

Given to Samus in her Gunship in Elysia's orbit, following the destruction of the Elysia Seed.

Elysia is now free of further corruption, Samus. Both Leviathans have been removed from Federation space. You have once again performed admirably.

However, the threat is not over.

We received word from a reconnaissance unit that an emergency GF communication capsule has been found

Analysis has uncovered a message from Gandrayda, sent while she was searching for the Pirate Homeworld.

This is her last message right before she disappeared.

To our surprise, the message indicates that a Leviathan has also impacted the Pirate Homeworld, which suggests that pirates are now enhancing their military forces with Phazon.

Worse, the corruption appears to be spreading very quickly. It's as if the planet itself is transforming into pure Phazon.

Left unchecked, this corruption could spread to the entire galaxy.

The time to act is now. You must destroy that Leviathan and stop the spread of further corruption. To that end, the Federation is planning a full-scale assault on the Pirate Homeworld.

The attack will commence as soon as our preparations are complete.

We have marked the location of the Pirate Homeworld on your map.

And Samus, be on the lookout for Gandrayda...

Command Courtyard[edit | edit source]

Heard when Samus enters the room.

Samus, Gandrayda's communication capsule has revealed additional information concerning the pirate facility.

We believe there is a cargo supply route that connects directly to the Seed.

The gate in this room appears to be its main entrance.

It will be impossible to go through that area unless you can find protection from the acid rain.

X-Ray Visor hint[edit | edit source]

Heard if Samus waits long enough after visiting Command Courtyard.

Samus, we have some new information.

A science center is located within this facility.

Search it for technology that will assist you.

We are transmitting the coordinates now.

Pirate Homeworld Map[edit | edit source]

Heard sometime after obtaining X-Ray Visor

Samus, we have found a satellite uplink near your location.

This unit may help expand your search of the facility.

Here are the coordinates.

After Gandrayda's defeat[edit | edit source]

Samus, Unit 217 has discovered evidence of hidden Chozo artifacts on SkyTown.

Perhaps these could assist you in accessing the rest of the pirate base.

Powerworks hint[edit | edit source]

Heard when Samus is on SkyTown again in search of the Spider Ball.

Unit 217's scan of SkyTown has yielded some interesting results.

There is a pod emitting mysterious energy readings.

You should concentrate your search for possible Chozo artifacts there.

We will transmit the coordinates to you now.

Return to Pirate Homeworld[edit | edit source]

Heard when Samus is back on the Pirate Homeworld after obtaining the Spider Ball.

According to the satellite data, the Seed shield generators are located underground and are impossible to reach.

The only way to reach the Seed appears to be that cargo supply route.

It is a direct line to the Seed core.

You must find a way to get past the acid rain and into that route.

Post-Pirate Homeworld[edit | edit source]

Samus, you have successfully destroyed the last remaining Seed as detected by our systems.

The spread of Phazon corruption has been stopped. This is a great day for the Federation.

However, there is one more mission to complete:

SkyTown's Aurora Unit 217 reports that it has discovered the origin of the Leviathan attacks.

It appears that this is where Dark Samus and her main pirate force are stationed. Destroying them will require a full-scale attack.

Unfortunately this location is so far away it cannot be reached by conventional space travel. We must instead create a wormhole to reach it.

The pirates have constructed a Leviathan battleship, which is in orbit around this planet. If we can board this battleship, we may be able to force it to open a wormhole.

Large energy surges consistent with a warp device are traveling between the pirates' planet and the Leviathan battleship. It appears the pirates are using this warp device to link to the ship.

We will upload the coordinates of this device to you now.

Phaaze discovered[edit | edit source]

This transmission can be heard from any room, an indeterminate amount of time after the destruction of the Pirate Homeworld Seed.

Samus, we have received new data from AU 217.

A planet was detected at the epicenter from where the Leviathan telemetry originated.

We have named this planet "Phaaze."

(unused line) We believe this to be what is directing the Leviathan assault.

Leviathan Battleship[edit | edit source]

Heard if Samus attempts to commandeer the battleship without the Leviathan Command Codes.

Samus, it seems command codes are needed to gain control of the Leviathan.

We have detected that the abandoned ship Valhalla has not been fully explored.

It is possible that it still holds the answer to some mysteries.

Return to the Valhalla and search for the command codes.

Control Room[edit | edit source]

Heard after Samus obtains the Leviathan Command Codes. The message changes depending on whether or not the Leviathan Battleship has been discovered and/or visited yet.

Battleship not discovered or visited[edit | edit source]

The data you just acquired appears to be a Space Pirate entry code.

We are unable to determine its purpose at this time.

Battleship discovered, not visited[edit | edit source]

The data you just acquired appears to be a Space Pirate Leviathan Command Code.

It is likely that this code could allow us to control the Leviathan in orbit above the Pirate Homeworld.

Find a way onto the Leviathan and use that code.

Battleship discovered and visited[edit | edit source]

The data you just acquired appears to be a Space Pirate Leviathan command code.

It is likely that this code could allow us to control the Leviathan in orbit above the Pirate Homeworld.

Find a way onto the Leviathan and use that code.

Final transmission[edit | edit source]

Heard after Admiral Dane's message following Samus's commandeering of the Leviathan Battleship. This message is a subtle hint that now is the last chance to obtain any missing items or scans before the final confrontation with Dark Samus.

Take heed, Samus. Once you join the fleet and the wormhole to Phaaze is opened, there is no turning back.

Please be sure to prepare yourself. We wish you the best of luck.

Unused[edit | edit source]

"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—"

Non-canon warning: This article or section contains information that may not be considered an official part of the Metroid series in the overall storyline by Nintendo.

There is at least one confirmed unused transmission from 242. She explains to Samus a horrifying discovery: the Phazon inside her body is linked to Dark Samus, and slowly attempting to take control of her. The only way to stop this would be to destroy Dark Samus, otherwise "you will become... her." This would have been a hint toward what would happen if Samus died of Terminal Corruption.

Samus, we discovered that the Phazon inside you is linked to Dark Samus and is trying to take control of your body. We believe the only way to stop you from becoming corrupted is to destroy Dark Samus. If you cannot, you will become... her.

Non-canon warning: Non-canonical information ends here.

Escort Seven[edit | edit source]

Heard when Samus is about to board the G.F.S. Olympus.

Unidentified vessel, please switch to a secure radio frequency and transmit your identity code. We are standing by.

After inputting the identity code into the transmission console:

Transmission verified. Greetings, Samus. We welcome you on behalf of the Galactic Federation.

A moment later,

Proceed to the command ship G.F.S. Olympus. You've been cleared for docking bay five. Welcome back, Samus.

Admiral Dane[edit | edit source]

Generator A[edit | edit source]

Heard after Samus reactivates Generator A.

Samus, are you reading me? Something big is happening up here.

What in the name of...? (Leviathan appears in cutscene)

Samus, it's heading right at you. That's why the pirates disabled the defense system.

They intend to smash this thing into Norion!

Get that cannon back online, or everyone down there is as good as dead!

Post-Spider Ball[edit | edit source]

Heard sometime after Spider Ball is obtained.

Samus, this is Admiral Dane.

I've ordered the Federation fleet to warp to the Pirate Homeworld and begin the invasion.

I think it's time we took the fight to them.

We'll contact you when we're ready to commence our assault.

Post-Hazard Shield[edit | edit source]

Heard as Samus explores the Pirate Homeworld after obtaining the Hazard Shield.

Samus, the Federation Armada is now in orbit above the Pirate Homeworld.

We're ready for the final assault, but the base is protected by a barrier that prevents us from landing.

We need you to disable this defense system.

Unit 242 has located its control center.

Here are the coordinates.

Defense System disabled[edit | edit source]

Heard as Samus is leaving the Command Station after she disables the defense system generator.

Outstanding job, Samus! I knew the Federation could count on you.

I've given the order to begin the invasion.

I'm headed down there with the troops.

Meet me at these coordinates.

If all Demolition Troopers are killed[edit | edit source]

Heard if all twelve Demolition Troopers die during the escort sequence.

Samus, we lost too many Demolition Troopers. We have to pull back.

Leviathan Battleship taken[edit | edit source]

Heard after Samus uses the command codes.

Samus, we have gained control of the Leviathan.

Now we'll be able to open a wormhole and warp to Phaaze.

It's time to end this.

Once you rendezvous with the fleet, we'll head straight into the belly of the beast.

I look forward to fighting alongside you again, Samus. Godspeed.

Possibly unused transmissions[edit | edit source]

Samus, we have detected hundreds of wormholes opening simultaneously throughout Federation space.

Sensors indicate a massive Leviathan attack.

If these Leviathans impact more planets, Phazon will overrun the entire galaxy.

All life will be extinguished.

There is only one way to stop this attack:

If Phaaze is controlling the Leviathans, it must be destroyed.

Commandeer that Leviathan battleship as soon as possible and open a wormhole.

Only then will we have the means to counter this assault!

Rundas[edit | edit source]

Heard when Samus enters Generator C Access.

Samus, I was able to get Generator B back online. If you need any help...

(groan) ...Here they come again...

Chozo biotech computer[edit | edit source]

Heard after the briefing with Aurora Unit 217, when it is awoken from stasis.

Ship status alert. Unknown entity approaching. Commencing hull lockdown.

Heard when Samus reaches the Arrival Station (loud explosions can be heard):

Ship priority status alert. Hull armor taking damage.

Heard when Samus gets closer to the Main Docking Bay:

Ship priority status alert. Warning. Hull integrity is compromised. Armor damage is critical.

Heard when Samus returns to the Spire Dock after killing Ghor and restoring Aurora Unit 217's network to Skytown:

Ship status update. Autorepair functions complete. Ship is ready for use.

Aurora Unit 217[edit | edit source]

Main Docking Bay[edit | edit source]

Heard if Samus idles in the Main Docking Bay after defeating Ghor.

Well done, Samus.

Now that you have the Plasma cannon, you must repair our cables and reestablish our link to the network.

We await your arrival.

Landing Site A[edit | edit source]

Heard when Samus enters the Landing Site and approaches the Chozebo.

Samus, the security locks have been engaged on this landing site.

This was surely a result of Ghor's recent activities.

I will unlock this area, allowing you to command your ship to land.

Security Station[edit | edit source]

Samus, perhaps what you require to access the Federation landing site in the east is not on this planet.

The item you need may reside on a world you have previously visited.

SkyTown Federation Landing Site[edit | edit source]

The first transmission is heard when Samus enters the Landing Site and approaches the Chozebo.

Samus, I will unlock this area, allowing you to command your ship to land.

The second transmission is heard after Samus uses the upgrade system to add the Ship Grapple Beam to her Gunship.

Samus, now that you have the Ship Grapple, you should be able to assemble the Theronian bomb.

We will upload the coordinates to all three bomb components to you now.

Transit Hub[edit | edit source]

Heard if Samus idles in front of the Third Bomb Component after being briefed on the Theronian Bomb.

Samus, this bomb component has been locked in place by security clamps.

The locking mechanism can only be disabled if the pressure sensors are destroyed simultaneously.

Seeker Missile hint[edit | edit source]

Heard sometime after the Transit Hub transmission if Samus waits long enough without finishing the Theronian Bomb.

Samus, we have managed to identify an area of SkyTown that the pirates are using as a weapons-research facility.

There may be something in this area that can be of use.

I am uploading the coordinates to you now.

Transit Hub[edit | edit source]

Heard after Samus collects the Third Bomb Component, and her Gunship flies off.

Excellent work, Samus. The Theronian bomb is complete.

We are now ready to execute the final stage of our plan.

Place the bomb in the cargo hold of the Spire Pod.

We will mark the Spire location on your map.

Please hurry: there is no time to lose.

Spire Dock[edit | edit source]

Samus, now that the bomb is in place, return to the AU chamber so that we may discuss the final stage of our plan.

Spire Pod[edit | edit source]

Heard shortly before the Spire defense sequence.

Samus, we are sensing a large number of enemy units in your vicinity.

The pirates must have detected your movement toward the Seed.

If the Spire is destroyed before reaching the impact site, all hope for Elysia is lost.

You must defend the Spire at all costs.

Use everything in your power to ensure its safe passage. Good luck, Samus.

Escape Pod Bay Access[edit | edit source]

Heard when Samus enters this room after escaping the Theronian Bomb's detonation.

The plan worked.

The bomb's impact resulted in the destruction of the Leviathan's shield, and the Seed is now exposed.

Fly there and destroy it.

NZG41[edit | edit source]

Heard when Samus enters the Security Air Lock from the other side.

--is Federation Trooper NZG41. Can anyone read me, over? Repeat, this is--

--transmitting on an encoded channel--

I was taken prisoner during the attack on Norion, but I've managed to escape--

--I have information about how to bypass the acid rain and get through to the Seed.

I don't know how long I can evade capture!

--transmitting my coordinates now.


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Oddly, some of the transmissions in the game, namely ones triggered if Samus idles, appear to be absent in the Metroid Prime Trilogy (or at least, in the digital Wii U version).
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