The Lockjaw.

The Lockjaw is Sylux's Alt-Form in Metroid Prime Hunters. It demonstrates extreme speed and maneuvering capabilities. The Lockjaw is like Samus's Morph Ball as it grants high speed, maneuverability, and access to small places. Like all of Sylux's gear, it is stolen from the Galactic Federation.


The Lockjaw is capable of laying Electric Bombs, similar to the Morph Ball, although these bombs explode slower. However, like the Morph Ball Bombs, they will explode and cause injury to enemies should they come into contact with them. What makes the bombs of the Lockjaw unique is the ability to string two bombs together to form a tripwire of sorts. If someone comes into contact with the wire, he/she is hit by the bombs that were tied by the string. Even more unique is the ability for one using the Lockjaw to wrap his enemy with bombs. How to do to this is to lay two bombs, being sure that the bombs are within range of each other and that there are no obstacles between the bombs. When an enemy comes by and he is in range the third bomb is laid which closes the net and delivers a powerful blast which deals 180 units worth of damage. This technique is frequently called the "triangle nuke" or "tri-bomb". Despite this almost-certain kill, however, it is quite possible to simply pre-empt the enemy by jumping before the third bomb is laid.

Gliding/Climbing abilities[]

Laying the bombs repeatedly causes them to explode quickly and propels the Lockjaw upward. A certain gliding method can be executed by laying the bombs after running off of a cliff or going off the edge of a structure. If Sylux continues exploding the bombs Sylux will stay in the air until Sylux overdoes it and the bombs cease to refill in Sylux's supply.

The Lockjaw can actually climb upwards, if bombs are laid fast enough. For example, Sylux can go from the bottom of Combat Hall to the second floor if done correctly (using a 2 bomb explosion start and no skips), however it is difficult or impossible to go any higher than that under normal circumstances.

In low gravity areas, Sylux can use the explosions to fly. If Sylux uses the explosions at the correct frequency, then Sylux will not run out and can stay in the air indefinitely. The Lockjaw actually never touches the ground as it has minor anti-gravity ability.

Logbook entry[]


Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

SYLUX's alternative form, the LOCKJAW, may consist of stolen prototype federation technology. It allows the user to transform into two tetracarbon ceramic-alloy blades joined together by an energy thread. Its principal method of attack is to weave a network of explosive trip wire.[1]


Lockjaw refers to trismus, a pathological condition in which the mouth is held shut by sustained spasm of the masseter (jaw) muscle, often observed in cases of tetanus.


  • In a similar fashion to how Samus Aran's Alt form, the Morph Ball, the Lockjaw resembles the shoulder pieces of its hunter.
  • In Multiplayer mode, the Lockjaw has the highest speed of all Alt-Forms.


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