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Phase 9 Queen

The Queen Metroid's long-necked attack in Return of Samus

The long-necked attack[1] is an attack used by the Queen Metroid in Metroid II: Return of Samus.


In Return of Samus, the Queen Metroid has a simple attack pattern: she performs two long-necked attacks, before retreating into her den and performing the three-ball blast. The Queen Metroid's original design featured an extendable neck, which she would use to quickly lunge at Samus Aran before retreating again into her shell, much like a turtle. Her long-necked attack comes with two variants: she will either simply headbutt Samus, or she will open her jaws and snap at Samus. In the latter case, firing missiles into the Queen Metroid's mouth will stun her, allowing Samus to enter the Queen Metroid's throat in her Morph Ball.

In Metroid: Other M, the Queen Metroid's updated design no longer features an extendable neck; now, it is always at its full length. However, concept art in the Gallery Mode suggests that the Queen Metroid's long-necked attack was once planned to make a reappearance, with a sketch depicting a retracting/extending neck just like in Return of Samus.

In Metroid: Samus Returns, the Queen Metroid's redesign always features the neck at its full length, just like in Other M. However, the Queen Metroid has several attacks that are similar to the original long-necked attack. The first attack is the forward lunge[2], a biting attack telegraphed by purple ripples in the air around her head just before she suddenly lashes out. The second attack is the head-smash attack[2], a headbutt that she will only perform in close quarters (such as immediately after the forward lunge). In both of these attacks, while she does not extend her neck, the Queen Metroid does use the length of her neck to her advantage, quickly closing the distance between herself and Samus. A variation of the bite is performed when the Queen Metroid recovers from being stunned after taking enough damage; this attack can be countered, ultimately allowing Samus's Morph Ball to enter the Queen Metroid's throat just like in the original game.

Official dataEdit

Nintendo Power Volume 37Edit

"Avoid its three-ball blast and long-necked attack, then aim for its open mouth when it tries to bite. If you're on target, the Queen will freeze for a moment, allowing you to get in a few hits before it snaps back."
"Leap out of the way when the Queen lashes out at you."