The Long Beam (ロングビーム Rongu Bīmu?) is an upgrade that appears in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission. In these games, Samus' basic Power Beam normally dissipates after a short distance. With the Long Beam equipped, however, her shots are capable of traveling much farther. This upgrade also slightly increases the strength of the Power Beam.

In Metroid, Samus can simply bypass the beam entirely, and in Zero Mission, it is possible to skip the acquisition of the Long Beam through an alternate, hidden route.

In other Metroid games, the Long Beam appears to have been completely merged with the Power Beam, as all shots are capable of travelling far lengths without the need for an upgrade. It is listed in the game's code for Super Metroid, but is not found in-game.[1]

Official dataEdit

Metroid manualEdit

"It lengthens the attacking range of your beam. It can also boost the range of the ice beam and the wave beam. Useful for attacking enemies from a distance."

Victory Techniques for MetroidEdit

"When you get this, your beam's range extends. You can combine it with the Ice Beam and Wave Beam."

The Official Nintendo Player's GuideEdit

"The range of the gun’s beam gets longer. You can destroy an enemy far away, as well as destroy enemies which come from the ceiling. Also, it is great in destroying walls and ceilings."

Metroid Zero Mission manualEdit

"Obtaining this power-up increases the range of Samus' beam weapon, including the Ice and Wave Beams. This power-up allows Samus to destroy enemies from a safe distance."

Zero Mission Samus Screen dataEdit

"Fire long-distance shots with this beam. Press L+B to fire diagonally."


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