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The "long bubble shaft" is a room in Norfair. It appears in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission.


In both games, this is a long vertical shaft made of clustered bubble-like material, which varies between small and purple in the original Metroid and larger in Zero Mission. In the latter, they have a green border and a red center, resembling the color scheme, membrane and nuclei of a standard Metroid. A shallow pool of lava is found at the bottom, along with two midair bubble platforms above this. In Metroid, two red spherical platforms are found at the top.

This room is accessed immediately after obtaining the Ice Beam, and leads to another corridor that takes Samus back to the blue-bubble shaft. The Ice Beam is useful in ascending the shaft.

In Metroid, Samus must freeze several Ripper IIs and use them as platforms to get to the top. She can also fire at Fake Blocks along the right wall to aid in ascending the shaft, creating an alcove and using the regenerating blocks to "climb" the wall. It is even easier to ascend in Zero Mission with the addition of the Wall Jump, negating the need to freeze all of the Rippers to climb the shaft.

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Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

053 SCALE THE SHAFT (pg. 41)
"A long shaft with few ledges leads to Norfair's upper-right section. Climb to the highest platform and hit the lowest flying creature with the Ice Beam. Hop onto the frozen fiend, then use an angled shot to stop the next creature in midair. Continue to freeze and leap onto enemies until you reach the top of the shaft."