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The long hall[1] also referred to as the long walkway[2], is a lengthy corridor in the Main Sector. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


A number of transparent, blue-tinted panels line the sides of the room; these have a hexagonal pattern. The floor is a grey color, with grates over top two ventilation shafts running underneath, while the roof is composed of glass or another transparent material, allowing space to be seen.

The room is a long corridor leading to the BOTTLE SHIP Control Room, where Samus meets up again with the 07th Platoon after their prior encounter. On the first visit, the room is dark and Brugs can be seen scurrying through the holes in the floor. Upon opening the door to the Control Room, Samus automatically stops running and cautiously moves through the door. After Samus is tasked with going to the System Management room, Geemers will appear in this hallway, one of them popping out from a grate in the floor. Samus can access a Missile Tank through here (see below), with a tutorial coming up that says "Blue dots on the map show the location of items. A blue dot will appear once all the enemies around that item are defeated."

Using the System Management room will restore the lights in the long hall. On all further trips to this room, at least two of the Geemers will be on the ceiling, and the camera will zoom out to an isometric perspective of the hallway. This room is last explored after the credits, in which Samus picks up Adam's helmet from the Control Room. She runs through this room during her escape. It will have a red tint, as with the rest of the Main Sector, and be rocked by constant explosions elsewhere in the BOTTLE SHIP.

Connecting rooms[]



Missile Tank
Requires Adam to authorize Bombs. Samus must use her Morph Ball to enter the hatch from which the Geemer emerged, and roll through the tunnel under the floor until she is stuck. Here, she must use a Bomb to destroy a small gate, and continue rolling. The Missile Tank is at the end of the tunnel.



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  2. ^ Page 43: "Once at the top, climb onto the leftmost ledge and enter the door in the far-left corner. Enter the Navigation Booth and replenish your health. Then exit the room via the door on the opposite side. Run across the long walkway until you reach the next chamber of the ship."