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The long passageway[1] is a lengthy corridor in the Main Sector of the BOTTLE SHIP. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


Aside from its purpose of connecting the Spaceport, the Landing Site of the BOTTLE SHIP to the Cargo Hold, this room is of little importance. As indicated by its name, it is long, and curves around in an L. The first time Samus passes through this room, it is dimly lit by a series of red warning lights on the walls. The lack of light is likely due to the terminal in the System Management room not being online. Upon reaching the door to the Cargo Hold, a cutscene begins where Samus automatically runs through it and encounters the 07th Platoon, reuniting with Anthony Higgs and Adam Malkovich.

Once Samus returns to the BOTTLE SHIP post-credits, the room is lit brightly; Samus had long since restored power in the System Management room. It is explored one final time during the countdown sequence, as Samus runs through it to reach her Star Ship at the Spaceport. During the countdown, the room is tinted red by the flashing emergency lights, and there are six piles of collapsed and flaming debris, which is damaging to Samus on contact. Shortly after she leaves, the room, and the rest of the BOTTLE SHIP is destroyed by the Galactic Federation.

Connecting rooms[]


  • 4 Reos (post-credits only)



  1. ^ Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition, page 40: "As you traverse the first long passageway, the BOTTLE SHIP continues to rock with thunderous explosions. Don't let that deter you. Follow the passageway to its end until you reach the next main compartment."