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The long pathway[1] is a corridor in Sector 1 / Biosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


Samus comes to this room after she encounters a small, furry white creature that stares at her intensely. The door to it is initially locked, but Adam unlocks it for her and instructs her to proceed.

The hallway is lush with jungle foliage including trees, ferns and stretched roots, which Samus jumps or vaults over. Further along in the room is a pair of Fly Pods attached to the walls that will continuously spawn Reos until they are destroyed.

Once the enemies are cleared out, tiny glowing insects called Zuru will slowly pour out of a hole in the wall (erroneously referred to as a portal in the Prima Games guide). These act as a subtle hint, and stop emerging when Samus enters the hole, into a tunnel in Morph Ball mode. This leads to a holographic generator on a high ledge. When used, the generator will disable an invisible wall and reveal the exit door.

This room is witnessed in TV Commercial :60 Spot, the game's live-action commercial. Samus is seen in gameplay SenseMoving away from the Reos twice and quickly targeting one in Search View.

Connecting rooms[]



Missile Tank
Once Samus disables the hologram using the generator, she can backtrack through part of the room to find a metallic platform with this tank.



  1. ^ Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition, page 58: "The next area is a long pathway that is blocked by force fields at both ends. Destroy the Reos and fly pods, then locate the small circular portal near the far left side of the pathway; several little fireflies will be slowly wandering out of it. Hoist yourself into the portal and you'll automatically transform into Morph Ball mode. Follow the tube to the other side, bypassing the force field, and activate the nearby computer to deactivate the fields and reveal the hatch at the far end."