The Lords of Science were a faction of Reptilicus who were native to the planet Bryyo. The Lords of Science, as their name would imply, embraced the ways of science and seem to be largely responsible for the race's contact with other interstellar species. It is also known that they were responsible for such technological wonders as the Mogenars and the use of Fuel Gel.

Their successes filled them with pride and arrogance as they ignored the desires of the other major faction on the planet, the Primals, who rejected the new ways of science, preferring older mystical practices. Eventually, Sfimas, the first Lord of Science, denounced the Primals and their traditions in the center of the Royal City, sparking the planetary war that would leave Bryyo in ruins.

In the aftermath of the cataclysmic war, the defeated Science Lords realized their folly in blindly following the ways of science and saw the destruction this had wrought on Bryyo. A small group of Science Lords, deep in hiding from the Primals, began developing machinery to decontaminate Bryyo's atmosphere and soil. When launched, these machines succeeded in their task, but also forced Bryyo into a tidally locked orbit around its sun, leaving one side of the planet sun-scorched and the other dark and frigid. The Primals were also alerted by the launch of the decontamination equipment, and, fearing an attack, sent out warbands to hunt the surviving Science Lords. This purge wiped out all remaining Science Lords, save for one lone survivor. The last Lord of Science continued to work in secret, attempting to bring life back to the planet's wastelands for many years, until a Fuel Gel accident revealed him to the Primal warbands and led to his death.

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