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A Low Percent Run is a term that refers to a playthrough of a game where the objective is to collect as few required upgrades as possible and complete the game. This usually involves utilizing many Sequence Breaking tricks or glitches to skip major upgrades or expansions, and is often associated with speedrunning, where people attempt to complete a Low Percent Run of a game in as little time as possible.

In the Metroid series, generally, no Energy Tanks are acquired if the player is going for the lowest possible percentage, though some games like Super Metroid make exceptions. Some, like Super Metroid and Metroid: Zero Missionalso have options for ammo upgrades, as multiple of some ammo type is needed to progress.

Occasionally the lowest percentages are version specific, as some tricks are taken out in later versions of the game, most notably in the Metroid Prime Trilogy.

Minimum Percentages[]

Metroid: 3%[]

There is no item percentage displayed in-game, though each upgrade rounds up to 3%. Defeating Kraid and Ridley will grant 75 Missiles each.

Metroid II: Return of Samus: 9%[]

Samus starts the game with the Morph Ball, 30 Missiles, and the Long Beam. Like in Metroid, there is no item percentage and each upgrade rounds up to 3%. There are 36 total when all four interchangeable beam upgrades are counted as one.

Super Metroid: 14%[]

  • Morphing Ball
  • Bombs
  • Missiles and Super Missiles (4 total) (2/2 or 1/3)
  • Varia Suit
  • Energy Tanks and Reserve Tanks (3 total) (1/2 or 2/1 or 3/0)
    • Required to survive the Laser Brain Attack.
  • Power Bombs (1)
  • There are thirteen different routes for the final 3 upgrades: Charge Beam, + Gravity Suit + Ice Beam, Charge Beam + Gravity Suit + Speed Booster, Charge Beam + X-Ray Scope + Ice Beam, Charge Beam + Speed Booster + Ice Beam, Charge Beam + Hi-Jump Boots + Ice Beam, Charge Beam + Hi-Jump Boots + Speed Booster, Gravity Suit + 2 Power Bombs, Ice Beam + 2 Power Bombs, Grappling Beam + 2 Power Bombs, Charge Beam + X-Ray Scope + Speed Booster, Charge Beam + X-Ray Scope + 1 Missile or Super Missile, Charge Beam + 2 Power Bombs, X-Ray Scope + 2 Power Bombs.[1]
    • The Charge Beam is for damaging bosses due to the low ammo count.
    • The Gravity Suit is for traversing Maridia and Lower Norfair.
    • The Ice Beam is for skipping Zebetites, clipping Mochtroids, and climbing enemies.
    • The Speed Booster is for skipping Zebetites and getting through the room preceding Botwoon.
    • The X-Ray Scope is for leaving the room preceding Draygon.
    • The Hi-Jump Boots routes are exclusive to the PAL version, due to the increased height gained from underwater jumps.
    • The Grappling Beam is used to traverse Maridia.
    • The Power Bombs are used to exploit the Crystal Flash technique in a specific manner.

A 13% TAS-only route that utilizes the Charge Beam and Speed Booster may be humanly possible.[2] There are also 12%, 4%, and 0% routes that involve exploiting major glitches.

Metroid: Zero Mission: 9%[]

An extra Missile Tank or a Super Missile Tank must be acquired on Hard Mode, as there are two Missile Blocks followed by a Red Hatch in the Space Pirate Mother Ship, and the Space Pirates do not drop Missile Ammo. This does not apply to the PAL version, where the blocks won't respawn when leaving the room.[3] An 8% route with memory corruption has also been completed.[4]

Metroid Fusion: 0%[]

No major upgrades can be avoided, but they do not count toward the item percentage. All item expansions are avoidable.

Metroid Prime (GCN NTSC only): 21%[]

The Phazon Suit is collected, but does not count towards the item percentage. 21% was achieved in 2010 by skipping the Space Jump Boots.[5] A tool-assisted 20% route that skips the Varia Suit was confirmed in theory[6] and eventually completed.[7]

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (GCN only): 6%[]

Temple Keys do not count towards the item percentage. The Missile Launcher, Morph Ball Bombs, Boost Ball, Space Jump Boots, and Spider Ball are all kept due to the Item Loss Skip, where they do not count towards the percentage. There is also a lengthy 4% route that finishes with only the Light Suit, Screw Attack, Morph Ball Bombs, and Spider Ball.[8]

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii only): 15%[]

Metroid Other M: 0%[]

No major upgrades can be avoided, but they do not count toward the item percentage. All item expansions are avoidable. Hard Mode removes them from the game, constituting a Low Percent Run.

Metroid: Samus Returns: 0%[]

No major upgrades can be avoided, but they do not count toward the item percentage. All item expansions are avoidable.