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Corruption, increased to 4x speed.

Other M

A "low battery warning" is an onscreen indicator in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, the Wii versions of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and Metroid: Other M that the batteries in the Wii Remote are low and should be replaced.

In Corruption and Echoes, the four lights at the top of the Visor indicate the amount of remaining battery life. This can be a quick reference without having to open up the Home Menu. The lights are initially blue, but turn yellow when one is left. When that happens, a message saying "Warning: Wii Remote batteries are low." will appear on the top of the screen at regular intervals until the batteries are replaced, or run out of energy. The Wii version of Metroid Prime does not have this. The original version of Echoes on Nintendo GameCube contained the lights in the Visor, but they had no purpose.

In Other M, a red battery icon with one bar will appear in the bottom left corner and flash, then disappear. It will continue to do this until the batteries are replaced, or run out of energy.

After the batteries are removed or run out of energy, the game will pause and the words "Communications with the Wii Remote has been interrupted." will display until new batteries are placed in the remote, at which point play can resume.

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