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The "Lower Norfair Fireflea Room" is a massive shaft in Lower Norfair. It appears in Super Metroid.


This is one of the largest rooms in Norfair, if not the entire game. Unlike much of the surrounding areas, it is not superheated, meaning it would be safe for Samus to stay in without the Varia Suit. The most significant feature is the presence of a massive rock formation resembling a creature's open mouth. A green orb embedded into the cave rock serves as its "eye", while stalactites and stalagmites in the "maw" opening serve as the "teeth". A bed of spikes is found directly under the creature's maw. Aside from a metal walkway below the door and within the open "creature", this room is almost entirely composed of natural cave.

Entering the creature's maw (blocked by a Fune), Samus will find a large cavern kept lit by five Firefleas. There is an unmissable outstretched "arm" from the right wall, also carved out of cave rock and having three curled talons. Killing any of the Firefleas causes the light to diminish before the room is plunged into complete darkness if they are all eliminated. The floor here is lined with a bed of spikes, making safe traversal impossible. A pair of midair platforms above the spikes provides refuge, with the second of these containing an Energy Tank.

Above the "creature's" head is a zig-zagging shaft of three pointed ledges with an angle, each of which has a falling boulder. These will begin to roll down when Samus approaches, and will cause damage if she does not jump over them. Once at the top of the shaft, there are two exits: a door to the right, which is a dead end from that way, and another door to the left through a false wall. This false wall cannot be detected with the X-Ray Scope, which may lead to confusion in some players who might end up returning to the only other exit out of Lower Norfair, which would require navigating the Lava Lake after it is flooded with scalding-hot lava. It is possible that the wall was originally transparent, before Firefleas were added late in development. As a consequence, the wall appears to be impenetrable.[1]

Connecting rooms[]



SM Norfair Energy Tank 3.gif
Energy Tank
On a platform under the "arm" of the creature rock formation.

Official data[]

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"Watch out for the metal balls that tumble down the slopes. Simply jump over them."

"Blast the lowest Namihe. Drop down to the left platform and Space Jump to the Energy Tank."

This description confuses the first Fune in this room with a Namihe, which do not appear in it.

Super Metroid Players' Guide[]

"A power bomb placed here will blast the enemy and allow you access to the area below."
"Even through the X-ray scope this wall appears solid - yet it's not! Simply walk through to enter a new room."
ROCK AND ROLL (pg. 51)
"Keep an eye open for the boulders rolling from ledge to ledge and jump them when necessary."



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