Luminoth Statue Concept art

Concept art of a Luminoth Statue (note Samus' Arm Cannon is on the wrong arm).

Luminoth Statues are a common feature on planet Aether. Similar to Chozo Statues, the Luminoth Statues are stylised and do not depict a Luminoth as they would naturally appear. They have many functions, but are most prominently used to represent one of the great Sentinels of the Luminoth.


Physical appearance in Luminoth Statues varies, but one of the most common features are the strange eyes, which often appear to be squinting. Most often the eyes match the colour theme of the other glowing parts on the statue. Sometimes, the Statues may not represent the full body of a Luminoth - just the head. Statues also seem to feature armour or cloaks, despite all Luminoth seen naturally being ungarbed. Sometimes a horn is displayed upon the head of the statue - possibly suggesting a form of armour. Luminoth Statues are often very large, reaching far into the sky in several instances. Another possible explanation for the differing appearance of the Statues would be to intimidate the Ing.


Luminoth Statue Concept art 2

Concept art of a smaller Luminoth Statue.

Statues are often used by the Luminoth to guard key areas, much like the Ing use Ingworms. They are also key in several puzzles, notably in the submerged parts of Torvus Bog. They guard several expansions, often Missile Tanks.

Luminoth Statues, unlike the ones found on Chozo planets or the Statues of Bryyo, do not seem to be imbued with any sort of consciousness. They are however, programmed to move when a device is activated, showing that the Luminoth created them for a dual purpose (not just to honour the fallen). Statues are also used to connect the Temple rooms in the areas of Aether to the Energy Controller rooms, by the use of a Bomb Slot. Due to Dark Aether being a near-mirror image of Aether, there are also "Luminoth" Statues to be found in the Dark World as well. They do not seem to depict the Ing, (as they do not resemble them at all), so they are either just a simple dimensional replication of their light cousins, or possibly representations of corrupted Luminoth.


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