Agon Temple

A Luminoth holoprojector is a holographic projection display device present in the three Energy Controller rooms on Aether. They contain messages leftover from the Sentinels of the Temples, each of them lost to the Luminoth-Ing War. Samus Aran can access these messages by using her Scan Visor, which will warn her of the dangers ahead. Each Sentinel upgrades Samus' Translator Module to be able to read Luminoth Symbols in the surrounding area and fully replenishes her energy. Samus can return to these holoprojectors to access information about upgrades that she can take back from the Ing. After the Light of Aether is restored to each Temple, the Sentinels are projected bowing to her.

Scan[edit | edit source]

"Luminoth holoprojector online.
Automated message initiated."

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