An Echo Gate in the Main Research is controlled by a sonic security system.

Luminoth sonic security systems are Luminoth-designed security systems that make use of sound to restrict access to vital areas or valuable items. Samus comes across several of these during her mission on Aether. The most common sonic security system is the Echo Key Beam system, although there are other different types of systems as well. The Echo Visor is required to interact with these systems, as well as the Annihilator Beam for certain ones. Sonic security systems are easily identified by the sound made by the emitters. Sonic security systems usually consist of emitters and their target receivers. The emitters can be disabled by shooting them. With the Echo Visor equipped, these emitters appear as orange icons with sound waves, and the targets appear as black padlock icons.

Echo Key Beams which keep the Echo Gate shut.

A sonic security system is used in conjunction with solar lenses in the Mining Plaza of the Agon Wastes. By disabling sonic emitters in the room, the lenses will align and shine sunlight onto a hatch, causing it to lift and reveal an Energy Tank.

In the Temple Access room of the Sanctuary Fortress, one emitter keeps a Kinetic Orb target locked in place. By destroying the emitter, Samus can temporarily move the target out of the way. Using a Kinetic Orb cannon, she can launch at the new opening and enter the room's floor, which contains a Missile Expansion.

Scans[edit | edit source]

Echo Gate
"Object scan complete. This door uses a sonic security system. Sonic detection gear needed to interface with this system. Shoot the Echo Gate with a sonic pulse to learn the combination of its sonic locks. Unlock the locks in this sequence to advance."
Solar lens
"Object scan complete.
Solar lens modified for use as part of a Luminoth sonic security system.
Lens is connected to a sonic control system. Sonic detection gear needed to interface with this system. Neutralizing the control emitter may affect the lens."
Kinetic Orb target
"Object scan complete.
Kinetic Orb target is active and receiving power.
Target appears to be linked to a sonic security system. Disrupting its connection to the system may cause it to move out of position."
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