I have no more shells for my weapons. For the enemy, I have naught but the blade and fist.


Luminoth warrior

The Luminoth warrior bust on the left.

A Luminoth warrior is any Luminoth that has given their life to combat, particularly against the Ing. Sentinels of the Luminoth Temples were all warriors until their deaths at the hands of the Ing. Judging by the amount of casualties the Luminoth suffered during their long war with the Ing, one could assume that the Luminoth warriors were not well-equipped to react to the Ing's attacks. However, some Luminoth, such as C-Pul and A-Kul, were esteemed among the Luminoth for their successes. C-Pul was said to have killed 700 Ing, earning the name "Ingslayer", and A-Kul was called the Champion of Aether and was the only Keybearer to successfully return her Key to the Sky Temple Gateway, although she was killed shortly after.

One is depicted as a bust in the Path of Honor. This statue presents a Luminoth head adorned with a battle helmet. This may represent partial Luminoth battle armor. The statue has been damaged by combat and age, but not so severely that it could fall apart according to its scan. Two other, similar busts are present on the wall adjacent to this statue, but have long spears protruding from their helmets.

Not much is known about the equipment of Luminoth warriors; scans indicate that they were able to wield beam weapons like the Dark and Light Beam. Furthermore, the Testament of C-Rch mentions the Luminoth fighting with a blade, as well as with his bare hands.


"Object analysis complete.
This is a statue of a Luminoth warrior. Age and combat have caused structural damage to the statue, but it is not in danger of falling apart anytime soon."

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