The Lumite is a species of small, flying insects native to planet Aether. Encountered in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Lumites are quite specialized in manipulating the Light of Aether for various purposes: when in well-lit areas, they can photosynthesize it and bend this very light to render themselves invisible, as well as use it to charge their solar-based energy blasts. When in the shadows, the moth-like creatures are unable to perform these abilities and become less aggressive, but can nevertheless harm other beings by spitting chunks of biomatter. Another defining characteristic of the Lumite is that it is one of the very few beings belonging to the light dimension (which Samus Aran inhabits) that can live within Dark Aether without the need of being converted into a Darkling. Not only do the insects adapt naturally to Aether's lethal twin, they also become twice as durable within its corrosive atmosphere. Lumites are capable of walking on the spheres of light emitted by Light Crystals and Beacons found in the dark dimension, causing rings of disturbance on the surface of said spheres, though they die if these techs are energized. Drawn to the light emitted by the beacons and crystals, the Lumites can seemingly use it to turn invisible on the ill-lit, shadowy planet. When the Lumites render themselves invisible, Samus can lock onto them with the Dark Visor.


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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

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Morphology: Lumite
Photosynthetic flying insectoid. Relatively harmless in shadows, powerful and invisible in the light.

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The Lumite thrives on light, and can render itself invisible to most predators while within it. When out of the light, the creature is relatively harmless, relying on a crudely spat chunk of biomatter to defend itself. Once in the light, it can channel large amounts of solar energy into a deadly blast.


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  • As mentioned above, when a Lumite attempts to walk on spheres of energized Light Crystals or Light Beacons, it will be destroyed, despite the insect not having a Darkling nature. This, coupled with the increased durability, suggest that Dark Aether's environment has changed the Lumite's nature to the point of being vulnerable to exceptionally powerful light, potentially creating a different breed.
  • Lumites, being a moth-like creature, may be related to Aether's sentient species, the Luminoth, and to the moths that also inhabit the planet.