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The Lusitania (ルシタニア Rushitania?)[1] is a spacecraft featured in one of Samus Aran's flashbacks to her days in the Galactic Federation Army.


The ship is white in coloration with green stripes going along the hull, it also has a yellow insignia of a ringed planet on both wings. It seems to be a commercial transport capable of carrying 300 passengers, and bears resemblance to a modern day space shuttle as well as modern aeroplanes.

The ship had a large detachable drive unit that malfunctioned during flight and Ian Malkovich was sent over to make repairs when the drive unit went critical. After detaching the drive unit on Adam Malkovich's orders, the drive unit exploded, killing Ian. In the flashback, it is shown that Samus - very young and naive at the time - pleaded with Adam to let her go on board to save Ian in the drive unit, but Adam denied her. Samus later acknowledged that if they had hesitated to remove the unit, it would put everyone aboard the ship in danger. The ship was last seen in tow of the Galactic Federation Battleship VIXIV.


In real-life, the RMS Lusitania was a rival ship to the RMS Titanic, destroyed at the beginning of World War I and a factor in the entry of the United States into the war.