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M07: Cauldron is the seventh mission in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. In this mission, the Federation Force returns to Excelcion to locate a Federation survey team that disappeared while exploring an Underground Lake. It doesn't take the Force long to reach the lake, where they find the survey team's ship. They are confronted by two Sawkens that attack them from the ice, and are forced to destroy the creatures. After their defeat, an ice bridge forms, and the survey team is located.

Enemies in this mission include Zurburats, Ice Shriekbats, Ice Hoppers and Ice Geemers. All of these are found in a chamber before the lake. The mission's bonus objective requires the Force to complete the mission without being frozen by enemy attacks. Falling into the water causes the loss of 10 units of energy, but the Marine will respawn on the platform.

Dedicated terminalEdit

Pirate Log: Underground Lake
All experiments have been completed. This area is of no further use to us.

Mission briefingEdit

Sawken 2 Appears

The other Sawken appears.

Pre-mission briefingEdit

"Marine, this is a priority-one alert!

We received information regarding Space Pirate activity near an underground lake on Excelcion.

A survey team was dispatched to see what they could uncover, but we've lost contact with them. The last communication we received was their emergency distress beacon.

We have no idea what's happened to them, which is why I'm assigning this mission to [squad name]. I know you can handle whatever comes your way.

You must return the survey team safely! Move out!"

Post-mission briefingEdit

"Fantastic job, Marine. Thanks to you, the survey team has returned unharmed.

Their reports provide evidence that the Space Pirates have been experimenting with tech that allows them to somehow augment organisms. The underground lake was their test ground.

That overgrown fish was native to the lake--the Space Pirates were responsible for its unnatural size.

It also seemed like they had some control over it. What kind of technology could let them enlarge and command creatures like that?

Hopefully Samus Aran will be able to uncover something for us. We've received a new report from her, but it's concerning a different matter.

Based on what she's found, we now believe that the Space Pirates are building some kind of large-scale strategic weapon. We don't yet have details, and Samus is still investigating.

By the way, I reviewed your mission log. [squad name]'s actions have been remarkable.

Because of your outstanding performance, I feel you're ready to take on a new mission. I look forward to your future efforts.


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