M08: Dustoff is the eighth mission in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. As with the previous mission, this one is set on Excelcion. The Federation Force is tasked with recovering at least 6 out of 8 Recovery Pods that were dispatched by the G.F.S. Daedalus. The Daedalus dispatched the Pods to recover samples of a newly-discovered Liquid Resource, but relevant personnel had to evacuate after Samus Aran discovered that the Space Pirates were planning to attack the ship. They were forced to leave the Pods behind. To recover the Pods, the Federation Force must activate the launch sequence on each of them using manual overrides. They will then launch themselves off the planet and to space for recovery.

As the Force goes around the environment activating the Pods, the Space Pirates arrive and attempt to stop them. Besides Space Pirates, Ice Hoppers are encountered during the mission. Once 6 Pods have been activated, the Force is called to extraction. The other two can be activated for an optional bonus objective. Every additional activated Pod adds 3,000 points to the mission score.

Dedicated terminalsEdit

Daedalus Log: Emergency Evacuation
An incoming Space Pirate threat has been detected. All personnel are ordered to set the Pods to automatic excavation, then evacuate.

Daedalus Log: Liquid Resource
It has been decided that several recovery Pods can be used to collect this material, as it seems to be located at a fairly shallow depth.

Daedalus Log: Recovery Pod
This device has been specially designed to excavate underground resources. It is equipped with a manual return function.
This feature can be activated by employing percussive maintenance, such as with a Charge Shot blast.

Mission briefingEdit

Pre-mission briefingEdit

"Continued analysis of the findings of the survey team you rescued has revealed a previously unknown liquid resource near the underground lake.

In response to this discovery, we dispatched the recon ship G.F.S. Daedalus to the area. Her mission was to collect several samples of this resource for study.

In order to recover the samples, the Daedalus deployed several Pods to the surface of Excelcion. Normally this process is simple, but complications have developed.

Samus intercepted some Space Pirate chatter about a force heading for the Daedalus. The personnel overseeing the Pods have been evacuated, but they had to leave the Pods.

There are eight Pods on the ground. Your mission is to activate the launch sequence on at least six of the Pods using a manual override. Doing so will launch them to safety.

We don't know what kind of force the Space Pirates have sent. Don't relax until you're back on the Aegis! Dismissed!"

Post-mission briefingEdit

"Excellent work, Marine. We'll deliver the liquid resource samples to the research team right away and have them begin their analysis.

The Space Pirates were remarkably determined to keep us from collecting our liquid resource samples. Hopefully the research team will be able to tell us why it was so important."

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