M16: Slipstream is the sixteenth mission in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. In this mission, the Federation Force deploys to Bion to investigate an ancient skiff that has been discovered flying in the skies at high speed.

Details[edit | edit source]

Soon after landing on the skiff, the Force is attacked by a massive Pirate Warship, which destroys the transmitter broadcasting a signal from the skiff, and the Force's dropship. The Force has ten minutes to destroy the ship before it reaches the skiff and destroys it. To do so, they must make use of cannon balls and catapults on the skiff. The Warship will launch bombardments that create holes in the skiff, requiring the Marines to maneuver the cannon balls up to the catapults that will launch them. Dropships will also appear, spawning Pirates to distract the Marines. The mission's bonus objective is to not have any spheres fall off the skiff. Once the Warship is destroyed, the Force is extracted by another dropship.

To complete the mission with three medals, it is easiest to have a full party, with two soldiers launching balls into the catapults and two taking positions as gunners.

Mission briefing[edit | edit source]

Pre-mission[edit | edit source]

"Marine! While running scans of Bion, the Aegis detected the presence of an ancient skiff cruising along the surface of the planet at incredibly high speeds.

This is the ancient skiff I'm talking about. We believe it's traveling along a rail system that the ancient civilization used to transport goods between cities.

We can't tell from here why it suddenly started moving, so I'm sending you to board the ancient skiff and determine what's going on there.

Be careful--it's traveling through a precipitous canyon with a river of lava at the bottom. Be careful not to fall off!"

Post-mission[edit | edit source]

"Good job, Marine. I'm glad you made it back safely. It now appears that the Space Pirates activated the ancient skiff in order to lure us in to investigate.

I cannot express how sorry I am for failing to notice the obvious setup. As your commanding officer, I should be able to protect you from such apparent traps.

Clearly the Space Pirates are feeling the pressure from our operations. That's a good thing, but it also means we'll have to be more careful in the future."

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