M22: Convergence is the 22nd and final mission in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. In this mission, the Federation Force is tasked with infiltrating the giant Space Pirate warship Doomseye and destroying its Force Field generator from within.

The G.F.S. Aegis and various Federation Starfighters engage the pirate forces creating a diversion, which allows a small dropship carrying the Federation Force to get near the force field so that the soldiers can blast out and through the force field. After a number of intense battles with scores of Space Pirates, the Force continues onward.

Further inside the Doomseye, the Force discovers what happened to Samus Aran after the Federation lost contact with her: she was abducted and taken aboard the Doomseye. She is hit with an amplification beam, increasing her size and brainwashing her into fighting the Federation Force in her Morph Ball form. They are forced to defeat Samus, who is crushed under debris following the battle.

They reach the core and destroy the Master Brain, which lowers the shield. The Galactic Federation begins their attack on the Doomseye. As the ship destabilizes, the Force finds themselves unable to escape the room. They are closed in, with numerous Bruisers prepared to attack, but are saved at the last minute by Samus. The Doomseye gets closer to destruction, and the Federation Force gets sucked into the vacuum of space. Prepared for death, they are saved by Samus in her Gunship and commended as heroes.

Dedicated terminalsEdit

<<System Report>>
<Force Field Status: 100%>
<Generator: No Faults Detected>

<DOOMSEYE Infiltration Detected>
<Countermeasure: Dispatch Crew>
<Objective: Search and Destroy>

<Intruder Threat Unresolved>
<Energy System: Emergency Mode>
<Objective: Eliminate Intruders>

Mission briefingEdit


"Marine, the attack from the DOOMSEYE has devastated the Federation Fleet. Our initial estimate is that 90% of our fighting ships are out of action.

The ships that remain are moving to meet up with the Aegis, but the situation looks bleak. All we can do is try, though, so that's exactly what we're going to do!

We have one major hurdle to overcome, and that's where you come in.

This is the Space Pirates' ultimate weapon, the DOOMSEYE. It's already shown that it is extremely powerful, and scans say it has a force field surrounding it, as well.

The nature of the force field blocks virtually every weapon in the fleet, and firing at it doesn't seem to deplete its power reserves.

In short, as long as that force field is active, it'll be impossible for us to destroy that weapon.

The force field has been specifically designed to protect the DOOMSEYE from attacks from large ships like the Aegis. We also can't get close--it stops us from approaching, too.

Smaller things--like the Mechs--should be able to get close, though. The force field doesn't appear to be able to stop something that small.

I want you to get past the force field, infiltrate the DOOMSEYE, and destroy the force field generator. With it gone, the DOOMSEYE will be vulnerable to attack.

Marine, this is an extremely dangerous mission, but the outcome of this battle is at stake. That's why I'm entrusting this battle to [squad name].

You've been through everything the Space Pirates can throw at you and come out ahead. Once you deploy, we'll do our best to distract them.

Remember--once that force field is down, our remaining ships will fire everything they've got. You'll need to evacuate the DOOMSEYE immediately!

The fate of the galaxy lies in your hands. I'm counting on you!!"


Samus Aran: "Federation Force... It was an honor to meet you. I look forward to your future efforts."

Ian Rooke notesEdit

This is the final mission in the game and features a boss fight with Samus who has lost control of her suit. It is another infiltration mission, this time in the heart of the pirate mothership.

—Ian Rooke