The Magmaul is the bounty hunter Spire's Affinity Weapon in Metroid Prime Hunters.


The Magmaul fires molten projectiles with a large splash radius. The projectiles bounce off walls and objects and explode after three seconds. When charged, it produces a larger and more damaging projectile with a much greater splash radius. If it is used by Spire or the Prime Hunter, it has an even larger splash and sets nearby enemies ablaze. However, if any user (including Spire) shoots too close to himself or herself, he or she may incur damage and possibly self destruct. The magma fired by this weapon is hot enough to set even Spire himself on fire, despite his immunity to lava in other conditions.

Samus acquires the Magmaul after defeating the Fire Spawn on Alinos. The subweapon is used to open the Orange Force Fields in Alinos and the Orange Blast Shield in Arcterra, and is useful for defeating Noxus and other enemies with preferences for cold, such as Blue Barbed War Wasps and Slench 4. It also affects Gorea when it turns orange. The Magmaul colors the markings on the user's Arm Cannon brownish-orange; in Spire's own case, it appears to make his arm hotter as if there is magma running through it.

Logbook entry[]


Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

The MAGMAUL, powered by a hyperstatic hydrogen core, fires cohesive projectiles of SUPERHEATED MAGMA.


  • Certain objects will show "SUPERHEATED MAGMA" in the description when scanned, referring to the Magmaul.
  • In the Alimbic Prophecy, the Magmaul is referred to as the Orange Blaze.
  • The Super Smash Bros. Brawl trophy description for Spire states: "Spire uses the Magmaul, a weapon passed down through Diamont generations, to launch burning magma at opponents."
  • The Magmaul is one of only three lobbing weapons seen in the Metroid series, the others being the Battlehammer and Electro Lob.