Metroid Prime Pinball Magmoor Caverns

Magmoor Caverns is a pinball table in Metroid Prime Pinball based on the area of the same name in Metroid Prime. It is the only multiplayer stage in the game, and is only playable in Wireless Mission mode.

Table DescriptionEdit

If not playing with anyone else, the table can be played on for practice. The touch screen shows Board Features present on every table, such as Bumpers and Bounty Multiplier Rollovers. Toward the gutter at the bottom of the table is a collection of cracks in the ground, through which lava can be seen. It does not have any effect on the stage. On the top screen, there are two pillars that have reflective material on them, allowing Samus to bounce from them. There are two light areas on the top screen, rolling into these will cause Samus's points to rise. The second one will cause a Special to appear. Samus will then Tower Jump from pillar to pillar to reach the Special. This is one of two ways she can collect points quickly. Her other tactics are to collide with boards on the table. In front of each board is a Flashing Light in the shape of a Metroid. Knocking down all boards results in two Metroids being sent to other players. If in practice mode, the Metroids are summoned to attack the player.


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