The Main Elevator (referred to in concept art as the Elevator Room) is an important room in the Main Sector. It appears in Metroid: Other M and connects to the three areas of the BOTTLE SHIP.


The room is spherical in shape with the "elevator" itself contained within a shaft in the center. There are three elevators on the pillar, taking passengers to all three sectors: the Biosphere, Cryosphere and Pyrosphere. Each elevator contains the number of the sector (1, 2 and 3) and is colored to match the theme of that sector - green for Biosphere, blue for Cryosphere and red for Pyrosphere. Outer walls surround the room, lined with buttresses and a collection of screen displays.

The interior of the elevators.

The elevators themselves are box-shaped, and have an octagon and diamond patterned floor. In immediate view are a group of four yellow lights, a long display with blue hexagonal shapes, and two screens on either side of the door displaying blue-shaded imagery. When Samus stands inside them she assumes an over the shoulder perspective. She is able to freely move within them while they are descending, but cannot fire, jump or morph. In contrast, the elevator to Sector Zero is narrower.[1]

While in the elevator, the Bottle Ship P.A. Announcer will state that the elevator is bound for Sector 1, 2 or 3. On the first visit to each sector, it announces that a Level 3 or Level 4 warning is now in effect in that Sector and provides details of the dangers in the area.


At the start of Samus's mission, she is directed by Adam to rendezvous with Lyle Smithsonian in the Biosphere, and comes to this room. She occasionally returns to the Main Elevator during her mission in order to access other areas.

Following her battle with Ridley's clone, she returns to the Main Sector via this elevator in order to reconnect with Adam after losing contact with him. When she arrives, she spots a lone member of the 07th Platoon acting suspicious. The game forces Samus into an over the shoulder perspective as she follows him to the Biosphere elevator.

Samus returns to the Main Elevator twice more after this, before the end of her mission. After the credits, she is able to freely travel between sectors to recover uncollected expansions.

Connecting areas[]



What's wrong? Head to Sector 1/2/3.


  • In Gallery Mode concept art, the unnamed artist provided commentary:
In the game, there are no enemies attacking inside the elevators, so I think it gives the player a place to feel safe. I think the colors should be a uniform warm color system (any kind of calm colors) where illumination is arranged so there are no shadows visible and it is bright. My hope for production of the interior to other elevators (if there are ones) is to have this ambiance come out. Basically, since the elevator is an airtight box that's not coated in glass, you can't tell that it's moving. I think we should consider the production of sound and blinking lights.

—Unknown artist[1]