"Multiple mutations will cause a Metroid to grow into an even larger and more powerful adversary."

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This article is about the room. For the Energy Controller itself, see Main Energy Controller.

The Main Energy Controller is a major room in the Great Temple. It appears in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.


Aside from the eponymous Main Energy Controller itself, this room is the location of U-Mos, the last active member of the Luminoth species, as well as the Light Suit, a Luminoth Lore Projector containing the Origins entry, and an access point for Aether's light-based teleportation system (after the energy network is restored). It is here where the conflict between Luminoth and Ing is explained, and where Samus receives the first upgrade to her Translator Module. Its Dark Aether counterpart is the Sky Temple Energy Controller, although due to the inverted nature of the Sky Temple it actually occupies the same space as the Sanctum.

Connecting rooms[]


Light Suit
Given to Samus upon returning energy to Sanctuary Fortress.



"Morphology: Luminoth (U-Mos)
Indigenous sentient species of planet Aether.
Subject is U-Mos, a Sentinel of the Luminoth, guardian of his species and this sacred temple."
Energy Controller
"Object analysis complete.
This is a regional Energy Controller.
Unit regulates planetary energy in this sector, and is linked to a global energy network."
Energy chamber
"Initial analysis complete.
Chamber holds a collection of several types of energy. Notable types include solar, bio, and geothermal energy. Unable to measure exact power levels with current scan equipment."
Luminoth Lore Projector
"Unable to activate Luminoth Lore Projector.
Proper Translator Module needed for access."
Luminoth Lore Projector (offline)
"Object scan complete.
Luminoth Lore Projector is offline.
Power cannot be restored to unit."
Luminoth Lore (Origins)
"It is told that the Luminoth were not born of Aether, but of the stars. In the early days, we roamed the greatness of the void, bathing in the glorious light of a thousand stars. We met a vast number of enlightened minds... the N'kren, the Ylla, and the Chozo among them. Each of them, we found, had claimed a homeworld and formed a deep bond with it. In time, we decided to do the same."
Light Suit
"Light Suit"
Energy Controller (after obtaining the Light Suit)
"Structural analysis complete.
Luminoth Energy Control System online and active. Power flow at full and holding steady. Broadcast power system transmitting to all regions. Light-based teleportation system online."
Light Hologram
"Teleport system active. Step into hologram to initiate teleport."