The Main Sector (メインセクター Mein Sekutā?) is the general area of the the BOTTLE SHIP. It connects to all the other sectors of the ship: Biosphere, Pyrosphere and the Cryosphere via the Main Elevator. The Main Sector also contains the Control Bridge, Bottle Ship Residential Area, Bottle Ship Control Room and Spaceport where Samus's gunship is docked and can be used as a save-and-recharge station when required.

A body of a Lab Worker is found here, leading to the boss battle with the Brug Mass in the Control Room.


Samus engaging Geemers on a bridge in the Main Sector.[]

Main Sector "Dark and desolate, this primary section of the BOTTLE SHIP is too quiet for comfort. It acts as a gateway to the more chaotic sections of the ship."


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