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The "Main Sector lift hub" is a room in the Main Sector. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


This hub's primary purpose is as a means of connecting the command station in the BOTTLE SHIP Control Room to the lower half of that room. On the left side is a large map of the BOTTLE SHIP, including the locations of each sector and the Control Bridge. The right wall contains a Desbrachian gate that leads to the Residential Area, which is not accessible until near the end of the game.

There is a lift at the back of the room, which automatically descends or ascends when a passenger approaches it. The lift brings the passenger to a higher floor, which is located on a square platform with a glass window. There is a (locked) door to the Control Room's command station on the left, and on the right, a door to a hallway leading towards the Main Elevator.

Samus on the top floor.

At the start of Samus's mission on the BOTTLE SHIP, she is tasked by Adam with going to Sector 1, and she passes through this room. She does not need to visit it again until she returns to the BOTTLE SHIP after the credits to retrieve Adam's helmet from the upper Control Room. However, the lift hub elevator is now locked, forcing her to take a long detour through the Residential Area, the Cryosphere, and ultimately the Command Bridge. This requires her to fight the Desbrachian guarding the gate leading to the residential quarters. If the save file is reloaded after completing the post-credits sequence, the Desbrachian will remain dead.

Once she reaches another long elevator that goes between multiple levels of the Main Sector, Samus is able to get to the top floor of the hub. The camera places Samus into a perspective behind her shoulder until she approaches the Control Room door, where a cutscene begins. Shortly after retrieving the helmet from the command station, the self-destruction protocol is activated and Samus is forced to escape the ship. When she exits back into this room, the glass window shatters and the five minute countdown itself begins. Samus can jump through the broken window to get to the bottom floor and continue to her Star Ship.

The window breaks during the countdown sequence.

There is a noticeable chime sound in this room, which becomes louder when close to the lift. What causes it is unknown, but it is also heard in a room in the Bioweapon Research Center.

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Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 51
"Adam orders you to inspect Sector 1. Since Lyle went ahead, he was able to secure a route for you. Head to Sector 1 to survey an area of interest. Begin by making a right from the control room. Go through the hatch on the right, then make a left in the next room. Ride the elevator up to the next level. Ignore the locked door on the left and, instead, go through the door on the far-right corner of the room."
NOTE: "There is a circular hatch-like object on the right wall of the room you enter immediately after speaking with Adam. It requires a Power Bomb to access it, so leave it for now. For more information on these hatches, flip to the Items Locations chapter, but be warned, there are spoilers there, should you choose to skip ahead!"
Page 137
"Trek through the Main Sector until you reach the room with a large circular hatch that requires a Power Bomb to open. Drop a Power Bomb to activate the hatch. Surprisingly, it’s not a hatch at all, but rather a dormant Desbrachian!
The Desbrachian is a tricky, speedy enemy. Keep your Charge Beam ready and dodge its swift attacks by strafing around it. SenseMove out of the way and release your Charge Beam blast. Repeat this process until it tires.
If the beetle-like creature shells up, coax it back out with a Power Bomb, then resume your attack.
Once the creature has taken enough damage, it'll slump over and pant. Rush the weary creature and put it away with a Lethal Strike. When the Desbrachian is down, go through the passageway on the right to the BOTTLE SHIP Residential Area."