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Main Theme - Metroid Prime: Federation Force[1] is a theme from Metroid Prime: Federation Force. It was composed by Chad York, Darren Radtke, and/or Michael Peacock.


Main Theme plays on the Title Screen of Federation Force, setting the mood for the game. It also played in the E3 2015 trailer where the game was revealed, and latter portions of it played in Mission Briefing and the Story Trailer. Main Theme is also included in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where it can be played on any stage from the Metroid series.

Main Theme opens with a series of echoing piano notes in a high register, accompanied by a rapid bass rhythm and various percussive sounds. With a series of drumbeats, the song then transitions into a heroic and cinematic segment, with a melody performed by brass instruments and a harmony performed by orchestral strings. The theme ends with hard-hitting beats on percussion and low brass, accompanied by the same instruments heard at the beginning.

Main Theme can be heard here: [1].

This theme, especially the militaristic fanfare, acts as a recurring leitmotif in Federation Force, with echoes sprinkled throughout the soundtrack. Notable examples include the music tracks for the menu (a slower and deeper version of the theme's intro) and credits (a medley which begins with a slower version of the theme's fanfare).

In Luigi's Mansion 3, another title by Next Level Games, a remix of Main Theme's fanfare is heard on 4F: The Great Stage, where it is performed on piano by Amadeus Wolfgeist until the boss battle begins. This rendition, titled The Great Stage - Track 1 in the in-game Albums, is a slow and melancholy piano arrangement meant to evoke classical music, such as the adagio sostenuto movement of Moonlight Sonata. It can be heard here: [2]