Main Ventilation Shaft Section A is part of a network of ventilation shafts in the Frigate Orpheon in Metroid Prime that Samus travels through after the Parasite Queen battle in order to escape the frigate. This section contains a swarm of Parasites that are most easily avoided using Morph Ball.

After the frigate crashed into the Tallon Overworld, a large portion of the room was flooded. In the unflooded portion, there is a swarm of Tallon Crabs. The flooded portion contains some Fish and a door leading to the Reactor Core.

Connecting roomsEdit


Crashed Frigate Screenshot (21)

Tallon Crabs in the vent after the Frigate's crash.

First visit

After crashing


  • It is unknown how this room and the surviving main ventilation shafts end up connecting to the Reactor Core after the crash instead of the cargo freight lift to deck gamma, as before the crash. Maybe because of gameplay purposes or unknown reasons by the developers.
  • When you explore the after crash cargo freight lift to deck Gamma, the door leading to the main ventilation shaft section A is present, even though the shaft isn’t located there any more.



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