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The main observation deck[1], also referred to as the observation deck[2] is a major room in the Exam Center. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


As its name implies, this room serves as an observation deck for the Biosphere Test Area outside, with a large console and several computer displays present alongside a single seat. More computer displays are present on the walls above a large observation window, adjacent from the console. These show live footage from the other sectors on the BOTTLE SHIP.

The room connects to the rest of the center via a Navigation Booth, which is accessible via a staircase to the left of the computer console. In gameplay, it is possible to Examine Maurice at the console, but he cannot be interacted with.


This room is the setting of a cutscene, and is partially playable. Samus first comes to this room when she is exploring the Exam Center. Right outside the room, she gasps as she sees that the door is opened. As she cautiously enters the room, she sees James placing something underneath a console. After he awkwardly greets her, the rest of the 07th Platoon, except for Lyle appears, with the team assuming he is late. Maurice Favreau sits at the computer and finds that it has self-destructed, but sets to work recovering any data he can. After Anthony prompts James and K.G. to search the rest of the building, he stares outside the window, remarking that the Biosphere Test Area resembles the Galactic Federation training grounds.

A view of the Biosphere Test Area from the window.

In gameplay, Anthony is seen entering a Navigation Booth to explore the rest of the center. Samus follows him, eventually coming across a dead Cyborg Zebesian. After she reports it to Adam, Maurice summons everyone back to the observation deck, having recovered a piece of data. The data reveals that bioweapons were being illegally created on the BOTTLE SHIP, under the direction of Dr. Madeline Bergman. Samus goes into a monologue reflecting on Adam's views against the use of bioweapons, and how her bringing the baby back from SR388 would go against his convictions.

While Maurice continues to try decrypting the system, the soldiers resume their search for Madeline and other intelligence. After Samus defeats a group of Cyborg Zebesians, she returns to this room and hears fighting outside. Noticing that a large, lizard-like creature has begun attacking the Platoon, she quickly races out of the Exam Center to their aid.

This room, as well as the rest of the Exam Center, is destroyed by an explosion after Samus descends the long elevator shaft into the Pyrosphere. While Samus later assumes that Madeline Bergman had detonated the tower to destroy evidence, it is much more likely that James (the Deleter) had planted the explosives when Samus surprised him.

Samus monologue[]

I didn't need to press Adam about it any further. I knew his mind. Not only was he a strong opponent of bioweapons, he was against the use of living things for unnecessary reasons, period. Life, no matter what form it takes as it's born into this often cruel universe, should not be tampered with... that was Adam's philosophy.

In bringing the infant Metroid back, I did something that I know would have gone against his convictions. And, though I might have been left alone, it was a clear and blatant violation of protocol.

I wondered what Adam thought of me... out of nowehere, I suddenly found myself concerned with his opinion again.

—Samus Aran

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