Maintenance Shaft TR is a room in Eastern SkyTown on Elysia, appearing in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room consists of two ledges separated by a large gap. Traversing this gap requires advanced movement capabilities. The room is extremely well-lit, with almost every decoration along the walls providing light as well as Chozo aesthetic. Where its counterpart room Maintenance Shaft OB has a Grapple Point, this room has only a broken piece of metal architecture that periodically showers the room in sparks.

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"Time passed slowly as we suffered through our bad dreams. We endured their visions until finally, in year 1435, our automated defense systems were triggered. A number of aliens, well armed and armored, had penetrated our battle screens and entered Elysia Station. Per protocol, we were revived from stasis to defend our home. As we mustered for battle, the aliens communicated with us and declared themselves to be under the banner of peace. A truce was called, and soon we began negotiations with the Galactic Federation. The Treaty of Elysia began a new era of prosperity for us."


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