Map Station is a room in Phendrana Drifts in Metroid Prime. It is a typical Map Station room, containing the Map Station and a few orange Space Pirate panels around the walls that can be scanned to reveal minor details about the Pirate operations. Some of the pillars in the room are broken, the walls are cracked in places, and there are bricks lying about the floor, indicating this room was somehow damaged or construction is incomplete.

Connecting roomsEdit


"Phazon ore appears to bind through Phazon energy. Thermal imaging is required to detect the highest concentration of radioactivity, which serves to bind the stones together. Imaging research is being conducted in the Containment Vault area of the facility."
Map Station (PD)

Samus's perspective

"Phazon ore is extremely durable and blast-resistant. Although the armor-like qualities of this shell provide ample protection, Thermal Imaging can be used to detect weak areas in the casing. Improvements must be made to this shell in the event that these weaknesses are found by aggressors."
"East Quarantine Cave is restricted to Blue-level security. Authorized personnel permitted entry only after bio-scan."
"Project Titan specimen is immobilized in Quarantine Cave. Relocation is recommended due to increased violent activity."
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