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The Marauder-class battleship (Schlachtschiff der Marodierer-Klasse) is only mentioned in unused text from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It is unknown if it represents any in-game vessels.

Unused logbook entry[]

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Marauder-class battleship

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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Galactic Federation Datafile BB-202.
(Marauder-Class Battleship)
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Logbook entry


Only a few pirate clans have the means to produce a ship the size of the Marauder from their shipyards; in fact, most of them were overwhelmed with the construction, and fell into bankruptcy. Those clans that possess a Marauder can establish their dominance in the Pirate hierarchy. In addition to heavy armament and armor, this ship also features fighters which assist in operations. A more recent development makes the Marauder even more powerful; it now burns Phazon instead of Fuel Gel, and the entire weapon technology is based on Phazon. These improvements give the Marauder a serious advantage in combat, even against Olympus-class battleships.


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