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Maridia Drifting Sand Underwater Area (マリーディア 流砂の地下水エリア?)[1] is a theme in Super Metroid. It was composed by Minako Hamano.

It is heard in the upper part of Maridia with sand, Mochtroids and mechanical architecture. It is first heard when Samus takes the elevator to Maridia from Crateria, or when she reaches upper Maridia from the lower sections. The theme resembles a mixture of distant horns and bells. This is likely intended to evoke the image of a coastal region, where buoys and foghorns are frequently heard, though they also give the track a deep-sea atmosphere. The theme gets its name from the Super Metroid: Sound in Action CD, along with the other Maridia theme, Maridia Rocky Underwater Area. Both themes have yet to be remixed in a future Metroid game.

Maridia Drifting Sand Underwater Area can be heard here: [1].


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