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Maru (マール Māru?) is a planet explored in chapter 2 of Metroid EX: Samus & Joey. It is located outside the reach of the Galactic Federation, making it an ideal hiding place for Space Pirates. Following the battle on Outlaw, Samus Aran, Joey Apronika and Diesel come here in search of Greed and Samus' stolen abilities. Landing in Maru City, they are shocked to discover that everyone and everything is round. The citizens admonish the trio for their lack of roundness, revealing that to be anything but round is a crime on Maru. This law was instituted by a fanatical ruler, Golon, who is fixated on round things, and who severely punishes anyone who is not round. Samus battles and kills Golon, recovering her Morph Ball and Screw Attack abilities and liberating the planet.


  • The name of this planet is taken from the Morph Ball's original designation in Metroid, Maru Mari (round ball in Japanese).
  • Samus had a fixation with round objects, such as Energy Capsules in the Super Metroid manga. At the end of the Maru chapter in EX, Samus rolls around in her regained Ball form, with much delight.

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