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Mary Law is a voice actress. Her only credited role to date is in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. While her exact role in the game is not stated in the credits, the Internet Movie Database credited her as the voice of Samus Aran, and not Jennifer Hale as widely believed. It should be noted that the IMDb, like Wikipedia, a website that can be freely edited by users and therefore may not be a reliable source. As was the case with Audrey Peterson, the IMDb page was likely edited by a contributor in response to a discussion on the Behind The Voice Actors forums, where users speculated that Law provided the voice of Samus.[1] The listing has since been changed to a general voice credit.

The presence of new and more varied grunts of pain that Samus makes when hurt suggest that a new actress was hired for Corruption, or old grunts were used. Whether Law voiced Samus in the game may not be known until there is official clarification, and it is equally possible that Law simply voiced any of a number of Female Fleet Troopers, or the female-sounding Chozo biotech computer or "SkyTown announcer".

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