Phaaze landing 3

Massive tentacles on Phaaze.

Massive tentacles are an incredibly large form of tentacle caused by Phazon Corruption. They grow on planets that have been struck by a Leviathan Seed, although they appear to take a while to develop in size as the only corrupted planet they were seen on was the Pirate Homeworld (which spent a much longer time being corrupted than other other planets Samus visited). The Scan Visor reveals them to be semi-sentient.

They can be seen on the Pirate Homeworld as Samus enters the planet and in the background during the fight with Gandrayda. Many of these tentacles can of course be seen on planet Phaaze, which is the source of all Phazon. A slightly different variant of these massive tentacles can be seen in the Sanctum where Samus battles both Dark Samus and Aurora Unit 313; these tentacles have a spherical, glowing stub located at their tip.


"Massive tentacles grow from deep within the planet's surface. They appear semisentient."


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