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The Master Artisan is a Chozo individual identified in unused Chozo Lore from Metroid Prime. The Artisan is described as the creator of the twelve Chozo Artifacts for which are used to access the Impact Crater. As this entry was not used, it is unknown how the Artifacts were officially created. Of note is that the Lore entry, "Artifacts", is only found within the data of Metroid Prime Trilogy, but not the original game. This may suggest it was intended as a new addition. The entry is missing its English localization, but is present in French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese. The translation below is based on the versions of the Lore in those languages.



Metroid Prime

Temporary scan

Chozo script translated.

Logbook entry

Twelve artifacts were forged by the Master Artisan and placed in sacred places on the planet. They are not mere relics: each artifact is imbued with the essence of an element that we Chozo hold dear. On their own, they possess no small amount of energy... but when brought together their true power is revealed. When that time comes and the artifacts are gathered, they will lead the Entrusted One to the writhing heart of the Great Poison.

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