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"Multiple mutations will cause a Metroid to grow into an even larger and more powerful adversary."

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The Materials Storehouse is a room in the warehouse area of the Cryosphere in Metroid: Other M. Materials are transferred to and from this Storehouse via the nearby Materials Transfer Lift.

Samus Aran encounters a survivor in this room, who flees from Samus, believing she is there to kill her. The girl implies that Maurice Favreau was killed by another soldier working against the 07th Platoon. She continues to run, but Samus pursues, until they encounter the traitor utilizing the RB176 Ferrocrusher in the room. Samus destroys the machine, but discovers that both the operator and the young woman have escaped. Samus is then ordered to return to the Pyrosphere by Adam and descends an elevator shaft to another area of the Cryosphere. As the elevator goes down, Samus remarks that the BOTTLE SHIP happens to be a "nightmare replica of Zebes" and deduces that there is a traitor of the platoon, nicknaming him the "Deleter" until his identity is discovered. At the same time, a scene shows the Deleter having frozen and murdered another soldier in the Pyrosphere and then incinerating the body in lava.

Ferro Crusher Defeated Cryosphere HD

Samus defeats the Ferrocrusher.

An Energy Part is located on top of a crate, and a Missile Tank is hidden in a Morph Ball tunnel.

This is the only room in which the "Warehouse Pursuit" theme is heard.

Samus monologueEdit

The woman believed that the Galactic Federation was sent to the BOTTLE SHIP to keep those in the know from leaking information about the project.

And no wonder—she'd been attacked by someone wearing a Galactic Federation Power Suit. And she implied that Maurice was killed by another soldier. Considering the mortal danger we'd survived together, I had to agree with her. There was a traitor among us.

—Samus Aran

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