The Materials Storehouse is a room in the warehouse area of Sector 2 / Cryosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M. Materials are transferred to and from this Storehouse via the nearby Materials Transfer Lift.


As the name implies, this room is used as a warehouse to store unknown materials used by the ringleaders of the BOTTLE SHIP. The room is entered from a higher floor with observation windows allowing the room to be seen. There are noticeable icicles growing on parts of the walls, perhaps due to lack of maintenance, or the sector freezing over. A staircase attached to this floor allows passage to the lower floor. Hundreds of large blue, red and gray storage containers are situated in the room, forming a maze of sorts.


Samus pursues the survivor.

Samus Aran pursues a survivor she saw watching her in the previous room, into this room. The game shifts to a perspective behind Samus, who walks while the survivor runs, believing Samus is there to kill her. At this point, free exploration of the room is not possible. The girl implies that Maurice Favreau was killed by another soldier working against the 07th Platoon. A vision of this is shown.

Survivor: Don't come near me! I know why you're here! [Samus moves closer]

Samus: No, you don't understand! I'm here to rescue you!

Survivor: You're lying! I know the Galactic Federation wants to silence everyone who knows about our work here! [Samus moves closer]

Survivor: How can I trust you when your troops are willing to kill each other? [flashback] Stay away from me!

She continues to run, but Samus pursues until she corners her in front of a door, frantically inputting a code to open it. Assuring her that she is there to save her, the survivor appears to calm down, but they are surprised by a bright light from an RB176 Ferrocrusher, which hurls crates at the woman in an attempt to kill her. She rushes to Samus's side. Samus notices that the operator is wearing a Galactic Federation Power Suit, and orders the woman to run before engaging the Ferrocrusher in a battle.

Listen to me! We're here to rescue you...

[Ferrocrusher appears] Hurry! This way!

Wait... [she spots the Federation mark] Get out of here!


After Samus damages the machine enough, the operator either loses control or intentionally crashes it into a wall. Samus discovers that the operator and the young woman have both escaped, and has a monologue wherein she determines there is a traitor in the 07th Platoon.

The woman believed that the Galactic Federation was sent to the BOTTLE SHIP to keep those in the know from leaking information about the project.

And no wonder—she'd been attacked by someone wearing a Galactic Federation Power Suit. And she implied that Maurice was killed by another soldier. Considering the mortal danger we'd survived together, I had to agree with her. There was a traitor among us.


After this, Samus receives a transmission from Adam ordering her to resume her mission in Sector 3 to track down and kill the Mystery Creature. She leaves the room through a door on a higher level, accessible via a Kick Climb shaft.

Samus. The wavelength of that monster's cry is driving the other creatures into a frenzy—they've grown markedly more aggressive. It appears to be hiding in Sector 3 now. Take the elevator ahead of you to the Main Sector. From there, head to Sector 3. If you run into that thing, hit it with your Plasma Beam. You've got to take it down!


Samus cannot return to the Materials Storehouse for the rest of her mission on the BOTTLE SHIP. After she returns a few days later to recover Adam's helmet, she can revisit this room to obtain two expansions (see below), at which point it is freely explorable. Several small crates can be found on top of the storage containers, and the Ferrocrusher is no longer present, suggesting that the Galactic Federation Army removed it.

Connecting rooms[]



Energy Part
Can only be obtained after the credits. In immediate view of the entrance to the "maze" path, there is a red storage container that Samus can jump on and use to climb atop the other crates. Above this container is a taller one with a small crate on top, containing this Energy Part.
Missile Tank
Can only be obtained after the credits. From the top of the crates, Samus must Space Jump to a platform adjacent to the staircase. The Missile Tank is hidden in a Morph Ball tunnel in the wall.

Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 96
"Set out after the girl and dash down the long, winding hall. It leads to a large storage room area. Dash down the stairs and chase the footsteps that echo throughout the warehouse.
As you round each corner of crates and stacked boxes, you see that the mysterious girl continues to run deeper into the Materials Storehouse. Follow her all the way to the center of the Storehouse and confront her. Despite offering to help her, the girl contends that you're working with the Galactic Federation to silence everyone involved in the BOTTLE SHIP project. When you finally catch up to her, things get a little out of hand.
The girl frantically tries to escape through a nearby hatch, but just as you approach her, the crates behind you come crashing down! A demolition machine barrels through the Materials Storehouse and tries to run her down."
Note: "While you chase her down, you won’t be able to run or shoot. You will walk the entire time, so don’t worry about pick-ups in this area just yet."
Page 98
"The driver of the machine speeds away before you can investigate and find out who it was. As you try to make sense of what just happened, Adam radios in and gives you new orders: Resume your search for the monster. It’s driving the other creatures on the BOTTLE SHIP crazy and has become a threat."
Note: "There are two pick-ups in this room. Unfortunately, you’re not equipped to get either at the moment, so do as Adam says and move along."
"Kick Climb up the shaft in the right corner of the Materials Storeroom and take the elevator to the next area."


  • This is the only room in which the "Warehouse Pursuit" theme is heard.
  • Page 98 of the Other M Premiere Edition guide refers to this room as the Materials Storeroom, but uses the in-game Storehouse name in other instances.