The Materials Transfer Lift is a room in Sector 2 / Cryosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


The room is first entered while Samus is exploring the adjacent cavern, when she drops into a small chamber with a glass window overlooking the Transfer Lift. A door in this area locks when she drops down, until the Energy Tank is collected. This room features an Energy Tank and a grate situated over the floor, with icicles growing on the ceiling. A sensor is visible through the glass window, but at this point, Samus is not authorized to use the Wave Beam and has little choice but to leave.

The elevator is activated.

Once the Wave Beam is authorized shortly afterwards, Samus can return to the upper room and shoot the sensor. This brings the lift down to the bottom. Samus is not able to reach it from here, however.

The elevator is a square, metal platform activated via a Terminal situated on it. The lift shaft is very long. The elevator shaft is lined with blue and red lights. Safety handrails engage around the platform to prevent passengers or materials from falling off the lift when it is rising, which removes a Terminal Fall as a potential hazard. At each corner of the handrails is a pair of lights, which spin as the elevator is in motion.


When using the lift, Samus is attacked by two waves of Super Zebesians (seven in total). After she has disposed of them, she is ambushed by a creature called the Rhedogian. The lift reaches its destination as the creature engages her, and the arena for the battle is expanded to the top of the lift shaft. Samus is successful in repelling the Rhedogian, but it flees down the elevator shaft before she can finish it. She later encounters it three more times.

On return visits, Samus is able to freely use the lift with no enemies to fight.

Connecting rooms[]



Energy Tank
From the top of the connecting room, Samus must roll into a tunnel that leads into the observation window.

Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

This guide refers to the Materials Transfer Lift as the Materials Transfer Room.

Page 101
"The Materials Transfer Room is a long, narrow room with a moving platform at the center. Once you’re on the platform, activate it using the console on its corner. The platform begins to carry you upward to the top of the room. As you go, several Zebesians attack! Stay near the outer edge of the platform to keep from being surrounded and hit them with Charge Beam blasts to freeze them. Whittle away at each one, then finish them all off with Overblast or Lethal Strike attacks."
"Since you're fighting on a small platform, use SenseMove as much as possible to avoid enemy attacks. The more you dodge, the more you’ll be able to counterattack and lay the enemies to waste."


  • Samus previously battled another boss in a similar scenario to the Rhedogian fight in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. In Echoes, Samus pursued Dark Samus into the Aerie Access, a large elevator in the Sanctuary Fortress. She engaged Dark Samus while riding the lift upwards, and the fight continued into a larger arena when it reached its destination, Aerie.
  • Of note is that, like the Rhedogian, Dark Samus was also defeated by Samus but reappeared to challenge her again.
  • The metal design of the Materials Transfer lift platform is very similar to the design of the Union Flag, the official flag of the United Kingdom.
  • An ambush on a cargo lift also occurs in Metal Gear Solid. Other M seems to borrow other traits from this series as well. In addition, the cargo lift in both games is in a frozen area.