The Materials Transfer Lift is a room in the Cryosphere Warehouse facility in Metroid: Other M. Samus first enters the room and obtains an Energy Tank in a glass chamber. Later, she comes back with the Wave Beam to activate a switch outside of the glass, which will activate an Elevator leading diagonally upwards. She will later use this elevator.

The elevator is a square, metal platform activated via terminals situated at the top and bottom of the shaft. The shaft is very long and the lift takes a while to reach the other end. Safety handrails engage around the platform to prevent passengers or materials from falling off the lift.

Samus is attacked by two waves of Super Zebesians whilst using the lift. After she has disposed of them, she is ambused by a creature called the Rhedogian. The lift reaches its destination as the creature engages her, and the arena for the battle is expanded to the top of the lift shaft. Samus is successful in repelling the Rhedogian, but it flees down the elevator shaft before she can finish it.


  • Samus previously battled another boss in a similar scenario to the Rhedogian fight in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. In Echoes, Samus pursued Dark Samus into the Aerie Access, a large elevator in the Sanctuary Fortress. She engaged Dark Samus while riding the lift upwards, and the fight continued into a larger arena when it reached its destination, Aerie.
    • Of note is that, like the Rhedogian, Dark Samus was also defeated by Samus but reappeared to challenge her again.
  • The metal design of the Materials Transfer lift platform is very similar to the design of the Union Flag, the official flag of the United Kingdom.
  • An ambush on a cargo lift also occurs in Metal Gear Solid. Other M seems to borrow other traits from this series as well. In addition, the cargo lift in both games is in a frozen area.


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