Matter-antimatter blast shot

Quadraxis fires a matter-antimatter blast.

Matter-antimatter blasts are the primary weapon of the colossal Luminoth mechanoid, Quadraxis. Composed of light and dark energy, Quadraxis fires three blasts of this weapon at regular intervals, dealing decent amounts of damage to Samus. When the mechanoid is literally on its last legs, it begins to use a charged, more powerful blast of this weapon at Samus in tandem with its vortex spin. Quadraxis can lock-on to Samus with this attack. When it does, three red lasers will shine on her and a red targeting circle will appear on the Heads-Up Display with the message "ENEMY LOCKED ON". Samus has enough time to morph and Boost out of the line of fire during this attack. If she is hit, she will take severe damage and the Combat Visor will be blurred for a few moments. Quadraxis continues to use the charging attack in addition to the three uncharged shots while its Command Module floats around the severed Main Body for the rest of the battle.

Matter-antimatter blast lock-on

The HUD warning.

The blasts are composed of the same energy that makes up the Annihilator Beam, an upgrade that is left by Quadraxis after its destruction. Regular Quads do not fire matter-antimatter weapons.

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