Hey, the CPU seems to have self-destructed... The central system is broken into parts, but... I think I might be able to restore it and recover some of the data. Let's try it.

—Maurice Favreau

Maurice Favreau (モーリス・ファンボロー Mōrisu Fanborō?) was a soldier and the engineer of the Galactic Federation 07th Platoon in Metroid: Other M.


Maurice was the military engineer of the 07th Platoon who "followed [his] orders precisely".[1] It seemed that he was of French heritage because of his surname and subtle accent. Adam ordered him to investigate the Cryosphere.

In the Exam Center of the Biosphere, Maurice repaired a computer which seemingly "self destructed" and recovered a piece of data which described the Galactic Federation's plans of Bioweapons use which are strictly prohibited on their laws, signed by the Site Management and Development Director, Dr. Madeline Bergman. He recovered more of the data and stated that if he was unable to bypass any security protocols, he asked James Pierce to hack into the computer. However, the remaining data was never explained as the 07th Platoon evacuated the building when Samus engaged active Zebesians and the building exploded some time after that.

Later on, Samus found his body in the Experiment Floor back in the Cryosphere, frozen and KIA. MB stated that he was shot by an ally with a Freeze Gun and a flashback showed this event. Noticeably, his visor was open, indicating that he felt comfortable enough to look someone in the eye.

Official dataEdit

Exam Centre Tower room Maurice computer HD

Maurice examines the main computer in the Exam Centre.


"Maurice Favreau (Engineer):
<Battle Code Number>
<Service Record>
Galactic Federation Acedemy,
Training Base #2
Department of Logistics, Resupply Center #4
Galactic Federation, 07th Platoon
ID: 2975-07:67948"


"Investigating the BOTTLE SHIP under Adam's command after receiving the distress signal."
After Brug Mass
"Currently investigating Sector 2 under Adam's command."
After King Kihunter
"Currently heading toward the Exam Center in Sector 1 under Adam's command."
Deleter shoots Maurice MB flashback Cryosphere

Maurice is shot dead by the Deleter with a Freeze Gun.

After first Exam Center cutscene
"Currently restoring the system in the Exam Center under Adam's command."
After Mystery Creature
"Currently investigating the BOTTLE SHIP interior under Adam's command."
"Found dead by Samus in Sector 2."




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